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  • 1. integration.
  • 2. Most organizations have multiple technology platforms • PDM for CAD Management • CRM for Customer Information • ERP for Manufacturing and Financials • PLM for Product Data & Configuration Management integration. Agile PLM EPDM No access to engineering Error form
  • 3. ZWS and integration.  We specialize in an elegant tying of these systems together to ensure a seamless flow of data.  We’ve developed bulletproof frameworks to automate the transfer of data between systems  We leverage the newest technology from companies like Oracle and Magic Software to simplify the process.  We utilize Oracle’s Fusion framework to develop communication solutions for AgilePLM and EBS.  We’ve built our own innovative integrations between Salesforce and AgilePLM and Seibel and AgilePLM.
  • 4. the products.
  • 5. designState.  The integration allows early visibility into design information  Ability to leverage design data for BOM reduces errors and streamlines process  Transparent interface for users eliminates learning curve and adoption issues
  • 6. anatomy of DesignState. Check out our in-depth video
  • 7. DesignState is simple and flexible which makes it the solution of choice to integrate EPDM and Agile.  Through simple EPDM workflow configuration and the powerful DesignState rules engine, your organization can be creating Agile part information, BOM structures and change orders in a matter of minutes.  DesignState has the ability to populate the attributes as you wish and if you would rather have the part transformed, ZWS offers a viewable automation package to create PDFs and other file formats. This allows information to be available in Agile but keeps your binaries in PDM. EPDM to Agile. how it works… Move your CAD objects through EPDM workflow, submitting for approval Once items approved, DesignState gathers required information from the EPDM exported BOM DesignState modifies/creates Agile parts depending on specifications DesignState can create change orders, adding the parts as affected items; connect Agile & build/modify structures
  • 8. EPDM workflow export. Change approved transition EPDM Workflow BOM Exported
  • 9. DesignState publish. Generate ECO Add Affected Items
  • 10. agile change order result.
  • 11. designState Architecture. Event Handler Publishing Engine WEB Services API Interface Policy for Publishing Synch Log API Interface WEB Services PDM SYSTEM PLM/ERP SYSTEM DesignState EventsEvents
  • 12. Here’s how it works:  Simply move your CAD objects through your Intralink or PDMLink workflow  When items are promoted, DesignState will gather the required information from the system and export the BOM and CAD designs and viewables  DesignState will create or modify Agile parts, depending on your specifications.  DesignState can create change orders, adding the parts as affected items, connect to Agile and build or modify the appropriate structures Intralink/PDMLink to Agile PDM.
  • 13. Increase your supply chain efficiency with PDXState...  works with all PLM solutions  handles large PDX files  simple user interface  platform for future supply chain management  Saves time, and reduces the risk of costly errors, omissions & version mismatch in your product data  enhances PDX functionality with intuitive product structure browsing & item BoM comparison Extend the value chain with PDXState.... PDXState.
  • 14. Provide your manufacturing shop floor and purchasing department easy and secure access to released drawings in SolidWorks EPDM...  over 350 end users have used RAPIDaccess  EPDM admin reports a labor savings of $117,000 the first year with RAPIDaccess  one of the organizations has deployed RAPIDaccess at all six of their global manufacturing facilities to enable users on the shop floor to access released drawings directly from the EPDM vault RAPIDaccess.
  • 15. end users advantages.  A simple desktop shortcut on the user’s desktop invokes RAPIDaccess  no software to install or maintain and no training is required  no folder navigation, just provide simple wildcard criteria  open multiple revisions of the same file at the same time for a quick side-by-side comparison  quickly export the file list to excel for easy processing and reporting
  • 16.  a simple installation tool guides you through the install and basic configuration  no software to install or maintain on the end of user’s computer  a detailed log file is maintained. It lists all retrieved files, so you can see who opened what and when  advanced group settings option allows for multiple configuration files to meet unique environments. EPDM administrators advantages.
  • 17. Out-of-the-box in-memory data grid architecture for handling and integration scenario... benefits.  enterprise-grade platform  comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities  end of use  Code-free, metadata based approach  Visual drag and drop studio  fast time-to-market  pre-built & optimized connectors & tech adaptors magicXPI.
  • 18. thank you.