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Seamless IT infrastructure transformation provides a compelling argument for the move to Cloud-based pay-as-you-use service provision.

Seamless IT infrastructure transformation provides a compelling argument for the move to Cloud-based pay-as-you-use service provision.

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  • 1. © Steria / January 2014 Page 1 of 2 Success Story Steria: transforming our own infrastructure with virtualisation  Successful transition from physical server estate to Cloud-based Infrastructure on Command service Seamless IT infrastructure transformation provides a compelling argument for the move to Cloud-based pay-as-you-use service provision. Challenge summary IT-enabled services provider Steria needed to renew its IT infrastructure and chose to move to a high availability, Cloud-based platform. Key points  Infrastructure on Command (IOC) Cloud-based services contract gives cost certainty  Virtualisation gives flexibility to scale up and down in line with business growth  Ease of service support as a result of remote service management and automated controls  Ability to implement projects more efficiently with reduced risk and improved timescales The challenge Who do you get to support your IT transformation when you are a trusted transformation partner yourself? For IT-enabled business services provider Steria, the answer was clear: it would work with its own Information Management Services (IMS) team to bring about a radical change in its approach to IT. With a number of hardware components reaching end- of-life and many of its multiple storage devices for user data coming to the end of support contracts, Steria UK wanted to investigate the available options for upgrading or renewing its IT platform. The decision was taken to move its infrastructure management into the Cloud. This would also be in line with Steria’s commitment to ‘Living Green’ across its business by cutting energy consumption through a significant reduction in physical servers across multiple datacentres. Moving to a virtualised IT infrastructure platform, however, had to be achieved with minimal disruption to the business across Steria’s 10 UK sites. Our solution Steria’s IMS team proposed a solution resting on its dynamic and virtualised IT infrastructure platform as a service. Known as Infrastructure on Command (IOC), this would bring together a number of components, including the following:  Steria’s proven global service management expertise with on-going infrastructure support for networks, servers, desktop and other IT requirements via a company-wide Service Desk  Automated toolsets that migrated physical servers to virtual servers  Cisco’s Unified Computing System – a high availability datacentre platform unifying computing, networking, storage, access and virtualisation  A pay-as-you-use pricing model for cost certainty  Transition support to deliver the change process.
  • 2. How we worked together The Steria IMS team approached this project very much as it would any commercial project. As such, from the outset, collaboration was key. Working closely with its client within Steria, the IMS team first investigated the options available. These options included replacing ageing legacy servers with new physical servers in a datacentre or dedicated server room. However, with 30-40 physical server racks alone, it quickly became clear that Steria’s IOC platform offered the most benefit, notably by reducing the number of racks required to just three. Before designing the new IOC-based platform, the project team led by IMS carried out a full audit of Steria UK’s server, applications and storage inventory. This identified a number of components that could be de- commissioned. The business owners of all the applications and servers were fully engaged throughout the process. Any change requests and controls were rigorously adhered to and weekly meetings between IMS and its client within Steria kept the project on track. Any impact on the business during transition to the new IOC platform was minimal. In fact, for most users it was simply ‘business as usual’. Migrating from old hardware to the new virtualised environment has provided improved server performance. Results and benefits Steria UK’s virtualised IT infrastructure platform IOC is a compelling showcase for the transition to Cloud computing. The speed of implementation has been replicated for other clients moving to Cloud platforms, including a number of UK Government departments. Steria UK is benefiting in a number of ways:  Improved support levels: remote monitoring of the datacentre makes service management simpler and faster  Consolidated reporting of server utilisation and performance  Reduced energy consumption: the significant reduction in the number of servers required as a result of virtualisation has cut energy costs and supports Steria’s Living Green commitment  Cost certainty: IOC is provided on a pay-as-you- use basis allowing Steria to better understand and budget for additions to its IT estate  Scalability and flexibility: the virtualised platform allows Steria to rapidly flex up (or down) by provisioning and removing new infrastructure as needed, such as new servers or additional storage  Better business insight: a common reporting tool has been designed specifically for Steria and delivered via the IOC platform. Steria Three Cherry Trees Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7AH Tel: +44 (0)845 601 8877 For more information please contact Contact  About Steria Steria delivers IT enabled business services and is the Trusted Transformation Partner for private and public sector organisations across the globe. Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, North Africa and SE Asia and a 2012 revenue of €1.83 billion. Over 20%(*) of Steria's capital is owned by its employees. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listed on the Euronext Paris market. (*): including “SET Trust” and “XEBT Trust” (4.15% of capital) “Moving Steria’s internal server estate to IOC has provided us with the opportunity to consolidate our server usage and upgrade to the latest technology. Looking forward we are able to scale out infrastructure to meet the company’s demands with minimal effort.” Clive Thomasson, Technical Architect