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Music video pitch in detial

  1. 1. Music video pitch.Mad world – Gary Jules. Genre: indie, R n B and folk. Emily, kez and Steve.
  2. 2. Introduction.• We`ve decided to do a music video that is a Hybrid of R n B and folk music because we think we can come up with some ideas in the making of our final product.• We`ve decide to do a video to Gary Jules music mad world.• The song has a aerie and sad tone and we would like this to show in our music video in terms of the location, custom, clothing, make-up and colour of out music.• We`ve looked at different R n B/folk ,music and they all seem to have similar convections. They all seem to be simple and are normally not in colour. Would like to adopt this video.• E.g skyler grey – invisible
  3. 3. Research.• Performance/narative.• we have researched different video`s that are of similar genre to the one we`ve decided to do. This scouting for girls video is would be of a simlar outline to our`s. In the sence that it include`s the band perfoming the song and actors in the narative.• Scoutung for girls “elvis aint dead”. H ttp:// Tone and pace.The tone/atmosphere of our music video would be quiet slow. And the tone and pace of this skyler grey video a good depiction of how we want out video to be.skyler grey “invisible” we would need a filming permit ion to film in London so we`ve Brick Lane council and are waiting for a reply. We also need a permition to film in the church , we`ve also done that and are waiting for a reply.- - the song have been covered by various artist and a lot of videos have been made for this song, so we`ve opted out for a different video that is in no way similar to any video made for this song. These are some example of the videos made for this song.- by Gary Jules.- re-make video.
  4. 4. Music video breakdown. Video starts with band performing then cuts to busy town, with a girl walking down the street and street and•• Break up – starts with a boy walking down the street, then shows a girl walking behind him and starts hitting him, then a cutaway to a busy town and cutaway to band performing. Then a shot that show s the guy shouting at the girl: indicating that he`s breaking up with her. It is about why he broke up with her by cheating on her, and shows how good their relationship was before and how it wrong – flash backs for memories. Video ends with band finishing the song.• The video would be a mixture of both narrative and performance. The band would do the performance while the actors would act out the narrative. The narrative would be non linear as it would not show the story in the order in which it happens: It first shows her hitting him and leaving him unconscious on the street before showing them breaking up and the reason why they broke up. We`ve chosen to do this because we want to keep the audience guessing as the music video goes on.
  5. 5. Mood board.
  6. 6. Mise en scene.Setting/location: we will be shooting the scene that involves the band ina church with lighting around. Similar to the scouting for girls video:Other settings include a busy town. And scene of the couples walking downthe street/sidwalk.PROPS: musical instruments e.g. piano, keyboarded, guitar, microphone e t. C.LIGHTING: the lighting in church would be artificial lighting but at the same time notto bright while the lighting on the streets would be natural lighting.Cast/characters: the performance aspects of theVideo include Steves band. While the narrativeAspect of the video would include two actors: maleAnd female.Costume:There is no particular costume or dress code for this music video. The band will most probably be in dark casual clothing, and again casual wear worn by models playing the couple. The couples clothing will need to change around 3 or 4 times to show change in time and to represent a different day. We will consider the target audience, and what influences the genreof music we are expressing. examples of the type of style and image of that genre:Items of clothing like plaid shirts, jeans, chinos, prints and leather.
  7. 7. where do you envisage your music been shown?• We see our music video been shown all over the internet i.e. In YouTube channels like Vevo, holly wood record and EMI. We see our music been shown on MySpace and various music blogs like: Aurgasm: and “spread the good word” because they play music that are not mainstream and our music is not mainstream.• We also envisage our video been shown on TV channels like MTV (VH1), 4MUSIC and Much music.• Our video could be played on magic 105.4 ( ) specifically on the “mellow magic” show as they normally play songs that are quiet slow and similar to out chosen music.
  8. 8. Audience.• Demography. • Phycography.• Age: 16 – 25. • we would be targeting the “reformer” and “seceeders” group as s our music video would• Gender/sex: female and male.• Occupation: would include mostly student not contain any big brands, blings etc. and semi professional workers.The song is a hybrid of genre of folk, indie and R n B so we would be targeting a similar audience and this would show in the shotswe get. Their style of dressing would be quite modern and unusual. i.e., the model/actor in our music video would be dressed in acontemporary style to represent out target audience. i.e. wear all back with towering heels while the guy would be dressed inindie/folk clothing.Our target audience would be the type of people that listen to slow paced music ( R n B/folk) like:Jamie woon “lady luck”( )AND radio stations like magic ( ) andsmooth radio ( ) and similar radio stations.
  9. 9. Risk Assessment.Activity. Hazard. Control measure.Moving props. Pulling a muscle, straining Move heavy objects one at a back or dropping the prop. time.Filming in the church. Cast and crew could trip over Keep the filming area clear of wires and camera equipment small object and move around carefully.filming around London and High risk of getting hit by a cast and crew would watchbusy city. car. out for each other and cross roads carefully.filming in the streets of brick A lot of cracks on the streets,lane. people could trip over.filming in general. Risk of loosing some filming Count the number of equipment. equipment before and after filming.Filming outside. Risk of heavy torrential rain check for the weather or snow. forecast before filming.Editing. Risk of getting headaches Take breaks and turns during and eye strain. editing.
  10. 10. Story board.• Storyboard: Kez and I will be drawing up the story board but we will be contributing ideas towards the storyboarding of the music video together in detail. Kez and I will do sketches to show the scene, setting and camera shots and also put notes to remember for when we film and create the video about other aspects like lighting, and mood of the models.
  11. 11. Digipak.• We`ve chosen to make an 8 panel dig pack. It would be dark and have the picture of the band on the front cover. The colour would consist of black, white and red colour scheme. We would use Photoshop and in Design to edit the CD cover.• On the cover, the Artist’s image would take up most of the right side like the Chris brown CD cover. The colour would consist of black, white and red, we`ve decided to do this to draw our audience`s attention as red is a eye catching colour. Our eyes are drawn to the red clothing he is wearing; this is a good way of drawing attention through composition. We do not tend to take much notice of the background, so it would be dark but it as a contrast effect with the single colour used. The title is also in red, which highlights the Artist’s name which is important. The title of the album s clearly shown underneath the Artist’s name, which you can’t miss as your eyes are guided downwards from the red. We would put the track list on the reverse /back page and it would very similar to the front page i.e. it would have a similar layout and the same colours: black, white and red for contrast.• The other pages in the digipak would have different pictures of the band in it using the same colours and concept as the front page.
  12. 12. Website. Steve has done this is detail in another slide.
  13. 13. Project plan/timeline.
  14. 14. Copy right permition.Waiting to be confirmed.
  15. 15. Location release form.• Bromley College of Further & Higher Education• Orpington Campus• The Walnuts• Orpington• BR6 0TE• Tel: 01689 899 700•• Dear Sir/Madam,•• I am a student currently enrolled at Bromley College (Orpington Campus) and at present am producing a music video as part of my A2 Media Studies course.•• As part of this assignment my group and I require suitable locations in order to shoot the scenes and we believe that your business and/or organisation provides the perfect location for us to do this.•• This project is entirely for our educational progression and will not be used for any commercial purposes. Please note however that the finished project may be screened at the Bromley College end of year show and we will endeavor to ensure that your help and support is credited at this event.•• I would be very grateful if someone from your company could grant us permission to film at your premises during the date/s and time/s that we require for production.•• Please feel free to contact meif you have any questions or queries regarding our project. In addition, should you require further information then the teachers for this assignment, Justin Onyeka( and Vibeke Fussing (, can supply you with additional details about this project.•• Thank you for taking the time to read this information and for considering our request.• It is most appreciated.•• I look forward to hearing from you.•• Yours faithfully,•