Lotusphere 2010 Social Software Sessions


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Lotusphere 2010 Social Software Sessions

  1. 1.  Sunday 8:00 Lotus Connections: From Pilot to Production Dolphin Southern III(JMP205) 10:30 Getting the Most Out of Lotus Collaboration and Social Software Dolphin Southern IV-V (WEB102) 4:00 We've Got Collaboration Under Control: Lotus Quickr in Action Dolphin Southern III (JMP203) 4:00 Ten Innovative Ways to Customize the Lotus Connections Environment Swan Mockingbird (JMP204) Monday 1:00 12 Things Your Mother Never Told You About Installing Lotus Connections Dolphin Southern III (BP112) 1:00 Lotus Quickr Development Grows Up: Now This Changes Things Swan 1-2 (BP211) 2:15 Start Planning Your Migration from Lotus Domino Document Manager Swan 3-4 (BP110) 2:15 Lotus Quickr Domino 8.x Sneak Preview Swan 7-10 (ID309) 3:45 Social Collaboration Delivers Real Business Value Dolphin Northern A-E (KEY106) 5:00 Lotus Domino Quickr Domino 8.x Sneak Preview Dolphin Southern III (ID309) 5:00 Deployment and Performance Planning for Lotus Connections 2.5 Swan 3-4 (ID301)  Tuesday 8:30 Getting the Most Out of Your Lotus Connections Communities Swan 3-4 (ID302) 10:00 “Making Quickr Scream”: Performance Strategies for... Swan 1-2 (BP113) 10:00 What's New with Lotus Connections Swan 5-6 (ID305) 10:00 Collaborative and Web Content Meet ECM Swan Mockingbird (ID306) 11:15 Customizing Lotus Connections Swan 5-6 (AD301) 3:00 IBM's Center for Social Software—Enterprise Health & Government Transparency Dolphin Northern A-C (INV102) 3:00 Deployment and Performance Considerations for Lotus Quickr Domino Services Swan Mockingbird (ID307) 4:15 Keep it Simple (and Open/Standard) with Lotus Quickr Content Services! Dolphin Northern A-C (AD304)  Wednesday 8:30 Collaboration Without Boundaries Dolphin Southern II (INV101) 8:30 How Lotus Connections Plug-ins Empower Your Applications Dolphin Southern III (AD302) 8:30 Lotus Quickr Services for J2EE Swan 3-4 (ID308) 10:00 The Intersection of Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management Swan 1-2 (INV105) 10:00 Customizing Lotus Quickr using Templates and APIs Swan 3-4 (AD305) 11:15 Looking for the Right Document Management Alternative Swan Mockingbird (BP304) 11:15 Connecting Developers and Community with Rational Jazz and Lotus Connections Swan 1-2 (AD303) 4:15 How Top Companies are Getting “Out of the Box” with Lotus Connections 2.5 Swan 5/6 (BP301) 4:30 Putting Sparkle in your Social Applications! Customization and Branding.... SW Osprey (SHOW303)  Thursday 8:30 Lotus Quickr ECM Integration Dolphin Southern II (ID310) 10:00 Selling the Value of Web 2.0/Social Software within your Organization Toucan 1 (BP305) 11:15 Keep it Simple (and Open/Standard) with Lotus Quickr Content Services! Dolphin Southern I (AD304) 11:15 The Measurement of Social Software Swan 1-2 (ID304)
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