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Ronastar overview

  1. 1. Asset Reallocation Made EasyRONAStar – The Software Solution for Idle AssetsAre idle assets dragging down your balance sheet?Do you want to reduce purchasing and procurement expenditures?Is rapid acquisition of goods and services a priority?Then an asset reallocation program is for you and your company.The Corporate DilemmaMost organizations find that idle, excess, or unutilized assets comprise at least 10-15% of their asset base. In manycases, these assets are never redeployed, and they drag down the bottom line. For a company with $1 Billion in Assets, thiscould mean more than $100 Million is idle. Redeploying even a small amount can result in tremendous savings.An overwhelming 77% of Financial Executives are dissatisfied with their company’s ability to redeploy idle or surplus assetsinternally instead of purchasing new fixed assets, according to a survey by CFO magazine.What Type of Assets Can Be Reallocated?  Excess assets are often overruns in production, idle capacity or time, or un-utilized assets that could be reallocated to others or traded for other needed assets.  Unallocated assets are usually the result of reductions in an operation’s mission, such as furniture, equipment, software licenses, supplies, etc.  Surplus assets occur because the required purchase lot was larger than necessary or the lot price was so lucrative that it precluded purchasing a lesser amount.Saving Money – By Not Purchasing!Within a company, moving idle, excess, misallocated and over-purchased assets from one operational unit to another cansave purchasing and procurement costs. Why buy retail, when that needed item may be sitting unused in your company?Acquire Goods and Services Quickly!The visibility and redeployment of assets internally can make goods available to the necessary units faster than a new cashpurchase. In addition to saving cash, a reallocated asset improves your Return On Net Assets.RONAStar TM Is the asset reallocation software solution that produces a quick and measurable ROI.Why Do I Need RONAStar?Questions about your asset base such as: Where is it? Who owns it? Is it being used? What does it look like? What’s itscondition? What’s its value? These are all questions that the Web based platform of RONAStar quickly and easily answers.A stable, consistent and automated methodology, removes the wasted time discerning what assets could be reallocated,communicating such, and then effecting a transaction. RONAStar TM provides:  A Web Based Platform  Quick and easy cataloging  A mutually available database  A powerful search engine  One click acquisition by each participating operating unit  Value tracking and reallocation limit controls  Built in management and hierarchical control  Bottom-up reportingFor an online demonstration or more information contact: Ken Feldman, COO; (818) 731-1300 Asset Reallocation Made Easy 9437 S. Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 208, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 RONAStar is a MonetaPro, LLC company.