Steria : Managing information for success

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Working with you to unlock the value of your business information. …

Working with you to unlock the value of your business information.

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  • 1. A Steria Capability OverviewManaging informationfor successWorking with you to unlock the value of your business informationè
  • 2. 02 | Managing information for success è Did you know... Steria has more than 800 enterprise information management (EIM) dedicated professionals in 16 countries We address all our clients’ EIM challenges, offering solutions ranging from strategy consulting to the continuous improvement and adaptation of their systems We have strong but independent partnerships with key EIM technology players, including Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Informatica, QlikTech, SAS Institute and EMC² We implemented Western Europe’s largest Electronic Document Records Management System for Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) We were the first company with a proven maturity model for business intelligence (BI) We are the preferred supplier of EIM services for leading companies across diverse sectors, including Deutsche Bank in financial services and Volkswagen in the automotive industry We have been involved in major database implementations across both private and public sectors in France, building unique taxpayer and customer views for clients such as Orange, EDF and the French Ministry of Finance “ teria’s solutions have been helping enterprises across both private and S public sectors make sense of their data for more than 15 years. We are proud of the part we play in helping our clients unlock the value of their information assets.”
  • 3. è Managing information for success | 03Managing informationas a strategic assetHow do you tap into the power of your data in the face of an exponentialgrowth in data volume, escalating regulation and concerns about rising costs?Many organisations struggle to keep their Our EIM portfolio of business intelligence,enterprise information secure, up-to-date data management and enterprise content Did you know… Steria helped a globaland compliant. Yet effective enterprise management solutions can lead to cost telecommunications company improve itsinformation management (EIM) can be savings of up to 20% through the efficient revenue assurance using complex datacrucial to future success. With more than 15 management of your information and data, mining models on the basis of an integrated customer view.years’ experience in the EIM market, Steria allowing you to do the same or even moreunderstands the challenges and opportunities for less.of managing information as a strategic asset. With our help you will:We can help you respond to increasing • Ensure the validity of business decisionsregulatory and commercial enterprisecompliance requirements. We can unlock •  Leverage the reliability and availability ofthe value of the unstructured data that is the your data for all business needsresult of a rapid uptake of social software •  Guarantee the quality and efficiency ofamongst employees and customers. And your content-based processes.with technology converging in the EIMmarket as traditional frontiers between We are also trusted by our clients to run theirbusiness intelligence, data management and IT infrastructures and applications portfoliosenterprise content management dissolve, we and support them with business consulting,will ensure you are equipped to manage the efficient testing and business processhuge diversity of information as the volume optimisation. We have a proven reputationof data grows exponentially. for delivery excellence and for building long- term trusted partnerships with our clients. Isn’t it time you took a closer look at Steria?
  • 4. 04 | Managing information for success è www.steria.comSupporting intelligence-leddecision makingAre you able to support decision-making that is driven byinformed analysis rather than raw data?The ability to share accurate information Based on our Business Intelligence Maturity We’re already helping clients such as BT andacross your organisation is crucial for Model (biMM®), we have developed Deutsche Bank turn data into informationcompetitive advantage. It demands a proven methodologies that have shaped that makes a difference. We can do thebusiness intelligence landscape that the business intelligence landscape across same for you.reliably provides actionable and up-to-date Europe. They also speed up BI projectinformation where and when it is needed. results. The methodologies include: Did you know… Steria helpedEffective business intelligence leads to a •  Business Intelligence Strategy Our Volkswagen improve the quality andstep-change in how data is handled and the efficiency of its enterprise information Evolution (biSE) framework is avalue that can be derived from it. management by consolidating more comprehensive methodology forThis is an area in which Steria excels. We developing business intelligence strategies than 100 BI systems using the biMA® methodology to develop a clear strategyhave one of the largest business intelligence •  proprietary BI Maturity Audit (biMA®) Our and roadmap.capabilities in Europe, providing services methodology is used by many Europeantailored to our clients’ needs beyond just the companies to help establish their BIsoftware and hardware. Our tried and tested strategies and assess current initiativesdesign and implementation models andmethods will give you all the tools you need, •  With our Business Intelligencefrom data warehousing to reporting and Governance Framework (biGOV®)analytics. In fact we were the first company we offer advice on how clients canwith a proven maturity model for business successfully develop and implementintelligence offering a holistic view of BI their own Business Intelligenceinitiatives, including the business process, Competency Centres.organisational and technology elements.
  • 5. è Managing information for success | 05 Gaining transparencyHere’s how we’re helping to put the right information in the right place at the right timefor clients across multiple sectors, providing them with performance transparency •  anking and insurance: our risk B • Telecommunications: as part of a new  • Police: by integrating existing information management reporting systems for Business Intelligence Competency Centre, silos in a centralised BI architecture, the financial services sector deliver Steria developed a model-driven design we have reduced the provision time for transparency around identified, assessed approach for BI for T-Mobile. This is important criminal statistics from several and prioritised risks. This allows banks improving the quality of the requirements days or weeks to just one day. We are also and insurers to minimise, monitor and definition and reducing the time to market supporting crime prevention initiatives control the probability and/or impact of for new demands. using advanced analytics principles based unfortunate events or to maximise the on a single version of the truth. potential of business opportunities. We provided Union Invest with an analytical CRM solution that has consolidated all the existing applications as the basis for integrated and consistent marketing campaigns and are using social analytics to gain a holistic view of the customer.
  • 6. 06 | Managing information for success è www.steria.comRealising thepower of your dataIt is estimated that around 40% of IT costs result from data quality-relatedproblems and up to 30% of data held by businesses is incomplete and inaccurate.iOnly with accurate and consistent data Backed by over 300 data specialists, •  Steria Data Integration Framework Thecan information be turned into informed we offer a range of toolkits that use combines best practice modelsbusiness intelligence. In addition, legislation methodologies and processes based on our and concepts and ready-maderequiring European states and major banks proven approaches to managing your data standard solution components thatto make their business processes more efficiently and cost-effectively. This frees reduce the development effortflexible demands effective master data you up to develop, implement and manage and ensure a consistent high levelmanagement (MDM) for the handling solutions that deliver greatest benefit. of data quality over time.and dissemination of information. •  have developed and deployed WeMaster data held in the majority of systems our robust PROFILES® methodology, Did you know… Steria used theis not only inconsistent, but features poor proven across major banking, PROFILES® methodology to support thequality technical and business-oriented telecommunications and public French ministry of Finance’s e-governmentmetadata. This leads to a lack of confidence sector organisations to deliver data programme ADONIS creating a consolidatedin the information derived. Add to this the integration, data migration and MDM database for taxpayers from 100 regions.inefficiency and high cost of unsustainable projects within tight timescales. We smashed the estimated go-livedata management practices and it becomes migration timeframe of 100 days, reducing •  auditing and assessment tools, Our it to just one weekend.clear why so many organisations struggle predefined industrial reference modelsto realise the power of their data. and standardised development and data integration methods will help you to achieve consistent, integrated master and metadata and standardised nomenclatures. •  established Data Discovery Our Dashboard (DDD) tools and techniques will give you a better understanding of your organisation’s data. We will help you measure the quality of your data and the impact this has on your current and future business outcomes.
  • 7. è Managing information for success | 07Achieving regulationcompliance and moreOur data management expertise allows ourclients to reap significant benefits.• mproved customer relationship I management (CRM): we gave Société Générale a single view of its customers with a unique client-view repository in a Siebel environment with 10 million clients (residential and enterprise customers). This is enabling more focused and personalised customer engagement.•  uccessful merger and data integration: S following the merger of NSMD Bank in France with ABN AMRO Group, we provided an industrialised solution to migrate all NSMD’s existing data into ABN AMRO’s information systems.• nformed business decision making: a I leading private German health insurance business has enhanced its BI capabilities with a Steria solution replacing its existing statistical systems with a reliable and high-performance information system.•  ost merger integration: we P helped a leading European insurer modify and integrate its regulatory solutions both to avoid compliance risks and to optimise costs.
  • 8. 08 | Managing information for success è www.steria.comSharing informationenterprise wideDo your people struggle to capture, manage, store, preserve, deliver and exploitcontent and documents related to your organisation and its processes?With unstructured data proliferating across Your documentation and other types •  Manage risk and ensure thatthe enterprise, it can be a challenge to of content will be administered over information is retained properly andgive your people easy access to useful their life cycle with availability to users compliantly through its lifecycleinformation through the applications they as needed. You will have documented •  Improve agility with faster and betteruse every day. For many organisations, the process steps and guarantees that your decisions through improved accesskey is to implement an enterprise content compliance requirements have been met. to decision support informationmanagement (ECM) system. But this too The result? You will equip your people tocan be fraught with difficulty because create, store, manage, secure, distribute •  Influence behaviours so thatit involves major cultural change. and publish any digital content across employees understand the need for your organisation. In addition, you will: proper information governance.Steria can make change happen fast. Ourexperience in the delivery of large-scale ECM •  Achieve savings through the avoidance Our experienced ECM professionals goprojects means that you will rapidly realise of change in media (digitising content beyond just supporting you during thethe benefits of an effective ECM solution. early in the workflow), reducing introduction of your new system. We alsoWe will give you the technologies, strategies, transport and cutting storage time operate it for you if required. That’s what wemethods and tools you need to derive real are doing at Northern Ireland Civil Service •  Gain competitive advantage bybenefit from your enterprise-wide content. (NICS) where we have centralised records enabling processes with context management across multiple departments and content such as letters, orders, to drive efficiencies [see facing page]. invoices, images and audio •  Allow multi-disciplined or geographically dispersed teams to collaborate with and share information
  • 9. è Managing information for success | 09Providing rapid access torecords and documentsIn a high profile programme of transformation aimed atcreating greater efficiency across Northern Ireland Civil Service(NICS), Steria deployed an Electronic and Document RecordsManagement (EDRM) system enabling 18,000 civil servants towork more efficiently. Despite an aggressive schedule, the multi-faceted programme was successfully delivered on time and isproviding NICS staff with tailored and quick access to recordsand documents.Sir John Semple, Chairman of the Records NI ExecutiveGovernance Committee (formerly Head of Northern IrelandCivil Service), commented:“Steria has delivered a significant changeprogramme that in my experience has beenan overwhelming success. The flexibility,professionalism and can-do attitude areattributes that I would encourage any potentialpartner to display whilst working on any majorgovernment project.”
  • 10. 10 | Managing information for success è www.steria.comRising to the challengeof data proliferationWorking with clients in all sectors, Steria offers Enterprise InformationManagement services that incorporate new business models, game-changingtechnologies and proven expertise in business process optimisation.Our portfolio of EIM solutions will help •  esting and quality assurance: T We take our best-in-class consulting,you make sense of your enterprise data. It bridging the gap between application solutions and implementation expertiseis complemented by our proven industry- development and systems rollout to ensure our clients are able to managespecific solutions, IT-enabled services, in areas such as innovative mobile their information for success. At insuranceconsultancy and technology solutions device management solutions company Zurich, for example, wethat give you the agility you need to make provided strategic consulting around the • Application management: agile,change happen as quickly as possible: implementation of a new post box solution focused IT services based on guaranteed digitising incoming paper-based content Consulting: making the most of our•  outputs and outcomes designed to and introducing it into the workflow. This sector expertise to successfully implement optimise and maintain solutions, demonstrates how we bring together strategic and organisational change such as those governing enterprise our EIM expertise with both consultancy asset management and mobility Application development and system•  and IT-enabled services to improve the integration: from solution definition, • nfrastructure management: meeting I management of information enterprise wide. design and development, to deployment the drive for cost reduction, flexibility, and ultimate benefits realisation. With performance improvement and growth our help, your IT can become a significant Did you know… Steria helped BPO: delivering a step change in business •  telecoms giant Orange launch a complete revenue or service enabler, unlocking efficiency, agility and performance. marketing programme focused on business insight and operational efficiency mass market customer loyalty with consulting services that included the design and implementation of new data management processes.
  • 11. è Managing information for success | 11Steria Enterprise InformationManagement solutions and servicesWe have developed specific Enterprise Informationservices, solutions and innovations, including:Services: Solutions: Innovation:• Application Management & Development • Business Intelligence • Advanced Analytics• Business Process Consulting and • biSE (Business Intelligence Strategy • Self Service BI Implementation Evolution) • Agile BI• Business Process Outsourcing • biMM® (Business Intelligence Maturity • Information Visualisation• Change Management Model) • Mobile BI• End-to-End Testing Management & • biMA® (Business Intelligence Maturity • Big Data Governance Audit) • Logical Data Warehouse• Infrastructure Management • biGOV® (Business Intelligence Governance Framework) • Information Lifecycle Management• Operational & IT Outsourcing • biTIL® (Business Intelligence Infrastructure • Social Analytics• Programme Management Library) • Finance Transformation Solutions • Reporting Book • Cognos AM Environment • Data Management • Data Discovery Dashboard • PROFILES® • Data Integration Framework • Meta Data Explorer • Single View of the Customer Solution • Single View of the Citizen Solution • Enterprise Content ManagementOvum, 2010i • Electronic Mail Processing • Electronic Record ManagementFind out moreFind out more about Steria’s extensive range of EIM services and solutions and our diverse portfolio of IT-enabled business services byvisiting email
  • 12. For further information about our services visit www.steria.comAbout Steria: www.steria.comSteria delivers IT enabled business services which help organisations in the public and private sectorsoperate more efficiently and profitably. By combining in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesseswith expertise in IT and business process outsourcing, we take on our clients’ challenges and developinnovative solutions to address them. Through our highly collaborative consulting style, we work withour clients to transform their business, enabling them to focus on what they do best. Our 20,000people, working across 16 countries, support the systems, services and processes that make today’sworld turn, touching the lives of millions around the globe each day.Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, North Africa and SE Asia and a 2010 revenue of€1.7 billion. 20%* of Steria’s capital is owned by its employees. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listedon the Euronext Paris market.*Including the Employees Shares Trust in the UKGroupe Steria SCA43 - 45 Quai du Président RooseveltF-92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux CEDEXFrance © Steria _ BCEIM001