First CASSANDRA Webinar - Introduction by Jessica Stromback, VaasaETT


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First CASSANDRA Webinar - Introduction by Jessica Stromback, VaasaETT

  1. 1. Cassandra Network ofInterest WebinarWelcome to CassandraA multivariate platform for assessing the impactof strategic decisions in electric power systems
  2. 2. Welcome to the Cassandra Webinar During this Webinar we will review: 2. Concept and theoretical aspects of CASSANDRA– By Giorgos Andreou, Lecturer at Power Systems Laboratory Departmentof Electrical and Computer Engineering Aristotle University ofThessaloniki 3. Explanation and demonstration of CASSANDRA ModelingPlatform– - By Christos Diou, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Centre forResearch and Technology Hellas ITI - CERTH 4. Next steps and opportunities in platform developmentfor NOI Members 5. QuestionsCassandra Webinar Network ofInterest2June 11, 2013
  3. 3. Network of Interest Bring together stakeholders who can provide insight onpossible user requirements Form a community of possible users Allow companies to either test the platform or have their dataprocessed Enable interested parties to adapt this open source platform forcommercial useCassandra 1st Project Review 3Brussels, 11 Jan 2013
  4. 4. Cassandra at a glanceDuration: 30 monthsPartners: 91 Research Center, 5 Universities, 3 SMEsPerson-months: 340,5Workpackages: 8Deliverables: 39Requested ECcontribution: 2,834M€
  5. 5. Cassandra 1st Project Review 5Brussels, 11 Jan 2013Power System Status – the near future Lack of tools for modeling the new Power System status Inability to aggregate the market power of small-scale consumers Necessity for dynamic models for assessing the impact of actionsand policies to be applied Decentralized, small-scaleproduction sites Renewable energy Market liberation Smart grid More players involvedBig market potential unexploited!
  6. 6. The Consumer Individual consumption is insignificant with respect to theconsumption of “bigger” players (Industrial, Commercial,Public Service, Recreational) However aggregate small-scale consumption is significant– Entire residential and large part of the commercial sector In fact, consumer modeling is difficult to achieve, due to:– Lack of metering equipment (i.e. smart meters)– Inability to model consumer activities– Inability to model response to incentives (Demand side)Cassandra 1st Project Review 6Brussels, 11 Jan 2013
  7. 7. Filling the gap… Cassandra!A software platform for modeling the energymarket from an end user perspective Main Cassandra objectives:1. Theoretical and software modeling of stakeholders in terms ofenergy profiles and consumption patterns, as well as theirinteractions2. Increase the market power of low level consumers throughConsumer coalitions (Consumer Social Networks - CSNs)3. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) methodology, in order toassess energy performance and CO2 emissions reduction4. A modular, expandable software platform to model andbenchmark scenarios and act as a Decision making tool.Cassandra 1st Project Review 7Brussels, 11 Jan 2013