Final Dream Team: Creativity course 100_ideas


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Final Dream Team: Creativity course 100_ideas

  1. 1. Stanford UniversityCreativity Crash Course by Tina SeeligFinal Dream TeamDiana Knodel, Diana Sauerwein, Ruth Konter andCarsten WeerthMore than 100 ideas to fall asleep when your mind istroubled…Think about SnowboardingRead the newspaperPlay a Game with your smartphoneCall a friend who Lives in a different timezoneHave some teaHave a milk with honeyWatch a Short FilmThink about your Last PartyThink about your Last vacationLook at picture AlbumsDraw a picture in your mindWrite a PoemWrite a Post Card for a friendSet the table for breakfast in the morningSit in a comfortable chair in the living room doing nothingMove to another room to sleep therePlay ChatrouletteThink about which presents you Need for ChristmasPlan your next vacationImagine you are being massagedImagine you are in a SpaThink about the Last Movie you watched in the TheaterThink about the Last Play you saw in the Theatercount sheepwatch mindless movieswrite a journalthink about good feelingstry self suggestiongo to a saunatry to swim and be happy afterwardsbe ensured that you can not change the big ways of lifeanywaythink about good thinks done alreadystop worrying because it would not change things any waytreat yourself well by help of a great meal and/or winetry to use smelling candles/stickstry to use nice and warm lightsuse your favorite underwear/sleeping dresstalk to friends even when it is lateuse your netbook/computer to write to friends/email themmake a good workout/sport (and are exhausted)have good sex before falling asleep (and be happy)try not to think ahead too much because your brain will chewon it laterthink about the day spentgo out for a drinkgo out for dinner
  2. 2. go out for cinemago out for a concertgo out and see friendsinvite friends for dinner,invite friends for a TV nightinvite friends for talking longinvite friends for listening to musicinvite friends for watching sports on TVgo out for a bowling nightgo out for a snooker nighttalk to friends about your worries so that you can fall asleepwithout worrieswatch your personal X-movieplay online in the internetwrite a letter to your baby...write a scientific your favorite DVD-sequelread an (un/interesting) bookask your twitter timeline for helptake a warm bath/showera walk in the fresh airaddress your petdrinks for relaxing: red winecheck out the best to-bed-time for youmake a short meditationyoga exercises to calm downlisten to relaxing musiclisten to your favourite song and dance aroundcuddly pet (from the childhood) to get calmdo some origami modelscreate and celebrate your personel “good night” ritualcreate a healthy and pleasant room atmosphere by variousscentslook for special “feelgood” bed linenbed furniture (with cradle technique, waterbed)paint the ceiling of the room in nice colours/picturesdarkening the roomsound insulation by earplugsrecite a poemmake a to-do list for the next day/week/projectswrite diarywrite your thoughts/ideas down and put it in a box for laterpaint your thoughts on paper, give them a colourlook for a positive affirmation and use it before sleepingremember a positive experience of the daythink about 10 things you are grateful forlisten to a good night story based on hypotherapytell yourself a good night storydo an imaginary voyage to change your thoughtswrite your thoughts down so you dont need to keep them inmindhave post-its and pens at handor a dictaphonesome phones have a voice memorymake it comfortable for yourselfright temperaturehave it dark enoughuse curtains or sleeping masks
  3. 3. count from 100 backwardsif you struggle, start againfix that sink / that bike / other broken thingsthink about a new business plandownload (beforehand!) sounds of the sea and listen to theor the whales