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20140821 GoCoin Deck

  1. 1. Digital Currency Payments Platform for Internet Operators & Merchants Steve Beauregard Steve@gocoin.com +1-310-980-9677 www.gocoin.com
  2. 2. Business Model 1. SaaS platform enabling merchants to increase revenues and decrease expenses by accepting Bitcoin and emerging digital currency as forms of payment 2. Insulate merchant operators from the complexity and volatility of Bitcoin by settling payments in their preferred fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP) 3. Revenue from fees per transaction, retail sale of coins, coin arbitrage and/or tiered monthly fees Focus on “Use Cases” where people will buy Bitcoin simply for use in a transaction
  3. 3. Coin to Cash Flow Cash to coin model opens added revenue stream
  4. 4. GoCoin Multi-Currency by Design Coin / Processor Future Alt-Coins Speculators hold Bitcoin, Alt-coins are SPENT! …and we have the best insight in the business!
  5. 5. Alt-Coin Traders are Betting Profile of gamers lines up perfectly with coin traders
  6. 6. Operator Benefits are Compelling Competitive Advantage Low Transaction Fees No Per Transaction Fee No Chargebacks No Fraud No International Fees No MCC Restrictions No PCI Compliance No Regional Restrictions Digital Currencies should be a merchant’s top choice of payment methods and they should be strategic to change customer habits!
  7. 7. GoCoin Merchants Adding 100+ Weekly
  8. 8. Strong Commercial Pipeline MERCHANTS Discussion Stage 153,000 Transaction $25M Monthly Turnover PROSPECTS Negotiation Stage 100,000 Transaction $18M Monthly Turnover Integration Stage 55,000 Transaction $6M Monthly Turnover GOING LIVE 14,000 Transaction $1.5M Monthly Turnover
  9. 9. 2nd Movers Have Superior Tech • Digital Currency Agnostic Platform • High volume & scalable architecture • Customizable, data configurable payment forms • Full double entry accounting system • Restful API’s fully separated from dashboard layer • No hot-keys in the production environment • DDoS resistant architecture • Account Top-up via SMS or email– Demo Click Here Launched well after competition with full visibility to their weaknesses
  10. 10. Lean Operations on $1.5M Quarter Merchants Transaction Turnover Q1 (Actual) 150 380 $575K* Q2 (Actual) 642 2,012 $800K Q3 (Projected) 2,600 10,600 $3.2M Q4 (Projected) 5,000 21,000 $6.3M Year (projected) 5,000 34,000 $10.9M Q/Q GROWTH Avg 340% 420% 250%* *Note: Q1 Average Transaction Value higher due to large $ mining hardware sales
  11. 11. Need Capital to Scale Operations • Series A - $1.5M at $11.5M Post (March 2014) • Raising $1M Bridge Note (Today) • Series B – Raising $10 - $15M (est. Oct – Nov) Use of funds: 1. Global expansion & sales force 2. Engineering depth to speed-up integrations 3. Building out vertical solutions 4. Digital marketing & social campaigns
  12. 12. Team Experience Matters Name Role History Steve Beauregard CEO & Co- Founder Startup Entrepreneur eCommerce & Mobile DIRECTV, Sony Pictures, Honda, BlackBerry, LuxeYard, Cal-Xelerator, Wells Fargo Bank, AT&T, T-Mobile, Johns Hopkins University Margot Ritcher CFO VP International Business Systems DIRECTV, XM Radio, CFO Paycom payment processor, 4X CFO of public and private corporations w/ compliance & regulatory experience Darren Rush CTO Open source evangelist and serial entrepreneur GrantIQ, Breitbart, Koders (acquired by Blackduck), Pose mobile, Teleo (acquired by Microsoft), Tivix, Telinet Brock Pierce Chairman & Co-Founder Elected to Bitcoin Foundation Industry Board Seat Jun14, “Father of Virtual Currency” w/ 15X Startups in the space; Expresscoin, Mastercoin, Playsino, Xfire, Five Delta, ZAM. Acquired 30 companies and sits on 7 boards William Quigley Board Managing Director Clearstone Ventures – VC for PayPal, Overture.com, Titan Gaming, AOptix, Meru Networks. Formerly IdeaLabs, Disney, Arthur Andersen, Harvard Business School Gene Berger Board Singapore VC, former IDM Ventures, PlayFast, CYBERPLAT.COM, Gigafone
  13. 13. High Caliber Seed Investors Name Photo History Owen Van Natta Former COO Facebook & 7 year Senior VP Amazon, Bill Lee Angel Investor Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Yammer, HootSuite Crypto Currency Partners 15 Savvy professional investors & Bitcoin Entrepreneurs Bitcoin Shop, Inc (OTC BTCS) US Publicly traded Bitcoin eCommerce site Mikael Pawlo CEO of Mr. Green licensed online casino 500 Startup Silicon Valley Accelerator and seed investor
  14. 14. Thank you! Digital Currency Payments Platform Steve Beauregard Founder & CEO Steve@GoCoin.com +1-310-980-9677 Linkedin.com/in/sbeau Twitter: @GoCoin @GoCoin CEO
  15. 15. Future Services Competitive Adavantage Digital Currency Payment today, value add services with new revenue streams tomorrow! • Digital Currency Payouts • KYC Retail Coin Sales – Competitive Advantage • Escrow Services for consumer protection • Payroll & Supply Chain payments in digital currency • KYC Services (i.e. Experian for digital currency) • Affiliate Marketing & Loyalty Services