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Final presentation made to the Digital Challenge judges in 2007

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  1. 1. “Hell there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something” Thomas Edison
  2. 2. p = m * v P = momentum m = mass V = velocity
  3. 3. Broadband WEB 2 Voice over IP WIKIS & BLOGS Adapted HardwarePDA’s Shared Fibre Network Thin Client SOCIAL SOFTWARE Podcasts Community video conferencing e-petitions IPTV Pervasive Media Managed Learning Environment OPEN SOURCE Flexi-Work Hubs WIRELESS MESH
  4. 4. Connected City SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS Accessible Information EMPOWERED NEIGHBOURHOODS Co-produced content Productive Region ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Cohesive Communities Personalised Interface Efficient Government TRUSTED DEMOCRACY Customer-focussed Jointly-owned decisions
  5. 5. Work Streams 1. Connectivity & Space 2. Building Capacity 3. Community Cohesion, Co-production & the Environment 4. Coordination, Evaluation, Dissemination
  6. 6. Work Package 1.1 Sustainable Infrastructure • Broadband Access Group (multi-provider) • Shared Fibre Network & Hot Zones • Wireless mesh linking centre and neighbourhoods • VoIP, CCTV, Wi-Map • Computers for Pupils (DFES) Partners: BMEx, BCC, Bristol Wireless, BT, City of Bristol College, CitySpace, Virgin/NTL/Telewest, HP, Pervasive Media College, SWRDA Key Benefit: Massive increase in citizen/business access
  7. 7. Work Package 1.2 The Bristol (flexible) Space Programme • Business Transformation Group • Remote and flexible working strategy • Neighbourhood Flexible Working Hubs - reduced congestion • Urban, rural link • SME’s, Business Case for Developers Partners: BCC Business Transformation Group, Connecting South West, Avon Fire & Rescue, Business West, Knowle West Media Centre, Urban Splash Key Benefits: Service Transformation and environmental gains
  8. 8. Work Package 2.1 The Momentum Group - the Human Hub • Momentum Programme (National/International) • Informal Skill Swap Sessions • Support Formal Learning • Digitised Training Materials • Mentor Outreach Programme Partners – Scarman Trust & TUC, Citizens on Line, City of Bristol College, Learning & Skills Council, Future Lab, BCC, Knowle West Web, Bristol Momentum Group representing 500+ organisations Key Benefit: Easy access to skills and know-how
  9. 9. Work Package 2.2 Outreach, Advice and Employment • Lone parents, new communities, older people • Invalidity Benefit, mediated return to work • Outreach Advice Programme • Bristol Slivers of Time Flexible Work Programme • Slivers of Voluntary Time Partners – Citizens Advice Bureau, Slivers of Time, BCC, Tomorrow’s People, Big Issue Key Benefit: Support into flexible employment
  10. 10. Work Package 2.3 The Hardware Hub • Hardware recycling & distribution • Life-cycle responsibility • ICT needs assessments (voluntary groups) • Open source & thin client solutions • Product catalogue (new equipment Partners - ByteBack, Bristol Wireless, BCC, Sun Microsystems, Northgate Information Solutions, Scarman Trust Key Benefit: Sustainable access to hardware / support
  11. 11. Work Package 2.4 The Access Hub • Peer-led mentoring by disabled people • Remote assessment and telephone support • Disabled Computer User Group • Web user-testing service (commercial) Partners – AbilityNet, Thalidomide Trust, RNIB, Key Benefit: Harness knowledge/experience of disabled computer users to increase usability for all
  12. 12. Work Package 3.1 Showcase Neighbourhoods • Lawrence Hill People’s Map (place shaping) • Abolition of Slavery (community cohesion) • How-To Henbury? (cross-generational learning) • Companion Scheme (older people) Partners – Bristol Wireless (Lawrence Hill lead), Community at Heart (NDC), Avon and Somerset Constabulary, First Born Creatives, Henbury School, BCC Community Cohesion Team (Henbury lead), Dolphin Society Key Benefits: increase respect, cohesion and inter-generational understanding
  13. 13. Work Package 3.2 Local to Global, Filwood - India • Environmental Multi-Media engagement • Community campaigns, e-petitions, e-democracy • Energy Tree, Street Wise (carbon reduction) • Sustainable Digital Café • Local Global Community Exchange • Sustain IT toolkit (national) Partners – Knowle West Media Centre, The Converging World, Brislington City Learning Centre, University of Bristol (400+ organisations in Sustainability café programme), UK CEED Key Benefits: Carbon reduction changed behavior
  14. 14. Work Package 4.1 Connecting Bristol Ltd • Community Interest Company • Responsible for programme delivery • Community as shareholders • Responsible for procurement, environmental assurance, technical development, evaluation and communications Partners – Bristol City Council, Multi- agency Company Board Key Benefit: Community accountable governance
  15. 15. Work Package 4.2 Developing In-Sight through Evaluation • In-Sight Action-Research Panel • Expert Evaluation Group (cross-discipline) • Evaluation Framework (national context) • DC10, support and grow the Inclusion Network • Link to European framework and e-Inclusion programme Partners – UoB, UWE, Leeds University, BCC Key Benefit: Real-time assessment/learning
  16. 16. Work Package 4.3 The Personalised Showcase Partners – Watershed, BBC, HP, Pervasive Media College, Connecting South West, BCC • Maintain existing web Word Press blog • Work with Digital Switch Over • Develop showcase platform – Innovative use of personalised interface, save+edit+share your pathway • Create your own channel Key Benefit: Innovation in cross-platform communication
  17. 17. p = m * v P = progress M = motivation V = vision