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Bank of Ireland Enterprise Week - Social Media for small business
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Bank of Ireland Enterprise Week - Social Media for small business


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social MediaUtilisation for Small BusinessesThomond Park, Limerick – 23/05/13Stephen Jio - Dell
  • 2. 2 @stephenjatdellSocial Media:The elephant in theroom
  • 3. Social media VirtualMobile CloudAlways onDataexplosionTechnology trends are changing the way we connect with each other.3 @stephenjatdell
  • 4. Technology trends are changing the way we connect with each other.4of the world’spopulation are nowusing the Internet.3 BillionBy 2016, 350M employeeswill use smartphones. 200Memployees will bring theirown device to work.350 Millionof mid-market companiesare using cloud models intheir business (SaaS).>50%58 Billionmobile applicationdownloads by 20152.5 Quintillionbytes of data being createdevery day.of workloads customersexpect to virtualize by 201473%@stephenjatdell
  • 5. @stephenjatdell5 5/23/2013Courtesy of Media:Irish adoption
  • 6. HostedCommunitiesExternalCommunityExternalCommunityExternalCommunityExtranetsInternalNetworksInternalExternalEmployeesTopicalExpertsCustomersDirect2DellSalesExternalCommunitySupportSocial Business:A complex modelCommunications
  • 7. 7 @stephenjatdellDell’s SocialMedia History…so far
  • 8. 8 @stephenjatdellSocial Media:Where do you start?
  • 9. 91. Know your customerFocus on them and not being random2. Build and commit to your Social strategyRequires a paradigm shift3. Train and empower your employeesYour greatest brand Ambassadors4. Listen, Engage and ActExecution is everything5. Social = BrandSocial Media is an extension of your Brand and values@stephenjatdellSocial Media: The 5 steps towards success
  • 10. Know your Customer• Social demographicsLook at the social properties that align toyour target customerUnderstand the behaviour of your targetcustomers on Social MediaConfidential10Courtesy of Social Media rarely work,however when it does…
  • 11. 11 @stephenjatdellSocial Media strategy“Think before youjump”
  • 12. 12Create a complete strategy that aligns with your Brand.• Identify, Define Social Media strategy and policies• Train Staff for self-empowerment• Listen to the Community• Engage and Act consistent with your brand• Quantify results@stephenjatdellBUILDEXECUTESocial Media: Strategy/TacticalMEASURE
  • 13. “If your social strategy relies on advertising in socialmedia, it’s probably better to hang on to your money.”– Taddy Hall@stephenjatdell13
  • 14. Listening14 @stephenjatdellIdentify:What do YOU wantfrom YOUR SocialMedia efforts?Brand ReputationConversationCustomer StoriesEngaging Virtual Project ManagementSharing ideasFeedbackCampaignsViral ContentCollaborationDemand GenerationCRMPotential IssuesConsiderationCompetition BuzzSupportStrategy
  • 15. 15 @stephenjatdell• Training is essential• Clearly sets out the principles oflistening and engaging• Puts processes in place to execute• Principles• Policy• Governance• Allows for ALL employees to participate• Minimises risk and exposure for acompany• Also for agencies and contract workersTraining Training:Empowering themasses!
  • 16. 16 @stephenjatdell• Transparency is key• 2 types of business profiles– Company– On behalf of Company› @stephenjatdell• Always disclose you association– Even with personal social profile› #IworkforDellProfile Your Social Persona:Don’t hide yourassociation!
  • 17. "Social media is the ultimate canary in the coal mine.“- Jay Baer@stephenjatdell17
  • 18. 18 @stephenjatdellBrand ReputationProduct Evaluation Potential IssuesInstant FeedbackQueries on Product/ServicesSupportCustomer StoriesPeer to Peer InfluenceCommentsSales Lead Generation27,000 posts daily about DellWhy you need toListen!
  • 19. @stephenjatdell19 23/05/2013• Utilise a tool that covers theentire Social landscape• Set intelligent listeningcriteria• Make it available on multipleplatforms and provide alerts• Listening keys:• Sentiment• Influencers• Trends• Early warningsListening tools:It’s all in the setup!
  • 20. @stephenjatdell20 23/05/2013• Allows for ‘indirect’ access toSocial properties• Publishing tool providesintegration with analytical tool• Centrally monitored• Multi-platform• Used for campaign planning• Built-in workflowSocial Publishing:Management/Control
  • 21. "Engaging in honest, direct conversations with customers andstakeholders is a part of who we are, who weve always been."- Michael Dell@stephenjatdell21
  • 22. 22 @stephenjatdell• Engagement doesn’t meanresponding to everything!• Do not use to neutralise or argue adissenting opinion• Look for landmines…and don’t Tweet when you’re in a badmoodEngagement:Food for thought
  • 23. 23 @stephenjatdell#FAIL:Think before Tweet• When you tweet fora company you AREthe company• Forget the deletebutton – once itsposted, itspermanent
  • 24. “Number of Fans and Followers is NOT a Business Metric –What You Do With Them Is.”– Jeremiah Owyang@stephenjatdell24
  • 25. @stephenjatdell25 23/05/2013QuantifyAnalytics:Measuring what’simportant• Brand Health –Net Promoter Scores, Social Net Advocacy• Customer Satisfaction (Social Support) –Within the Social environment, communityresponses• Conversion (User Content) –Customer reviews, user generated content• Consideration –Effectively driving traffic to• Revenue –‘Social’ associated purchases, indirect anddirect attributed
  • 26. “It’s hard to get lice out of your head, and there’s no easycure for shaking off campaign-based thinking, either.”– David Berkowitz@stephenjatdell26
  • 27. 27 @stephenjatdellSocial Media: generates excitementDell Vlog YouTube channel• Dell Ultrabook Challenge hadover a million views in first 48hours• Over 13 millions views on Vlog• In addition to products• Quarterly results• Community service• Customer Stories
  • 28. 28 @stephenjatdellSocial Media: crowdsourcingIdeaStorm: tapping into the collectiveintelligence of the community• Introduced in 2007• Over 18,000 ideas submitted• Over ¾ of a million votes• 97,000 comments• +520 ideas implemented
  • 29. 29 @stephenjatdellSocial Media: 1 to many supportDellCares: support outreach• Regional teams provide localised service• Over 3,000+ engagements a week• 11 languages• Proactive and reactive• Positive impact to customer satisfaction:• 45% conversion rate
  • 30. “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it iswhat consumers tell each other it is.”– Scott Cook@stephenjatdell30
  • 31. @stephenjatdell31 23/05/2013Irish Cancer Society: Daffodil Day• Key component in an overallcampaign• Promotes association withevent and Dell Ireland• Dell Ireland Twitter trendingin Ireland during event• Created mobile appover 500+ uploadsSocial = Brand
  • 32. Thank you@stephenjatdell