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Steria : Optimising efficiency in Healthcare


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Connected healthcare solutions for improved patient outcomes. …

Connected healthcare solutions for improved patient outcomes.

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  • 1. A Steria Capability OverviewOptimising efficiencyin HealthcareConnected healthcare solutions for improved patient outcomesè
  • 2. 02 | Optimising efficiency in Healthcare è Did you know... Steria has more than 20 years’ experience helping governments and healthcare providers across the world provide efficient health services Our revolutionary 50:50 joint venture with the UK Department of Health has set the benchmark for Business Process as a service with more than 25 million people served by our NHS clients The population databases and resource optimisation systems we implement in Spain are the de facto solutions in this market, serving a population in excess of 21 million We manage the electronic health records for a population of 3.1 million for one client alone We make it possible for 300,000 health compensation payment message transactions to pass between regional health departments in Spain In France we help to process over 400,000 electronic medical expense claim forms per day for 6.3 million combined policy holders We are ranked in the top ten IT and BPO services and consulting providers throughout the UK, France, Spain and Germany We work with both national and regional health providers, including: NHS in the UK, AP-HP in France, Spanish Ministry of Health, Postbeamtenkrankenkasse in Germany, Helse Sør-Øst in Norway and Region Midtjylland in Denmark. “ teria solutions help medical professionals make properly informed S decisions and we see it as our mission to empower our clients to save lives. That’s something we are really proud of because the quality of a society’s healthcare is a fundamental indicator of its overall state of wellbeing.”
  • 3. è Optimising efficiency in Healthcare | 03Improved health andhealth economic outcomesHow do you meet the demand for patient-centric health servicesin the face of relentlessly squeezed budgets? With a combination of innovative approaches to delivering services and powerful technology that is changing the face of healthcare, we offer crucial benefits, including: • Continuous improvement in the quality and cost of healthcare • More effective medical decision making and treatment plans for patientsSteria can help. We are uniquely placed to Innovation and technologysupport healthcare providers, payers and • Optimised resources based on detailed Our health sector clients depend on us day knowledge of the population servedagencies as they respond to diverse business in, day out to run their IT infrastructuresand technology challenges. With more than • Improved health outcomes where and systems and help them successfully20 years’ experience in health, Steria has each patient receives the best implement strategic and organisationaldeveloped an in-depth understanding of how available treatment change. But that’s not all. We also deliverefficient business processes and effective cost savings, total quality of service and • Optimised healthcare processes in patientIT can help health organisations efficiently agreed outcomes that meet their needs management, medical and nursingmanage resources and provide continuity in the five core areas of: Business Process documentation and patient accountingof care in the face of ever-increasing as a Service (BPaaS), Enterprise Masterbudget restraints. • Enhanced communication between Person Index (EMPI) and health resourcesWith more than 2,000 professionals working optimisation, Electronic Health Record (EHR), all players – interoperability betweenfor the healthcare industry and operating Health ERP and interoperability. disparate IT systems, healthcarein 11 countries, we reach over 60 million jurisdictions and hospitals.people in Europe with our solutions. But We have a proven reputation for deliveryit isn’t just our scale that gives our 250+ excellence and for building long-termloyal healthcare clients confidence: it is the partnerships with our clients. Indeed, 95% ofknowledge that we understand the sensitivity our clients renew their contracts with us. Isn’tof working in their industry. it time you took a closer look at Steria?
  • 4. 04 | Optimising efficiency in Healthcare è www.steria.comAdding valuewith improved performanceOne of the biggest challenges facing the health sector is how to achieve morewith less: what can you do to meet the spiralling demand for health services,while managing increasingly stringent budgets?Steria leads the world in the provision ofbusiness support services to the health Changing the rulessector that will help you achieve these NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) is our ground-breaking 50:50 joint venture with theobjectives. Our complete portfolio of UK Department of Health. It is the market leader in business support services for theIT-enabled Business Process Outsourcing National Health Service (NHS), providing Finance and Accounting, Payroll and HR, Family(BPO) services includes Finance and Health Services and Commercial Procurement Solutions to more than 170 NHS Trusts. ThisAccounting, HR (including Payroll and pioneering partnership has been accredited ‘world class’ by Hackett global benchmarkEmployee Benefits), Family Health Services, for operational excellence. With its new procurement service, NHS SBS could deliverCommercial Procurement Solutions and IT substantial savings for the NHS over the next five years through its shared services BPOService Desk. They can deliver up to 40% model. It is already delivering operational efficiency, real cash releasing savings and addedcost savings depending on the outsourcing value services to more than 40% of the NHS.model you opt for.Our Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)model is the next evolution in BPO. It is amature IT-enabled Public Private Partnership(PPP) model incorporating our integratedoffshore-onshore-onsite delivery approach.BPaaS frees up government health agenciesand health payers from back office servicesusing a standardised solution that can bepaid for on a transactional basis.As our truly pioneering joint venturewith the Department of Health in theUK demonstrates, (see right), this next-generation outsourcing model can helpyou transform ways of working in order toaddress your business efficiency and costchallenges. It’s a task at which we excel. “ know that I can rely on NHS SBS to provide a financial I Did you know… Steria has been ranked processing service whilst maintaining quality. It allows us to number 1 in multi-process FA services to the UK for the third year running and concentrate on the things that are important to us and not to is ranked number 2 for Purchase to Pay in have to worry about transactional processes as well.” EMEA. (Nelson Hall Global BPO Market Forecast: 2010-2014, updated June 2011). Guy Musson, Director of Performance and Finance, Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust
  • 5. è Optimising efficiency in Healthcare | 05Right resources,right place to save livesChanging demographics are having a significant impact on the health sector.An ageing population combined with an increase in chronic disease is placingenormous pressure on scarce resources and budgets.Healthcare providers will need to effectively Civitas® is the backbone of eHealth. Health card systems are one of themanage resources for the actual population, It supports the identification of health components of our Civitas® solution. Wenot projections or estimates. Steria is already professionals and medical resources needed offer them either as standalone entities or tomaking this a reality. We offer extensive to provide continuity of care across all public complement our broader EMPI offering. Viceexpertise in Enterprise Master Person Index healthcare end providers. In Spain Civitas® versa, if a client already has a health card(EMPI) solutions that enable the accurate is already supporting 12 out of 17 regions system in place, we can accommodate thisidentification of individuals and link patient covering more than 21 million publicly insured within Civitas®. In Spain we implementeddata across diverse healthcare outlets. people. As a highly sophisticated analytical a system for the Health Card of Castilla-La tool it enables the accurate identification of Mancha Health Care Service (SESCAM) thatCreated and delivered by Steria in Spain, each individual and links patient data across enables citizens to access health servicesCivitas® is a cutting edge example of our every healthcare outlet. within the region. Using Civitas®, the region’sEMPI capabilities, taking them a significant health authorities can plan and optimisestep further by providing a ‘rest of the their health services in line with thesystem’ view. A complete health resource Did you know… Steria is a partner in an population served.planning solution, Civitas® has transformed exciting development from technology giantthe way public health agencies are able Microsoft? We have developed the First- On a strategic level, the ability to analyseto provide services. It offers a wide range Line Doctor-Patient Demonstrator solution the distribution of the population to optimiseof functionality that improves health optimising communications between doctor resource distribution has the potential to be amanagement, such as a ‘health map’ to and patient and currently hosted in the new genuine life saver. Microsoft Cloud and Interoperability Center.assist in locating resources according to thepopulation served.
  • 6. 06 | Optimising efficiency in Healthcare è www.steria.comSecure healthdata managementDuplication of effort across different agencies is both a drain onthe public sector purse and an irritation for citizens who have toprovide the same information time and again.With the fusion of health services through Undoubtedly, the security of personaljoined up record management systems, you information is a key concern for patients Secure identity managementcan seize control of your data management and employees alike and this too presents Steria worked in partnership withand put an end to duplicated effort. Our healthcare providers with a challenge. Health technology firm Novell to design andElectronic Health Record (EHR) solutions providers need accurate and accessible implement an identity and securityprovide access to time-critical, patient patient data, yet unconnected data records management solution based on theclinical histories when they’re needed. We pose a serious threat to the secure sharing Novell Identity Manager product,also offer solutions for securing access to of information. As you would expect from for Region Midtjylland in Denmark.patient data and other restricted information a company with our proven health sector This solution includes custom-builton the part of healthcare professionals. experience, we operate within strict security role-based provisioning workflows and governance parameters. We clearlyWe work in partnership with clients and and offers both automation and demonstrate our security strength in thespecialist technology partners to bring self-service features. It unifies a identity access solution for our Danish healtha dynamic approach to managing your previously disparate organisational client Region Midtjylland (see below).administrative data that takes you far structure, accelerates the provisioningbeyond the static, stale data of the past. We believe that innovative thinking and of new users, simplifies applicationFor example, working collaboratively smart technology solutions will continue to sign-on, improves security andwith Osakidetza, the Basque Country be vital in helping the health sector maintain auditability and frees up thousandsHealth Service, we created the Osabide and improve quality and value in the coming of man-hours per year.application for managing clinical histories. years. For example, as seamless and secure information exchange becomes a mainstayOur EHR solution will provide you with of delivering personalised care and patientbroad and varied information including a Did you know… Steria is accredited to the engagement in their health, we are movingpatient’s basic medical history, active and HL7 standard for exchanging information, health information into the Cloud to give IGAF Level 2 for information governancepast prescriptions, allergies, radiological citizens health information at their fingertips. and the SAS 70 auditing standardtests, lab results, medical evolution report Are you ready to join us on the journey?and more. By electronically registeringeach encounter with the patient insidethe health network, we can provide yourhealth professionals with all the healthinformation they need to offer the bestcare to their patients enterprise-wide.
  • 7. è Optimising efficiency in Healthcare | 07“ teria has strong competence in the identity S management space, and an open, highly professional approach.”Henrik Jordt, Enterprise Architect,Region Midtjylland, Denmark
  • 8. 08 | Optimising efficiency in Healthcare è www.steria.comAchieving interoperabilityfor seamless communicationThe market demands communication between all players in the health system atall levels. This will require a transformation of systems and interoperability thatmust transcend national borders, health jurisdictions and hospitals. Achieving interoperability is a huge Moving ahead with an interoperability task. Disparate IT systems combined programme in partnership with Steria with the complexities of local and cross- will enable you to reinforce co-operation border healthcare provision often stops between different health services. We interoperability programmes from getting will help you to align your information off the ground. It is a challenge being system with the objectives and needs addressed at the highest level of health of the national healthcare system and government across Europe. For to deliver better patient care. example, Steria is participating in the large scale European pilot Smart Open Did you know… the Cohesion Services for European Patients (epSOS). Funds solution that we developed in As an industry team member since the partnership with the Spanish Ministry of inception of epSOS, we are fully supportive Health manages the compensation fund of its mission to enable the sharing of by which payment is made for health patient summaries and ePrescriptions. services delivered across 17 autonomous regions? The solution smoothes the patient For our clients, as a strategic partner with journey across diverse facilities in different considerable strength in interoperability communities and is the successful result of a standards, we can help you to move your highly complex transition, with all 17 regions organisation into a HOA- (Health Oriented previously using different technologies. Architecture) based Universal Interoperability Health Hub (UIHH). This will support the seamless exchange of health information and keep all the actors in the health system integrated and engaged. And we’re already achieving this with our fully operational Cohesion Funds solutions for the control and management of patient exchange between regional health services in Spain.
  • 9. è Optimising efficiency in Healthcare | 09Gaining enterprise-wide visibilityfor improved financial controlHow healthy is the IT system you have invested in to help you support betterdecision making and improve operational efficiency? Are you able to use it toprovide improved patient outcomes or employee satisfaction?Many organisations are failing to get themost of their investments in enterprise Here’s how we’re helping some of our SAP and other ERP clients:resource planning (ERP) solutions and are • France we have used our expertise as a specialised SAP partner to support best Inlooking to replace or upgrade their existing practice use of the SAP ERP system across a large group comprised of hospitalssystems. Are you facing the same problem? and home care facilities. We provided strategic input, including consultancy andIf the data you need to provide true business applications transformation, to support our client’s information systems evolution.insight and accurate patient information islocked away in numerous data silos created • Health ERP professionals developed WebHospital, a Hospital Information Ourby disparate, unconnected systems, then it’s System that has been deployed by 20+ private hospitals in Spain. This is a fully-time to talk to Steria. integrated application that optimises hospital resources, handles purchasing, inventory management and invoicing and provides a record of each patient andAs a specialised SAP partner we have their treatment (how, where and when). WebHospital integrates with RIS (Radiologydominant expertise in customising SAP Information System), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), LISIS-H for use in hospitals to support patient (Laboratory Information System) and Hospital, medical and nursingdocumentation and patient accounting. The • Steria’s SAP specialists in Germany have helped several hospitals to optimise theirinformation system contains evaluations of systems, including human capital management and cost centre accounting, as wellpatient and hospital data that can be used as their infrastructure management for SAP operating systems.both internally and externally. This industrysolution also contains a communicationcomponent that enables data transfer bothwithin the hospital and to external parties Did you know… our customised SAP for Health solutions can be tailored to diverse businessand has been upgraded to an electronic Case needs with, for example, the optimisation of claims systems for improved settlement managementRecord (eCR). or the inclusion of an integrated Master Patient IndexThe result is improved services with fewerdoctors, optimisation of health professionals’time, standardisation of resources usingbest practice, adaptation of already existentresources for customised use and betterfinancial controls.
  • 10. 10 | Optimising efficiency in Healthcare è www.steria.comRising to the challenges of21st century governmentWorking with clients at every level of government and the public sector,Steria offers solutions that incorporate new business models, game-changingtechnologies and proven expertise in business process optimisation.Our portfolio of government and public • Testing and quality assurance: We take our best-in-class consulting,sector solutions is enabling our clients to bridging the gap between application technology solutions and implementationrespond to the need for cost effective citizen- development and systems rollout expertise to ensure our government andcentric service delivery. These sector-specific in areas such as innovative mobile public sector clients are able to operatesolutions are complemented by our proven IT- device management solutions efficiently in a new digital landscape. Weenabled services, consultancy and technology are particularly strong in enhancing business • Application management: agile, focusedsolutions that give you the agility you need to information and enabling data integration IT services based on guaranteedmake change happen as quickly as possible: and to improve the overall performance of outputs and outcomes designed to government organisations. In France, we• Consulting: making the most of our optimise and maintain solutions, supported the French Ministry of Finance’s sector expertise to successfully implement such as those governing enterprise e-government programme creating a strategic and organisational change asset management and mobility consolidated database for taxpayers from• Application development and system • Infrastructure management: meeting 100 regions. We smashed the estimated integration: from solution definition, the drive for cost reduction, flexibility, go-live migration timeframe of 100 days, design and development, to deployment performance improvement and growth reducing it to just one weekend. and ultimate benefits realisation. With BPO: delivering a step change in • our help, your IT can become a significant business efficiency, agility and service enabler, unlocking business Did you know… our combination of performance in functions such as insight and operational efficiency business, IT and specialised health process HR and Finance Accounting expertise makes us a one-stop-shop “ his approach is making a significant difference and as more of T our organisations join the partnership with NHS SBS, the more efficient we become.” Paul Baumann, Director of Finance and Performance, NHS London Strategic Health Authority
  • 11. è Optimising efficiency in Healthcare | 11Steria solutionsand services for healthWe have developed specific services,solutions and innovations in healthcare:Services: Solutions: Innovation:• Application Management • Business Intelligence, Dashboards • Digital Visioning and Development • Citizen/Patient Relationship Management • eHealth• Change Management • Client Analytics • Electronic Health Records• Consulting Services • Digital Signature and Personal Health Records• End-to-End Case Management • Electronic Health Record • Legacy Enablement and Advance• End-to-End Testing Management • Enterprise Content Management • Mobile Health Telemedicine – and Governance Care at Home • Enterprise Master Person Index• Finance Transformation • Technology Insight • Enterprise Solutions• Infrastructure Management and Direction (SAP for Health)• Operational and IT Outsourcing – • Health Portals and Kiosks Business Process as a Service • Health Resource Planning• Partner Management • Hospital Information System Solutions• Programme Management • Interoperability – Health Oriented• TUPE Management Architecture • Operational Service Enhancement and BPO • Procurement Transformation • Radiology Information System • Single Sign-OnFind out moreFind out more about Steria’s extensive range of healthcare-focused servicesand solutions and our diverse portfolio of IT-enabled business services by or email
  • 12. For further information about our services visit www.steria.comAbout Steria: www.steria.comSteria delivers IT enabled business services which help organisations in the public and private sectorsoperate more efficiently and profitably. By combining in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesseswith expertise in IT and business process outsourcing, we take on our clients’ challenges and developinnovative solutions to address them. Through our highly collaborative consulting style, we work withour clients to transform their business, enabling them to focus on what they do best. Our 20,000people, working across 16 countries, support the systems, services and processes that make today’sworld turn, touching the lives of millions around the globe each day.Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, North Africa and SE Asia and a 2010 revenue of€1.7 billion. 20%* of Steria’s capital is owned by its employees. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listedon the Euronext Paris market.*Including the Employees Shares Trust in the UKGroupe Steria SCA43 - 45 Quai du Président Roosevelt Steria is committed to supporting a sustainable world andF-92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux CEDEX is Certified Carbon Neutral for Flight and Fleet TravelFrance © Steria GISL_ BCH001/Feb 2012