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Social Interactivity Strategy - Listen + Engage = Opportunity
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Social Interactivity Strategy - Listen + Engage = Opportunity


Presentation given on Nov 18, 2011 at Dublin City University Conference Go Social!

Presentation given on Nov 18, 2011 at Dublin City University Conference Go Social!

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Dell -Social Interactive Strategylistening & engaging = opportunityStephen Jio - @stephenjatdell18 Nov, 2011 - Dublin City University
  • 2. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy• Framework to Social Strategy• Key Principles• Planning the Infrastructure• Case Studies• Rationalising the Strategy2 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 3. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy3 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 4. Framework: Social Strategy4 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 5. Social Media: The exchanging of ideas between dynamic communities enabled through the technology of ever-evolving tools Direct2Dell5 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 6. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy Facebook: Over Social Media: a TRILLION page views monthly 40,000 views in Impact 1st 4 hours 3.2 million followers Over a half BILLION view 8,868 tweets per second Twitter: 15 million followers estimates of 150 on Twitter million accounts6 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 7. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy Social Media: Brand Adoption Likes Followers7 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 8. Dell - Social Interactive StrategyProduct Development Marketing Online Presence• Feedback Loop • Demand Forecast • Ratings & Reviews• Early Warning • Lead Generation • Communities• New Product Ideation Product • Message Reach • Customer Stories• Leads Sales Lifecycle Customer Service Communication• Collaboration • Listening • Rich Media• Thought Leadership • Support Widgets • Brand Reputation• Blogs • Outreach • Influence • Reputation - Dell © 2011
  • 9. The Key Principles9 @stephenjatdell Dell Global Listening Command Centre © 2011 - Dell
  • 10. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy Listening “Engaging in honest, direct conversations with customers and stakeholders is a part of who we are, who we’ve always been. The social web amplifies our opportunity to listen and learn and invest Engaging ourselves in two-way dialogue, enabling us to become a better company with more to offer the people who depend on us.” - Michael Dell Opportunity10 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 11. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy Viral Marketing Listening:Peer to Peer Influence 26,000 posts daily Sales Lead Generation about Dell Support Brand Reputation Information Alerts Instant FeedbackProduct Evaluation Customer Experience Transparent Conversations11 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 12. Mass Social MediaEngaging: MarketCollaboration andConversation External Community External Community Direct2Dell Community Hosted External Communities External Community Support Community Mastery & Use Affinity Ideation Extranets External Topical Experts Internal Internal Networks / Enterprise Workgroups12 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell Collaboration
  • 13. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy – Engagement doesn’t mean responding to everything! Engagement: – Providing training to employees for Key points listening and engaging – Identify engagement champions within your company – Engage in conversations that are already happening, BUT KNOW THE FACTS BEFORE – When possible connect the virtual world with the real (Tweetups, etc)13 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 14. Infrastructure: Execution and Sustainability14 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 15. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy What are the greatest internal challenges preventing your deployment or expansion of listening and engagement initiatives? Based on 200 US Marketers Source commissioned study conducted by Forrester for Dell 06/1115 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 16. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy• Create a playbook that will deliver your social strategy Infrastructure:• Get Executive sponsorship Key• Budget for scalability recommendations• Empower employees to listen and engage• Invest in tools to monitor• Integrate fully into the entire business16 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 17. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy• Employees are your best social advocates• Define/publish the principles of your Social strategy Empower Employees:• Train and certify employees, even to listen only Provide Staff training• Reinforce transparency in all engagement even personal• Provide internal social network as sandbox• Coordinate closely with external communications 17 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 18. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy• Listening tools – Customise criteria Tools: – follow conversations Listening, publishing – Track trends and work flow – Monitor key influencers• Publishing tools – Allows multiple users• Workflow integration18 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 19. Case Studies: Social Integration in the Business19 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 20. Dell - Social Interactive StrategyShareable Rich Content• Product launch teasers, customer stories, product reviews, interviews, press conferences• Dell Duo teaser 250K views in the first 72 hours• Dell Vlog channel has generated over 9.7 million views since launch in 2006• Additional social properties – Flickr – Slideshare20 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 21. Dell - Social Interactive StrategyCustomer Engagement• Proactively reach out to customers• Integrating efforts with support.dell.com• Team engages with 1,000+ customers per week• Positive impact on customer satisfaction: 35% conversion of ‘demoters’ to ‘promoters’21 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 22. Dell - Social Interactive StrategyCrowdsourcing• IdeaStorm introduced 2007• Over 16,000 idea submitted• >470 implemented• EmployeeStorm for staff22 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 23. Dell - Social Interactive StrategySocial Offers• Creating compelling offers – based on engagement with community• 1.5 million followers on Dell Outlet ‘Deals’ Twitter page• @DellHomeUK averages over 30 engagement on a daily basis proactively reaching out for sales opportunities23 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 24. Dell - Social Interactive StrategyKey Influencers• Reach out to influential Social engagers – Customer Advisory Panel• Identifying key Influencers in Social Media to partner with• Help with understanding the brand view in the community and help improve• They become brand voices of the community• 10,000 Dell Social Influencers globally24 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 25. Dell - Social Interactive StrategyProduct / Social Integration• MTV EMA Awards – Red Carpet• Over 1,000 fans had their picture taken on the red carpet• Photographs taken with Dell Streak and instantly uploaded to Facebook page• Allow fans to comment on their images and have a virtual ‘keepsake’ of the event• Combined marketing campaign with advertising and features at Awards provided additional media goodness25 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 26. Rationalizing: Measuring the benefit26 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 27. Dell - Social Interactive Strategy Purchase Influence ROI: Presence Brand Health Value is multi- Content Creation dimensional Loyalty Direct Sales Market Insight Increased AttentionSupport Improved Communications The Cost of NOT participating27 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 28. Dell - Social Interactive StrategyMajor KPIs• Brand Health – Net Promoter Scores, Social Net Advocacy• Improved Support – Response time improved, community responses• Enhanced Content – Customer reviews, user generated content• Increased consideration – Do you effectively drive more traffic to your site• Revenue – ‘Social’ associated purchases, indirect and direct attributed28 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 29. Dell - Social Interactive StrategySummary - Build and Execute your strategy1. Define what you want to achieve with your strategy2. Sponsorship from Executives is key BUILD3. Budget for scalability4. Train your employees for best practise engagement5. Listen first to what is being said6. Engage and be part of the conversation and the solution EXECUTE7. Opportunity is there in the entire customer lifecycle29 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell
  • 30. Thank you! @stephenjatdell30 @stephenjatdell © 2011 - Dell