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  • 1. è Steria: RightTest ERP (SAP)A Steria SolutionSteria: RightTest ERP (SAP)Safeguarding Your Business ERP (SAP)è
  • 2. Steria: RightTest ERP (SAP) è www.steria.comIntelligent Insightfor Consistent ControlSteria: RightTest ERP (SAP) is the intelligent ERP insight and testing solution. Our expertteam has specifically developed and assembled this suite of services, method and advancedtoolset to dramatically improve the effectiveness and reduce the cost of SAP testing.Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is key to the smooth Assuring the predictable outcome of changerunning of your business, integrating internal and external management Steria RightTest ERP (SAP) allows you to forecast any potential issuesinformation and enabling functions across your entire organisation. by pinpointing the areas of your system that need testing. This vastlyIt is important to keep abreast of system upgrades to avoid poor improves the efficiency of your team and reduces the risk and costperformance and downtime that will bring your operations and normally associated with ERP upgrades by:productivity to a grinding halt. • reducing the need for exhaustive testing and maintenanceWe understand the catastrophic effect that this level of disruption canhave on your business. Service outages or process failure can damage •  guaranteeing service quality by identifying and robustly testingyour reputation, brand and competitiveness, as well as your productivity. all critical codeStaying one step ahead and predicting the consequences of change is • simplifying upgrades, updates and versioningtherefore vital and thorough testing is needed before any updates orupgrades are implemented. • improving business agility by speeding up the software release cycleHowever, we also know that SAP testing and upgrading has the • supporting and accelerating migration from SAP R/3 to ECC6.potential to be costly and risky, consuming a major share of your overallIT budget. Whilst ERP is an intrinsic and critical element of business The Right Experienceoperations, ongoing support for the current SAP system – R/3 – is no Our extensive SAP expertise has enabled us to ensure that RightTest ERPlonger guaranteed and upgrades are frequently required due to changes, is a unique and fully flexible ‘pay per use’ platform. We have industrialisedsuch as legal requirements. An additional challenge is that ERP is the SAP testing process, reducing cost and risk and acceleratingextremely complex with heavily customised and unique upgrades that implementation. The innovative RightTest ERP portfolio incorporates anrequire bespoke testing. In the past, there has been a lack of extensive suite of testing services, as well as a powerful set of processesunderstanding of exactly where potential problems may arise and this and reusable resources that combine the consistency of execution with thehas led to a high volume of testing activity, which is both costly and efficiency of built-in best practice.time consuming. We understand the need to align SAP testing with your business priorities. By adopting the advanced, industry-leading Panaya toolset we are in a position to provide in-depth testing that meets your required targets. SAP testing and upgrading has the potential to be costly and risky, consuming a major share of your overall IT budget.
  • 3. è Steria: RightTest ERP (SAP)The RightTest for you ERP (SAP)RightTest ERP gives you complete peace-of-mind,safeguarding your business from costly disruption.Improving insight Reducing risk•  business-led approach enhances the Panaya toolset insights Our •  Advanced testing techniques help you to understand and avoid the to form a consistent view of the link between the SAP code and business impact of inherent code weaknesses and exploit strengths your underlying business processes. that exist within your SAP code.•  intelligence allows you to structure bespoke and effective This •  Steria’s RightTest ERP solution allows you to establish and maintain an testing which will rapidly deliver secure and cost-effective change. accurate baseline. This is an effective starting point for any changes, providing a safe restore point if any issues arise.Improving effectiveness•  Quality is improved by assessing and transforming the testing Reducing cost functions in line with the industry open standard ‘Test Maturity •  advanced Panaya toolset models the upgrade, identifying code that The Model Integration’ (TMMi) for which Steria’s RightTest methodology may malfunction as a result and automatically repairing the majority of is recognised and certified to Level 3. these problems.•  RightTest ERP also provides an intelligent view of the way system •  RightTest ERP is a ‘pay per use’ service, reducing your capital The updates and upgrades may affect business operations, ensuring that expenditure outlay. problems are more consistently predicted and avoided.Protect your business from costly disruption today.Talk to our team about improving insight into your SAP system and ensuring the smooth runningof your business operations. Call +33 1 34 88 60 00 or email TMMi CERTIFIED ®For further information about our services visit LEVEL 3
  • 4. For further information about our services visit www.steria.comAbout Steria: www.steria.comSteria delivers IT enabled business services which help organisations in the publicand private sectors operate more efficiently and profitably. By combining anin-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses with expertise in IT andbusiness process outsourcing, we take on our clients’ challenges and developinnovative solutions to address them. Through our highly collaborativeconsulting style, we work with our clients to transform their business, enablingthem to focus on what they do best. Our 20,000 people, working across16 countries, support the systems, services and processes that make today’sworld turn, touching the lives of millions around the globe each day.Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, North Africa and SE Asiaand a 2011 revenue of €1.75 billion. 21 percent of Steria’s capital is owned by itsemployees. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listed on the Euronext Paris market.43-45 Quai du President Roosevelt Steria is committed to supporting a sustainable world andF-92782 Issy-Les-Mouilineaux cedex, France is Certified Carbon Neutral for Flight and Fleet TravelTel: +33 1 34 88 60 00 Email: © Steria GISL_RightTestERP(SAP)01/Nov 2012