Steria : Transforming public services to achieve more for less-
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Steria : Transforming public services to achieve more for less-



Delivering efficiency and value for money throughout governments and the public sector.

Delivering efficiency and value for money throughout governments and the public sector.



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Steria : Transforming public services to achieve more for less- Document Transcript

  • 1. A Steria Capability OverviewTransforming public services toachieve more for lessDelivering efficiency and value for money throughoutgovernments and the public sectorè
  • 2. 02 | Transforming public services to achieve more for less è Did you know... Steria has a long track record across governments and the public sector stretching back 40+ years We have a global community of more than 5,000 professionals dedicated to governments and the public sector We have pioneered non-traditional commercial vehicles in government, including joint ventures, shared risk and reward business models and shared services In 2005 we formed a groundbreaking shared business service (NHS Shared Business Services) joint venture with the UK Department of Health that is delivering sustained savings We played a vital role in the revision of the French national tax refund system as a key partner in the Chorus SAP Finance programme Our implementation of a completely new municipal financial management system in Hamburg, Germany, is providing more transparent, comprehensible and traceable information, leading to much better utilisation of state assets Steria is delivering the Schengen Information System II and the VISA Information System to the European Commission, allowing member states to rapidly share information and keep our borders secure “By working together in partnership with Steria, we are transforming our systems and processes. This enables us to face the future challenges of policing, whilst maintaining the service we deliver to the public.” Jacqui Cheer, Temporary Chief Constable, Cleveland Police, UK
  • 3. è Transforming public services to achieve more for less | 03Meeting the immediate need fordeep and sustained cost savingsHow do today’s governments and public sector agenciesrespond to increasing demands for citizen-centric publicservices in the face of stringent budgetary cuts?Governments and the public sector are Every day our clients trust us to run their ITundergoing transformational change. infrastructures and applications portfoliosIncreased pressure as a result of huge and support them with efficient testing andbudgetary constraints demands radical consulting services. But that’s not all. Ourchanges to delivery models. Technology comprehensive government and public sectortrends, demographics and economic portfolio delivers cost savings, total qualityconditions are all driving greater expectations of service and agreed outcomes in the corefrom citizens and enterprises alike around areas of Citizen and Enterprise Engagement,access to data, state involvement in service Business Process Transformation andprovision and self-service. Corporate Resource Optimisation.The move to a digital economy brings further At Steria we deliver value through IT to helpchallenges. High priority must be given to our clients:security between government departments • Deal with budget deficitsand between governments and citizensor enterprises for transferring and storing • Improve service quality and cope withdata. Within this landscape, unprecedented increased demands on services “Steria has consistentlyhead-count reductions mean that fewer • Gain and use accurate and accessible demonstrated a clearpublic servants are delivering more and moreservices, while new technology, such as citizen and enterprise data commitment to partneringmobility solutions, is a driving force for cost • Respond to a rapidly changing external in the approach to all of itssavings and efficiency that cannot be ignored. environment working with us. This hasTrusted partner • Attain cost effective IT infrastructure enabled important changesAt the forefront of government and public • Lead by example on sustainability in to be implemented withoutsector reform for more than four decades, terms of emissions, energy and wasteSteria can help you rise to these challenges. targets. compromising the criticalWe are a recognised as a strategic supplier We have a proven reputation for delivery service Steria delivers toacross key European geographies, taking a excellence and for building long-term trusted IPS and ultimately thepartnership approach to creating positive and partnerships. Indeed, 95% of our clientssustainable change. renew their contracts with us. Isn’t it time service IPS delivers to its you took a closer look at Steria? customers.” Dave Wilkinson, Head of National Operations, UK Identity and Passport Service
  • 4. 04 | Transforming public services to achieve more for less è www.steria.comEngaging and empowering citizensand businessesGovernments and the public sector recognise the need to provide digitallyinclusive citizen and enterprise engagement that both cuts the cost of deliveringservices and opens the door to greater levels of service excellence.The overriding need to deliver more services the number of transactions able to be We achieve this in a number of ways. Firstly,at lower cost has focused attention on how undertaken online as self-service. our shared service models for web contentto reduce dependence on resource intensive management offer scalable (on demand) We draw on our experience of designingservice channels, such as face-to-face and and resilient hosting service provision. and deploying transformational engagementtelephone citizen contact. At the same time, Secondly, we have an established tool-set platforms in the financial services andcitizens and businesses are demanding for enabling governments and the public retail sectors. We also have a detailedinstant access to services and data in the sector to enhance citizen engagement and understanding of the business, technicalpublic domain, but this must be balanced convert transactions to self-service. Finally, and security issues in contact centres andwith the need to verify identity online to our data and system integration expertise online solutions.prevent fraud. allows us to support the move to a single This combined experience allows us to citizen view, offering a complete picture ofHow do government departments and deliver a number of benefits for our clients, every individual interacting with governmentpublic sector agencies meet these needs including: and the public sector.and better engage with citizens andenterprises? Can citizen and enterprise data • Reduced cost through improved processheld in disparate systems across diverse efficiency Did you know… we worked withdepartments be shared to improve levels of the Danish Customs Administration on • Improved citizen satisfaction with ‘tellservice? the development of a new generation us once’ capability across multiple entry of comprehensive web-based customsSteria is working with clients across Europe points solutions – – that combinesto make this happen. We’re helping to secure and fast processing of just-in-time • Enhanced resilience and flexibilityimprove engagement with citizens and procedures for trade and industry as well as supporting increased demand forenterprises with end-to-end consultancy advanced risk analysis for customs control. and solutions that increase
  • 5. è Transforming public services to achieve more for less | 05Efficient andcustomer centricHere’s how we’re helping some of ourgovernment and public sector clients engagemore efficiently with their key stakeholders,including citizens, businesses and visitors.• UK: working with a number of government departments, we helped to develop the flagship Directgov website that attracts millions of users every month. The provision of access to suitable (compliant, robust, scalable) web services capability supports the UK’s Transformational Government objectives.• Spain: our Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) solution Civitas® serving more than 20 million citizens in Spain enables the identification of individuals and links patient data across diverse healthcare outlets to provide continuity of care across all public healthcare providers.• Sweden: we designed, developed applications for, implemented and now maintain the portal for engaging with tourists and visitors to the Municipality of Västervik. This integrates social media allowing visitors to upload their own videos and pictures and share their experiences of Västervik.
  • 6. 06 | Transforming public services to achieve more for less è www.steria.comTransforming operations with streamlinedbusiness processesWith budgets squeezed to their limits, how do you ensure yourtechnology enhances business agility and reduces cost by helpingto streamline business processes?A large volume of citizen and enterprise Our clients benefit from our strong track With our support, you will realign coreinteraction with governments and record of using technology to optimise processes around your citizens. For example,the public sector demands heavily processes. Our industrialised, streamlined our case management capability will equiptransactional ‘middle office’ processes. processes allow us to do more for less. With your front-line operational staff to deliverThese range from the accurate and timely a fully integrated offering, from consulting ever more efficient services by automatingprocessing of passport applications to tax to business process outsourcing, including routine transactions and using mobileand revenue processing. These can be tax and revenue processing, we provide: working solutions.costly and resource-heavy to deliver. • End-to-end business process re-In light of the demand for radical savings, engineeringgovernments and public sector agencies Did you know… our communications • Implementation of shared serviceare seeking ways to sustain the quality platform for the Ministry for Roads and approaches Road Traffic in the state of Hessen, Germanyand volume of such heavily transactionalprocesses at much lower cost. But cost • Customer contact and control room is integral to the VEMAGS IT project. Thisisn’t the only issue. Citizens have become solutions. is simplifying the application handling process for transporting abnormal loadsused to high levels of service in their • Solutions for mobile working, case and is viewed as one of Germany’s majoronline interactions with retailers, banks management and data and process e-government projects.and other commercial entities. They integrationnow expect the same level of serviceexcellence from public service providers. • Business process outsourcing (BPO) for transactional processing.Employees too must be empowered tobe more effective and engaged in service By freeing up government and public sectordelivery to meet the demands for greater employees to focus on more complex andefficiency and cost savings. Technology higher value tasks, we create greater joband new service delivery models are satisfaction across the workforce. Seniorcrucial enablers in this. As a trusted third people have the freedom to be moreparty partner, Steria uses technology to responsive to strategic needs. We alsostreamline service processes and transform use technology to integrate processes andthe operations underpinning them. data, increasing the productivity of staff by speeding up processes.
  • 7. è Transforming public services to achieve more for less | 07 Supporting process and operations transformation across Europe • Northern Ireland: we helped Northern Ireland Civil Service both comply with its Freedom of Information obligations and transform its management reporting capabilities with the implementation of an intuitive, efficient and responsive system. This incorporated improved functionality, automated processes and heightened reporting capabilities. • France: the French Ministry of Finance COPERNIC programme (everything related to taxes and e-tax declarations) depends on Steria’s data quality management solution. • Norway: Steria provided Statens Pensjonskasse, the Norwegian state pension fund, with the new processes and core case management solution it needed to calculate and pay out pensions in line with new state regulations. • UK: the Identity and Passport Service outsourced management of its front-end passport application process to Steria. We adhere to stringent service levels to meet turnaround times for different services and ensure >99% data validation accuracy. • Denmark: ProAsk, the National Board of Industrial Injuries, is benefiting from the implementation of a case handling system, output management, identity and access management solution from Steria. This is allowing ProAsk to better handle claims of work related injuries and requests for evaluation of private compensation.
  • 8. 08 | Transforming public services to achieve more for less è
  • 9. è Transforming public services to achieve more for less | 09Achieving better utilisation of resourcesand driving efficiency savingsAre you equipped to increase the efficiency and sustainability of your corporatefunctions, such as IT, HR, payroll, finance, procurement and legal administration?While the public’s attention is firmly focused • Enhancing the view of financial and Ranked UK No 1 in multi-purpose Finance &on efficient, accurate service delivery, there people data to improve resource Accounting BPO by analyst firm NelsonHall,remains an immediate need for deep cuts utilisation and decision making we have achieved this in our ground-breakingin spending behind the scenes in the ‘back joint venture with the UK Department of • Working in partnership to take on back-office’. Government departments and public Health, NHS Shared Business Services. office operational processing activitiessector agencies urgently need to increase This Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and drive improvement and efficienciesthe efficiency and sustainability of corporate organisation provides financial accounting, via BPO.functions, such as IT, HR, payroll, finance, payroll, reporting, cash management, travelprocurement and legal administration. At the Our clients depend on our expertise in expenses, creditor services, debitor services,same time there are limited funds for capital business change consulting combined with procurement and more across the UK healthexpenditure, even for new technology, and deep technical knowledge to help them sector. It is on target to deliver savingsdecisions on asset optimisation can only be achieve their transformational objectives. We of £250m over 11 years, with a promisedmade with good quality data from across the draw on our strengths in large scale process cost reduction for each client of up to 30%enterprise. transformation projects, especially shared depending on the services used. services, and a proven ability to work in long-Steria is working with a broad spectrum of term innovative commercial partnerships,clients, helping them transform their back including joint ventures. Did you know… we are supporting aoffice operations to meet this need for major inter-ministry programme in Franceefficiency and information transparency. We This allows us to deliver: with the installation of a Human Resourcesachieve this by: Information System (HRIS) serving several • Reduced costs with savings accruing from• Implementing improved systems and streamlining back-office support functions government ministries: National Payroll Operator (ONP), French Ministry for the introducing shared services • Improved effectiveness of corporate Budget, Public Accounts, Civil Service and• Introducing new and flexible delivery support functions (industry benchmarked) State Reform. models, such as IT ‘as a service’ to provide • Better quality management information software on demand • Improved regulatory compliance.
  • 10. 10 | Transforming public services to achieve more for less è www.steria.comRising to the challenges of21st century governmentWorking with clients at every level of government and the public sector,Steria offers solutions that incorporate new business models, game-changingtechnologies and proven expertise in business process optimisation.Our portfolio of government and public • Infrastructure management: meetingsector solutions is enabling our clients to the drive for cost reduction, flexibility,respond to the need for cost effective citizen- performance improvement and growthcentric service delivery. These sector-specific • BPO: delivering a step changesolutions are complemented by our proven IT- in business efficiency, agility andenabled services, consultancy and technology performance in functions such assolutions that give you the agility you need to HR and Finance & Accounting.make change happen as quickly as possible: We take our best-in-class consulting,• Consulting: making the most of our technology solutions and implementation sector expertise to successfully implement expertise to ensure our government and strategic and organisational change public sector clients are able to operate• Application development and system efficiently in a new digital landscape. We integration: from solution definition, are particularly strong in enhancing business design and development, to deployment information and enabling data integration and ultimate benefits realisation. With and to improve the overall performance of our help, your IT can become a significant government organisations. In France, we Did you know… Steria’s pioneering service enabler, unlocking business supported the French Ministry of Finance’s 10-year partnership with Cleveland insight and operational efficiency e-government programme creating a Police in the UK is delivering innovative consolidated database for taxpayers from approaches to control room services, such• Testing and quality assurance: as call handling, criminal justice case file 100 regions. We smashed the estimated bridging the gap between application preparation and business support functions go-live migration timeframe of 100 days, development and systems rollout through a shared service partnership reducing it to just one weekend. in areas such as innovative mobile that will deliver more than £50 million in device management solutions We are committed to providing solutions cashable savings. that deliver sustainable change with• Application management: agile, transformed services and real savings. focused IT services based on guaranteed This gives our government and public outputs and outcomes designed to sector clients the opportunity to meet their optimise and maintain solutions, efficiency targets and gain value for money. such as those governing enterprise asset management and mobility
  • 11. è Transforming public services to achieve more for less | 11Steria government and public sectorsolutions and servicesWe have developed specific services, solutions and innovations for governmentsand the public sector, including:Services: Solutions: Innovation:• Application Management & Development • Business Intelligence • Business Visioning• Business Process Consulting and • Customer Relationship Management • Channel Strategy & Portal Solutions Implementation • Enterprise Asset Management • Cloud based, Infrastructure On Command• Business Process Transformation • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) • Digital Visioning• Citizen and Enterprise Engagement • Enterprise Solutions (SAP, Oracle) • Legacy Enablement• Corporate Resource Optimisation • Procurement Transformation • Location-based Applications• Change Management • Mobile Application Development• End-to-End Case Management • Target Operating Model Design & Roll-out• End-to-End Testing Management & • Technology Insight & Direction Governance• Finance Transformation• Infrastructure Management• Operational & IT Outsourcing• Partner Management• Programme Management• Regulatory Change ManagementFind out moreFind out more about Steria’s extensive range of services and solutions for governments and the public sector and ourdiverse portfolio of IT-enabled business services by visiting email
  • 12. For further information about our services visit www.steria.comAbout Steria: www.steria.comSteria delivers IT enabled business services which help organisations in the public and private sectorsoperate more efficiently and profitably. By combining in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesseswith expertise in IT and business process outsourcing, we take on our clients’ challenges and developinnovative solutions to address them. Through our highly collaborative consulting style, we work withour clients to transform their business, enabling them to focus on what they do best. Our 20,000people, working across 16 countries, support the systems, services and processes that make today’sworld turn, touching the lives of millions around the globe each day.Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, North Africa and SE Asia and a 2010 revenue of€1.7 billion. 20%* of Steria’s capital is owned by its employees. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listedon the Euronext Paris market.*Including the Employees Shares Trust in the UKGroupe Steria SCA43 - 45 Quai du Président RooseveltF-92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux CEDEXFrance © Steria BCG&PS001