Steria : Powering a low carbon economy

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Sustainable business delivers competitive advantage. …

Sustainable business delivers competitive advantage.

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  • 1. A Steria Capability OverviewPowering alow carbon economySustainable business delivers competitive advantageè
  • 2. 02 | Powering a low carbon economy è Did you know... Steria has a global community of more than 2,000 professionals supporting sustainability solutions Steria earned a disclosure score of 93% and ‘A-’ for performance in the Carbon Disclosure Project 2011, one of the top performance ratings in our market sector Steria has been certified CarbonNeutral® for flight and fleet travel since Jan 2010 We are a key partner in the Ecomouv’ Group 14-year public-private partnership delivering the French Government’s heavy goods vehicles eco-tax project Our real-time taxi management solution at the UK’s Heathrow airport reduces CO2 emissions from taxis by at least 20 tonnes a day Steria is a key player in the creation of the first district smart grid in France – IssyGrid Our green Steria France HQ acts as a laboratory for our Smart Energy Management offering and features 19,000 sensors monitoring energy use and generation in 23,000m2 of space Steria established its own internal Living Green practice in 2008 Steria won the Green Workplace award in the 2011 Green Business Awards from French media organisation BFM Steria’s Environmental Management System is certified to ISO14001 in 10 countries and a roll out programme is in progress in the remainder We won the ‘Best Supplier Challenge Award’ at French telecoms company SFR for Innovation, Customer Satisfaction and Sustainable Development in 2010 We designed, built and operate a nationwide platform (VEMAGS IT) for route optimisation (reducing fuel use) and administration of applications (reducing paper consumption) for the transportation of heavy and large-scale loads in Germany “ teria plays an integral part in the delivery of our S sustainability programme. Their consultants have provided critical sustainability and IT expertise to help us continuously improve our sustainability performance.” David Pugh, Senior Procurement Manager (Sustainable Procurement Champion), UK Land Registry
  • 3. è Powering a low carbon economy | 03Helping you todemonstrate sustainabilityHow do you support the move towards a low carbon economyin a way that is beneficial to both the environment and yourbusiness operations?All organisations recognise the need to At Steria we are Living Green because it isdemonstrate sustainability. This is driven by a simply a better way of working. We can helpcombination of factors, including legislation you to:and increasing customer, employee and • Utilise the latest technologies to bettershareholder demands for environmental manage your environmental performanceresponsibility. • Use business disciplines to introduce andChief Executive Officers (CEOs) regard manage your sustainability programmesustainability as key to future success. Manyrecognise that a greener business model • Extract the full value from youris good for business, not only in terms of investments in sustainability.reputation and adherence to standards We have a proven reputation for deliverysuch as ISO14001 and the Greenhouse Gas excellence and for building long-term trustedProtocol (GHG) initiative, but also in terms partnerships with our clients. Indeed, 95% ofof cost: cutting fuel usage as energy prices our clients renew their contracts with us. Isn’tspiral makes sound business sense. it time you took a closer look at Steria?As the world moves towards a low-carboneconomy, Steria can help you get there. Did you know… Steria has helped toOur global community of more than 2,000 reduce paper consumption significantlyprofessionals dedicated to sustainability will at Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) bysupport the transformation of your strategic implementing Western Europe’s largest Electronic Document Records Managementintent into tangible results. System managing 7.5m documents.Every day we are trusted to run our clients’IT infrastructures and applications portfoliosand support them with business consultingand process optimisation. But that’s notall. Our dedicated sustainability offeringcomprises Sustainability Consulting, SmartEnergy Management, Smart Driving andTransport and Green IT.
  • 4. 04 | Powering a low carbon economy è www.steria.comA commitmentto Living GreenWe don’t just help our clients meet their environmental challenges, we alsoapply the innovation and discipline of our own business to every aspect ofsustainability in our clients’ businesses.Our commitment to sustainability sees usleading by example and supporting clientswith thought leadership, consultancy servicesand solutions. We are committed to LivingGreen from the very top managementthrough to our company’s grass roots. Ourobjective is to play a part in supporting asustainable world by thinking, planning andoperating collectively and cohesively as atruly green company.Living Green is the core of ourenvironmental strategy. Smart thinking Did you know… we are demonstrating our commitment to sustainable In a paper entitled ‘Smart Cities will be In France, we are involved in IssyGrid , ® development on a daily basis with the enabled by Smart IT’, we describe the the country’s first district smart grid. implementation of the Steria Smart Energy need for tomorrow’s cities to operate Backed by our development of an Management solution at Green Office©, in new ways. They will be smart cities, innovative management system for energy our new energy positive building in France. where technology is used to run things performance contracts in commercial The solution gathers the building’s energy efficiently in order to meet the needs buildings, we are deploying our consumption data in real time, floor of an increasingly urbanised global capabilities in integrating software bricks by floor, office by office and manages production (by solar panels and a population. for collecting, processing and analysing vegetable oil plant) under the first energy data and for ensuring secure exchanges Steria is at the forefront of the debate performance contract (CPE) in France. among systems. on smart cities and the smart grids designed to anticipate the energy needs of tomorrow. 5
  • 5. è Powering a low carbon economy | 05Making greeneven greenerIs your sustainability strategy really delivering on its promise tocut costs, reduce emissions and improve operational efficiency?And how do you measure your sustainability achievements?Committing to a greener, more sustainable Our consultancy offering embraces With the right strategy in place and abusiness model is just the start. When three elements: framework for delivering it, you can take thesustainability isn’t your core business, it can next step on your green journey. Steria has • Strategy: strategic studies andbe a struggle to transform commitment into a number of industrialised service offerings performance management that ensureaction. In some cases management believes that can help you put into practice the your sustainability is managed as aits drive to a low carbon economy is on track, recommendations of our consulting teams. corporate objective with clear targets andbut it doesn’t have the necessary metrics in For example, our server virtualisation, a roadmap for fulfilmentplace to assess progress. desktop energy management and energy • Operations: through feasibility studies payment services will cut your energy costs.Steria can help. We work with our clients, and the integration of sustainability in thehelping them to define their strategies, delivery of projects, we provide rigorousmeasure their achievements and implement management of your environmentaland operate green workplaces. We also Did you know… Group BNP Paribas, initiatives, as well as disciplines such aswork with partners ranging from academia European leader in global banking and business cases and formal measurement financial services, has relied on Steria’sto energy efficiency specialists so that we and reporting consulting expertise in the implementationcan think ahead and formulate winningsustainability strategies. • Workplace: we advise on green of its environment and GHG performance reporting tool. workplaces and sustainable infrastructures with clear policies and implementation plans leading to the engagement of staff and communities.
  • 6. 06 | Powering a low carbon economy è www.steria.comA smarter way to manageand consume energy resourcesRising energy prices and new carbon taxes havemade energy management an integral part of a moreecological approach to resource consumption.With 70% of global populations predicted to • Managed Services: offering servicesbe living in cities by 2050, buildings, districts encompassing procurement and supply,and cities must become smarter and greener contract review, invoice processingin their approach to energy management. The and disputes. Steria Energy Paymentsfirst step in managing energy consumption is Analysis Service (EPAS) extracts datameasuring it. from utility bills to build accurate records of consumption and is saving telecomsSteria leads the way in this area. At the giant BT about £1m a year. Our servicesvanguard of IT-enabled efficiencies, we have also embrace energy use, managementdeveloped a one-of-a-kind solution, Steria and optimisation and multi-dimensionalSmart Energy Management. This offers end- optimisation of business energy useand a commitment to sustainable results. We also use our proficiency in balancing local energy production and consumption in anThis solution rests on three pillars: Energy Performance Contract service that• Consulting: helping to set targets and runs buildings under optimal economic and develop strategies for improving diagnosis environmental conditions. through control of energy consumption, anticipation of future energy use and the sharing of key energy performance Did you know… Steria has built on its indicators own smart energy experience to launch its observatory, a lab focused on energy• Transformation: supporting and training performance in office buildings, to gather your teams in the development and use feedback and enrich and share best of analytical tools for energy usage. We practices in energy management. identify anomalies, analyse abnormal trends and optimise energy in a way that can deliver financial gains of 10% in year one in traditional buildings, rising to 30%
  • 7. è Powering a low carbon economy | 07Reducing the environmentalimpact of travelTransport operators and fleet managers face constant pressureto reduce energy consumption, cut CO2 emissions and promotegreen driving and travelling behaviour.Is legislation forcing you to adopt a greener, • Flow control and traffic management – • Free flow tolling – enabling thesafer transport policy? Or perhaps your using the Steria Traffic Expert solution to collection of eco-taxes relating toorganisation has identified the significant relieve congestion specific vehicle typescost benefit of reducing fuel consumption. • Managing and optimising fleet transport • E-payment and e-ticketing –Either way, Steria can help you deliver your – enabling fleet managers to achieve the cutting the need for paper tickets,strategy for more sustainable transport. same amount of work with fewer vehicles supporting environmentally-friendlyOur solutions enhance company images, cut on the road travel with a single e-ticket for severalfuel costs and help to measure and control modes of transport. • Eco-driving – using onboard data toCO2 emissions. They include: encourage better fuel usage and provide• Fleet management of electric vehicles – fleet managers with information on fuel- supporting the adoption of electric fleets inefficient driver behaviours and routes Promoting greener transport Did you know… our real-time SMS transit information system in Singapore • Steria is certified CarbonNeutral® • Novélia, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel is helping to promote public transport by for both flight and fleet travel. Arkéa Group, is helping businesses allowing travellers to check bus times and and local governments manage their plan their journeys with a real-time bus • Steria is a member of the Ecomouv’ location viewer. vehicle fleets in an environmentally- Group designated by the French friendly manner using the Steria Smart Government in 2011 to finance, Driving system. design, construct, operate and maintain a heavy goods vehicles • In the south west of France, a Steria eco-tax collection and control system. park and ride solution is encouraging greater use of public transport. • Our consulting and carbon accounting solution for Hermes Transport Logistics has enabled the company to reduce emissions through the identification of emission drivers.
  • 8. 08 | Powering a low carbon economy è“The importance of climate change as a crucial environmental issue has been highlighted by scientific communities worldwide. As responsible businesses it is essential that we use relevant environmental reporting and we rely on a solution implemented with the help of Steria to achieve this objective.”Séverin Fischer,BNP Paribas Group Environment Manager
  • 9. è Powering a low carbon economy | 09Using IT to make businessgreener and more efficientWhile IT is an enabler of greener, more efficient businesspractices it is also a high-level consumer of energy.How do you strike the right balance between the two?As more and more is demanded of your We also design data centres from scratchsystems, software and services, a more to minimise the energy load demanded forsustainable approach to managing your IT keeping servers cool. This reduces the datainfrastructure can help to keep IT costs down centre’s overall energy consumption.and efficiency levels high. Changing how your people work is anotherWith technology rapidly developing, it is likely way to cut your carbon footprint andthat you have diverse IT systems running improve productivity. Steria’s solutions suchon numerous platforms across different as e-transactions, Electronic Document andgeographies. The result can be energy- Record Management Systems (EDRMS) andhungry IT infrastructures that are inflexible Field Service Management all help to improveand costly to run. In this environment, efficiency by making better use of resourcesChief Technology Officers want solutions or by making processes more efficient.that make the business more efficient andsustainable, yet reduce costs and raiseservice levels. Steria has the expertise and Did you know… Steria implementedproven experience to help you achieve these a shared thin client infrastructure for sixobjectives. municipalities in Norway’s Upper Romerike region that consumes less energy, is easierOur consultants can fit IT into your to maintain and will last longer than thesustainability strategy. We achieve this in previous infrastructure.a number of ways, including virtualisingservers or delivering them from the cloudand replacing estates of ‘thick’ desktop clientPCs with ‘thin’ ones that use less power. Forexample, we helped one London Boroughcut its IT energy costs by 53% and CO2emissions by 206 tonnes a year with avirtualisation solution.
  • 10. 10 | Powering a low carbon economy è www.steria.comRising to the challenges of21st century governmentWorking with clients at every level of government and the public sector,Steria offers solutions that incorporate new business models, game-changingtechnologies and proven expertise in business process optimisation.Our portfolio of government and public • Testing and quality assurance: We take our best-in-class consulting,sector solutions is enabling our clients to bridging the gap between application technology solutions and implementationrespond to the need for cost effective citizen- development and systems rollout in expertise to ensure our government andcentric service delivery. These sector-specific areas such as innovative mobile device public sector clients are able to operatesolutions are complemented by our proven IT- management solutions efficiently in a new digital landscape. Weenabled services, consultancy and technology are particularly strong in enhancing business • Application management: agile, focusedsolutions that give you the agility you need to information and enabling data integration IT services based on guaranteed outputsmake change happen as quickly as possible: and to improve the overall performance of and outcomes designed to optimise government organisations. In France, we• Consulting: making the most of our and maintain solutions, such as those supported the French Ministry of Finance’s sector expertise to successfully implement governing enterprise asset management e-government programme creating a strategic and organisational change and mobility consolidated database for taxpayers from• Application development and system • Infrastructure management: meeting 100 regions. We smashed the estimated integration: from solution definition, the drive for cost reduction, flexibility, go-live migration timeframe of 100 days, design and development, to deployment performance improvement and growth reducing it to just one weekend. and ultimate benefits realisation. With • BPO: delivering a step change in business our help, your IT can become a significant efficiency, agility and performance in service enabler, unlocking business functions such as HR and Finance & insight and operational efficiency Accounting Did you know… Steria’s cutting-edge green office in Sweden is warmed by the excess body heat of 250,000 travellers passing through the nearby Stockholm Central Station every day.
  • 11. è Powering a low carbon economy | 11Steria sustainabilitysolutions and servicesWe have developed specific sustainabilityservices, solutions and innovationsServices: Solutions: Innovation:• Application Management & Development • Building Maintenance Management • Business Visioning• Business Process Consulting • Business Intelligence • Cloud-based, Infrastructure On Command and Implementation • Carbon Energy Payment • Digital Visioning• Business Process Outsourcing Analysis Service (EPAS) • Legacy Enablement• Change Management • Data Management • Location-based Applications• End-to-End Testing Management • Desktop Energy Management • Mobile Application Development & Governance • Distribution Planning • Target Operating Model Design• Infrastructure Management • Electronic Document Records & Roll-out• Operational & IT Outsourcing Management System (EDRMS) • Technology Insight & Direction• Programme Management • e-Transactions• Sustainability Consulting • Fleet Management Systems • Field Service Management • Flexible and Mobile Working • Green IT • Green Transport • Managed Print Services • Procurement Transformation • Smart Driving • Smart Energy Management • Smart Grids and Smart Metering Deployment Find out more Find out more about Steria’s extensive range of sustainability services and solutions and our diverse portfolio of IT-enabled business services by visiting or email
  • 12. For further information about our services visit www.steria.comAbout Steria: www.steria.comSteria delivers IT enabled business services which help organisations in the publicand private sectors operate more efficiently and profitably. By combining indepth understanding of our clients’ businesses with expertise in IT and businessprocess outsourcing, we take on our clients’ challenges and develop innovativesolutions to address them. Through our highly collaborative consulting style,we work with our clients to transform their business, enabling them to focus onwhat they do best. Our 20,000 people, working across 16 countries, support thesystems, services and processes that make today’s world turn, touching the livesof millions around the globe each day.Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, North Africa and SE Asiaand a 2010 revenue of €1.7 billion. 20%* of Steria’s capital is owned by itsemployees. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listed on the Euronext Paris market.*Including the Employees Shares Trust in the UKGroupe Steria SCA43 - 45 Quai du Président Roosevelt Steria is committed to supporting a sustainable world andF-92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux CEDEX is Certified Carbon Neutral for Flight and Fleet TravelFrance © Steria BCG001UK/Feb 2012