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Steria: Right Testing

Steria: Right Testing



Putting testing at the core of your business. Put us to the test and safeguard your business today.

Putting testing at the core of your business. Put us to the test and safeguard your business today.



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    Steria: Right Testing Steria: Right Testing Document Transcript

    • è www.steria.com Steria: RightTesting | 01A Steria Solutions OverviewSteria: RightTesting™Safeguarding Your Business Transforming Consulting Managing RightTestingè www.steria.com
    • 02 | Steria: RightTesting è www.steria.com è www.steria.com Steria: RightTesting | 03Why testing is the best The RightTesting suite:kind of investment Steria’s testing solution and methodologyThe testing process can never be started too soon. Far from Because testing has its own unique challenges, Steria has introduced a Steria: RightTesting is an interlocking approach based on provenbeing left until the end of the business or development cycle, range of services that directly address and solve these problems. Steria’s collaborative and consultative processes. Combining industry-it is a key opportunity to better assure success that should be testing offer combines skills, methodology and HP’s market leading ALM recognised standards and decades of experience it can:planned for right from the start – in fact it’s vitally important that tools in to an industrialised portfolio, and so provides a standardised •  nsure that every investment is absolutely in line with your Eorganisations start the testing function as early as possible. way of working that leverages proven templates and repeatable strategic objectives and is optimised to reduce the time and processes, which are automated wherever possible. This combinationWhy? Because testing helps organisations to cope with change, cost of bringing new products and services to market. guarantees a solution that is not currently available anywhere else inpredict outcomes and sidestep potential problems, whilst the market. At its heart it is founded on: Steria: RightTest Consulting, •  rovide a uniquely collaborative and client centric engagement Pimplementing these in line with strategic and market goals. Steria: RightTest Transformation and Steria: RightTest Managed Services. model that means you can be confident in a partnership with us.Very definitely not just a bolt-on, or an afterthought, testing is a Their respective core attributes have been specifically packaged to •  upport, guide and drive your progress from understanding Score business function and doing it properly can be the difference address specific solution areas, thus introducing Steria: RightTest the business objective and defining the projectbetween success and failure, particularly when transforming a ERP (SAP) and Steria: RightTest Portal Services to the portfolio. requirements, to post-production analysis.function, a process, or an entire organisation. Getting it right will The need for testing has always existed, but today’s relentlessbe cost effective and business-empowering; getting it wrong will requirement to ‘do more for less’ plus the imperative to minimise theconsume ever-increasing quantities of resource while hindering likelihood and impact of failure on increasingly stretched resources hasyour business and potentially bringing new risk into it. seen the emergence of testing services as much more of a critical pathSo, testing makes perfect sense for every enterprise; investment for many organisations; the real value of testing in terms ofsafeguard your business with Steria: RightTesting and business benefit is vested in its ability to apply rigour and consistency,ensure you get it right first time, every time. time and again, in line with business and transformation objectives.
    • 04 | Steria: RightTesting è www.steria.com è www.steria.com Steria: RightTesting | 05Reducing testing costsby more than 20% Identifying critical risksAs much as 30% of a company’s entire IT budget is usually As well as being a major cost overhead, there are also issues with the true effectiveness ofspent on testing; the demands on testing have increaseddramatically in line with the sheer volume and complexity of testing. Testing should reduce both cost and risk to help organisations rapidly respond to marketapplications. It is getting ever more difficult and time consumingto test effectively within this complex background – and is opportunities. But when real life kicks in, the reality is that organisations fail to identify andprobably why testing now represents a disproportionately major eliminate potential issues, resulting in some repetitive and common symptoms such as:effort - and it’s a main expense that just keeps growing.Steria can reduce testing costs by at least 20%. Our RightTestingservices, methodology and toolset have all been developed and •  elays in product and service release through late project/programme delivery; delays in realising investment benefit. Dassembled in-house, leveraging hundreds of man-years’ experience,key technologies and leading partnerships, to dramatically •  isproportionate staffing levels and costs in post-production. Dimprove the effectiveness of testing and speed delivery. •  ignificant rework costs, due to late detection (rather than prevention) of defects. S •  scalating testing costs. E “As much as 30% of a • nadequate tracking of the actual costs that should be attributed to testing; leading to I failure to understand - and highlight - the magnitude of the problem. company’s entire IT budget” •  xcessive number of fixes and patches on each release. E •  istrust between the business, IT staff and end users. M •  oor staff morale and high rates of attrition. P
    • 06 | Steria: RightTesting è www.steria.com è www.steria.com Steria: RightTesting | 07Wrong Testing:Why can some testing cost so much Major challenges.yet still fail to eliminate problems? Testing times.If you are uncertain about the quality of your current testing, Recent empirical research by Experimentus* has identified the biggest challenges facing thethere are some key questions you should ask yourself: industry and shows first-hand what the impact these challenges are having on projects and across the wider organisation. According to Experimentus, the biggest challenges are: •  re you testing everything, or the right things? A Repeatable Processes Configuration Management • Are you testing thoroughly? Lack of a consistent organisational process for testing leads On average, organisations report that up to 45% of defects to an unnecessary amount of ‘reinventing the wheel’ for each found in production can be related directly to poor configuration • Are you testing effectively and efficiently? project. On average this wastes up to one week per project. management of the code and documentation. • s testing helping your business I agility, or causing delay? Product Risk Assessment Test Environment Management •  re you getting testing right, or are A Testing is not targeted at mitigating the highest risk areas Poor provisioning and management of test environments leads to you wasting time and money - and and their key components, thus wasting an average of delays, under-utilisation of resources or incorrect software being loaded, incurring unwanted business risks? up to 30% of organisations’ test execution time. which can waste on average up to two weeks’ effort on each project. • How do you know you’re testing correctly? You might be surprised to learn that recent research Defect Detection vs. Defect Prevention Monitoring and Control has demonstrated that organisations are getting A culture of defect detection means that defects are caught too late Many organisations still struggle to measure and report test testing wrong. They are testing, but they are in the lifecycle when they are most expensive to fix and unnecessarily lifecycle, risks and quality progress to enable effective decision not testing the right things in the right way. extending the length of the delivery lifecycle by up to 40%. making. Associated confusion wastes, on average, 12% of the projects’ time chasing additional information. Stakeholder Management This all adds up to lots of testing; but the wrong testing, and Poor stakeholder management leads to misunderstandings and lots of expense; but little return. The result is predictable – incorrect test objectives. Stakeholders often lack appreciation yet completely avoidable with Steria: RightTesting. of the value test teams provide. An average of up to 20% Steria’s solution encompasses a unique suite of services, method of a test budget may be spent trying to improve this. and toolset which has been developed and assembled in-house to drastically improve the effectiveness of testing. Not currently available anywhere else in the marketplace, the offer combines skills, methodology, ALM platform and industrialisation to creatively address all the challenges you face – in the right way. *Source: Extract from 2012 research by Experimentus – specialists in software quality management; a TMMi Accredited supplier and Steria: RightTesting partner.
    • 08 | Steria: RightTesting è www.steria.com è www.steria.com Steria: RightTesting | 09Getting it Right. A three-step approach toFirst time, on time, every time. market-winning testing services.Steria: RightTesting is a clever and adaptable portfolio of services, a testing methodology Through a set of three interlocking steps; ‘Consult, Transform and Manage’,and a suite of software tools that helps organisations to get their testing strategy, Steria provides a business case and roadmap and then transforms the testingprocesses and procedures right first time in order to reduce costs and risks, and function to a mature state in line with the TMMi industry standard.respond rapidly to business opportunities and threats. We do this by: Consulting •  ligning testing goals and priorities with A business imperatives and goals. •  roviding ongoing insight into the applications portfolio, pinpointing P testing activity in order to avoid wasted effort, identifying priorities and risks and only testing what need to be tested. • Ensuring that everything that must be tested is tested. Stage 1 - Consult Stage 1 deliverables: • Preventing problems rather than detecting them. The consult stage is designed to take you to a point where you •  benchmark of the current Testing Maturity State against the A • Integrating testing throughout the entire application lifecycle. have a clear roadmap and business case for transformation and TMMi industry standard to enable ‘current state’ definition. an agreed future mature testing state. Steria has developed the •  educing risk by implementing prioritised, appropriate, R •  n analysis of the key business factors and drivers that A Portfolio Assessment Method to ensure that all activities are consistent, predictable and integrated testing processes. will shape the required future testing state. aligned with strategic direction and business imperatives and that •  utomating and orchestrating testing activity using the A the scope of the undertaking is both realistic and appropriate. •  defined ‘future state’ including TMMi level and accompanying A best tools and methods – in order to speed progress, people process and technology requirements. A key element of the Consult stage is the Test Maturity Model reduce costs and increase reuse of testing assets. Integration (TMMi) assessment. The TMMi standard has been developed •  gap analysis of the prerequisites including people A • mproving the maturity and quality of testing in line I to complement the existing CMMI framework and it provides a (culture and skills), process and technology factors - with the open industry TMMi standard. structured presentation of five testing maturity levels, allowing for addressed to reach the desired future state. standard TMMi assessments and certification. It enables a consistent •  transformational roadmap to transform the desired future state. A deployment of the standards and the collection of industry metrics. It is the only independent test process measurement method. •  he business case for transformation. T
    • 10 | Steria: RightTesting è www.steria.com è www.steria.com Steria: RightTesting | 11 Transforming ManagingStage 2 - Transform Stage 3 - Manage Steria: RightTest ERP (SAP) Steria: RightTest Portal ServicesUsing a combination of process management tools (such as Six Sigma) and Steria then provides a broad range of Managed Testing services A key ’packaged’ offering within the RightTesting suite of services These days, web portals are becoming even more critical to businessrecognised industry frameworks such as ITIL, CMMI and TMMI, Steria will using innovative practices, technologies and tools to maintain is Steria: RightTest ERP (SAP). Designed to highlight and prioritise success and to supporting effective customer engagement and retentiontransform your organisation from current state to future state. Expertise and improve the client testing capability in line with changing each organisation’s key activities when undertaking the often tricky for leading companies in many industries across the world. Steria is afrom across the group, both at an industry and domain level, is engaged business demands and state-of-the-art testing practices. and disruptive software upgrade process, RightTest will assist clients trusted partner and advisor to many of its clients in the portals and webalong with facilities such as testing labs and centres of excellence. through the testing phase of upgrading Enterprise Resource Planning products space and provides end-to-end Testing Services ranging from The HP ALM 11 software suite provides the underlying platform for (ERP) systems running on SAP, efficiently and cost-effectively. Consulting to Transformation to Managed Testing offerings, both onSteria has developed the RightTesting Methodology to deliver ongoing testing management. This will create a unified system for portals we have developed ourselves, or as an independent tester ofbest practice, asset reuse and automation to accelerate the managing the life of applications from initial business requirement RightTest ERP will help clients better understand where testing is third party solutions. By helping our clients to safeguard a secure andentire transformation process. In this way Steria: RightTesting through to retirement, based on continuous and cohesive governance. needed, reducing the amount of time spent by as much as 30-40%. scalable web portal with our innovative RightTest Portal Services, Steriacan reduce timescales saving time, cost, risk of change and The solution will analyse where testing efforts should be focused, is able to support these clients to achieve their strategic objectives.disruption. The method is integrated with the HP Application Stage 3 deliverables: rather than having to test absolutely everything. This will help toLifecycle Management (ALM) platform to provide a structure for maximise business continuity, reduce costs and drive efficiency.transformation and ongoing testing management, and enables • Mature and assured testing services in line with TMMi reference.maintenance and enhancement of your state of testing maturity. • Predictable costs. • Move from fixed to variable cost model.Stage 2 deliverables: • HP ALM 11 platform tightly integrated into the RightTest Method.•  eamless transformation to your desired future S state with no interruption to BAU. • Output-based pricing.•  epeatable and rigorous testing methods, R • Web based access to testing services. environments, toolsets and processes. • Hosting infrastructure ‘as a service’.• Knowledge repository to reduce future testing and development costs. • Knowledge transfer.• Comprehensive governance and management structure and system. • Improved business execution.• Programmatic staff education and knowledge transfer. • Continuous improvement. • Continuous innovation – whether it’s a product or process. A business partnership with Assure and utilisation of their TotalView product means that Steria can also provide clients on HP ALM with a business intelligence solution that comes with a library of the most sought- after KPI’s. This enables validation of the progress and accuracy of testing projects, with the ability to display data on as many projects required. “better understand where testing is needed, reducing the amount of time spent by as much as 30-40%”
    • 12 | Steria: RightTesting è www.steria.com è www.steria.com Steria: RightTesting | 13 TMMi ® RightTesting Methodology Putting testing at the core CERTIFIED LEVEL 3 Steria is the largest IT service provider to have achieved TMMi Level 3 Certification internationally, demonstrating our Testing should always be seen as a core business function and testing goals should be commitment to excellence in software testing, technology aligned with business key performance indicators in such a way that the testing effort is transformation and IT cost reduction for our clients. prioritised to assure the quality of mission critical code. Your organisation should aim to: We use a hybrid delivery model; Offshore/Nearshore/Onshore and process industrialisation to reduce costs whilst maintaining quality. We have developed a unique and comprehensive method to speed up delivery and reduce costs as well as offering a complementary •  nsure that the testing strategy, processes and procedures E range of application, infrastructure and security services. are mature and prioritised to suit the specific needs of the business and the specific IT applications architecture. • ntegrate testing at the initiation of the Software Development I LifeCycle (SDLC). It makes total sense to start the testing function as early as possible, as it avoids the familiar scenario; where “Steria has achieved TMMi Level 3 developers develop and testers test. Instead, testers and developers should be working together to improve the overall quality of Certification internationally” applications from the outset, reducing the need for rework.
    • 14 | Steria: RightTesting è www.steria.com è www.steria.com Steria: RightTesting | 15Why trust testing to Steria? A full service responseOur collaborative and client centric engagement model means that you can trust in a In addition to RightTesting, Steria also offers a complementary range of application,partnership that supports, guides and drives your progress from end-to-end. Giving infrastructure and security services to deliver a full service response to all testing needs.you the utmost confidence, some of our vital strengths and benefits include: Only Steria can provide you with the right combination of skills, RightTesting Methodology, ALM Platform, industrialisation, commercial•  xperience in testing in specific industries which means we have reusable assets which E arrangements, guarantees and a proven Global Delivery Model. fast-cycle and de-risk the process of both transformation and management. This winning combination makes RightTesting a unique service•  he fact that we can apply the RightTesting portfolio across specific technologies and T offering that promises something very special in the marketplace: programmes such as the advanced service offering specifically aimed at clients who are • Commitment to each and every client. running the SAP ERP software suite; using specialist tools and techniques uniquely suited to SAP specific requirements and challenges to provide Steria: RightTest ERP (SAP). • A guaranteed 20% saving in testing costs.•  ur unique ability and willingness to predict and commit to deliverables. O • If we can’t save you 20% we provide a significant rebate of our fees.• Awarded Level 3 TMMi certification in 2012. We believe that we don’t just meet – we far exceed – expectations. Put us to the test and help safeguard your business today.
    • For further information about our services visit www.steria.comAbout Steria: www.steria.comSteria delivers IT enabled business services and is the trustedtransformation partner for private and public sectors organisations acrossthe globe. By combining in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesseswith expertise in IT and business process outsourcing, we take on ourclients’ challenges and develop innovative solutions to address themefficiently and profitably. Through our highly collaborative consultingstyle, we work with our clients to transform their business, enabling themto focus on what they do best. Our 20,000 people, working across 16countries, support the systems, services and processes that make today’sworld turn, touching the lives of millions around the globe each day.Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, NorthAfrica and SE Asia and a 2011 revenue of €1.75 billion. 21%(*)of Steria’s capital is owned by its employees. Headquarteredin Paris, Steria is listed on the Euronext Paris market.(*): including the Employees Shares Trust in the UKGroupe Steria SCA TMMi CERTIFIED ® LEVEL 343 - 45 Quai du Président Roosevelt Steria is committed to supporting a sustainable world andF-92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France is Certified Carbon Neutral for Flight and Fleet TravelTel: +33 1 34 88 60 00 Email: GISL.services@steria.com © GISL_RightTest01/Jan 2013