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Interntional Symposium On Service Systems Science 2012 Kwan
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Interntional Symposium On Service Systems Science 2012 Kwan


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Information and Knowledge Managementfor Service Systems Design and Engineering Dr. Stephen K. Kwan Professor, Service Science Management Information Systems College of Business Administration San José State University, CA, USA Contact: Presented at the International Symposium on Service Systems Science Tokyo Institute of Technology February 23rd, 2012 Download these slides at:
  • 2. Kwan 2012 2
  • 3. Kwan 2012 3
  • 4. Service System Life Cycle This presentation looks at effective Information andKnowledge Management in the Life Cycle stages of a Service System. Discovery Conception Operation Design Development Engineering Kwan 2012 4
  • 5. Incorporating Multiple Perspectives in Modeling CompetitionExternal or Internal Forces Strategycreate impetus for Change Customers Regulations Discovery Conception Obsolescence Technology Operation Design Innovation ……. Development Engineering J. Bradford Jensen Kwan 2012 5
  • 6. Incorporating Multiple Perspectives in Modeling for example: Service Thinking Servitization PlatformitizationDiscovery Conception Open Service Innovation Operation Design Development Engineering (S-D) Logic - Service Dominant Logic Vargo & Lusch Kwan 2012 and many more! 6
  • 7. Incorporating Multiple Perspectives in Modeling for example: System Thinking Discovery Conception Operation Design C. West Churchman Russell L. Ackoff Development Engineering and many more!Kwan, S. K. & Min, J. H. (2008) “An Evolutionary Framework of Service Systems”. Marcel D. DekkerPresented at the International Conference on Service Science, Beijing, China, April 17-18. “Systems Thinking about the Society” Kwan 2012 7
  • 8. Incorporating Multiple Perspectives in Modeling Design ThinkingDiscovery Conception “A human-centered innovation Design process that emphasizes Operation observation, collaboration, fast learning, visualization of ideas, Development Engineering rapid prototyping, and concurrent business analysis, which ultimately influences innovation and business strategy.” * * Lockwood, T. (editor) Design Thinking – Integrating Innovation, Customer Experience and Brand Value, Allworth Press, 2010. Kwan 2012 8
  • 9. Design Thinking – some resources Peter G. RoweStickhorn &Schneider Thomas Lockwood Kwan 2012 9
  • 10. Design Thinking – some resources Kwan 2012 10
  • 11. Design Thinking – some resources © Cockayne and Carleton Kwan 2012 11
  • 12. Incorporating Multiple Perspectives in ModelingDiscovery Conception Operation Design Business Thinking Development Engineering Kwan 2012 12
  • 13. Business Thinking - Service System Worldview1 Employees & Stockholders Community Service Customer Provider Service Partners Experience Service System Competition Society 1Kwan, S. K. & Min, J. H. (2008) “An Evolutionary Framework of Service Systems”. Presented at the International Conference on Service Science, Beijing, China, April 17-18. Kwan 2012 13
  • 14. Value Co-Creation Through Value Propositions Employees & Value Stockholders Community Value Service Value Customer Provider Value Service Partners Experience Service System Competition Society Kwan 2012 14
  • 15. Constructing a Value Proposition The Customerhave a lot of VP’s to choose from Service Level Agreement?Kwan, S.K., Muller-Gorchs, M. (2011). "Constructing Effective Value Propositions for Stakeholders in Service System Networks," Proceedings >Proceedings of SIGSVC Workshop . Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems, 11(160). Kwan 2012 15
  • 16. Business Thinking – some resourcesOsterwalder & Pigneur Kwan 2012 16
  • 17. From Design to Engineering Discovery Conception Operation Design UI Prototyping Development Engineering UML – Use Cases Engineering Process Chain Discipline Service Blueprint Network Diagram& MethodologyService Design Engineer? Story Boards Kwan 2012 17
  • 18. Some aspects of Service System Engineering Service Provider’s Back Stage Support Back Stage Processes Information Technology Platform Front StageFront Stage Processes ITSM – Management of the Processes Service Computing and Infrastructure of IT Services (e.g., SOA) 1 Kwan, S. K. & Hefley, B., “Service Systems”, 2008. Kwan 2012 18
  • 19. Incorporating Multiple Perspectives in Modeling Discovery Conception Development Operation Design Discipline& Methodology Development Engineering and RAD, Agile, Extreme Programming, etc. Kwan 2012 19
  • 20. Incorporating Multiple Perspectives in Modeling Discovery ConceptionOperations Design OperationManagement Development Engineering Kwan 2012 20
  • 21. Service System Operational Worldview (1) Employees & Capacity Stockholders & Manpower Planning, Community Training Service Customer Facility Location Provider & Design Service Partners Experience SocialNetworking Competition Competitive Market Customer Service StrategySociety Segmentation Flow & Concept Operating Service Realized Strategy Delivery Kwan 2012 21
  • 22. Service System Operational Worldview (2) Value Proposition Focal Service Customer Relationship Provider Value Value PropositionProposition Provider Service Partner Customer’s Experience Social Network Network Kwan 2012
  • 23. Information &Knowledge ManagementDiscovery Conception Operation Design Development Engineering Kwan 2012 23
  • 24. Information & Knowledge Management 2008 Olympic GamesBoth US teams dropped the baton Kwan 2012 24
  • 25. Poor (Communication and) Information & Knowledge Management Kwan 2012 25
  • 26. Information & Knowledge Management How can we effectively define, capture, share and maintain the information and knowledge from the different stages of the Service System Life Cycle?From: To: Kwan 2012 26
  • 27. Information & Knowledge Management - Sharing the Canvas Customer • Service Thinking Designer • System Thinking • Design Thinking • Business Thinking • Engineering Discipline Manager Engineer • Development Discipline • Operations Management Operator Developer Kwan 2012 27
  • 28. Sharing the Canvas Kwan 2012 28
  • 29. Who is this Artist anyway? ? Kwan 2012 29
  • 30. Borrowing from a Study of Japanese Higher Education IT Programs (Nomura Research) Professional redesign Value-chain with IT Usage=“Business Architect”? SuitBusiness World-class Geek-SuitManagement IT Entrepreneurprofessional US-style CIO IT Professionals Manager with IT skills Researcher Geek Students in Super Geek IT departments IT professional Kwan 2012 30
  • 31. T-shaped People (1) Industry says: “We need to hire more T-shaped people!” Across industries Complex Communications Across Fields Across cultures Across functions Across disciplines = More experienced Develop More adaptive New More collaborative Knowledge Broaden In-depth With With knowledge ResearchBased on slides by Global Jean Paul Jacob of IBM of a specific Educational discipline program Academia says: “We need to hire more T–shaped faculty!” Kwan 2011 31
  • 32. T-shaped People (2)Paul Harris, “Help Wanted: „T-Shaped‟ Skills to meet 21st Century Needs”, T&D, September 2009 Kwan 2012 32
  • 33. We need T-shaped People Who can work together as a TeamUsing Design Thinking as the basis of Project-based Team Building 33 Kwan 2011 33
  • 34. Who is this Artist anyway? ? End Kwan 2012 34
  • 35. Trending – Design Thinking for Business Some Business Schools teaching Design Thinking: Toronto Northwestern Maastricht Berkeley Virginia ………. Kwan 2012 35
  • 36. FASTHow to Lead a Creative Life COMPANY 3/2012 Kwan 2012 36
  • 37. Design Thinking for Managers Kwan 2012 37
  • 38. T-shaped People (3)Download these slides at: Kwan 2012 38