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Ybrant client multi platform services guide october 2013
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  • 1. Multi-Platform Services Guide October 2013
  • 2. Introduction Efficiently building and managing a successful social strategy is our partners biggest challenge… …Ybrant Social provides the complete guidance and services that lead to success.
  • 3. Topics 1. Social 2. Display 3. Video 4. Mobile 5. Partnership Model 6. Locations
  • 4. Social
  • 5. All Ads Types, All Placements News Feed (Desktop) RHS* Homepage (Premium) News Feed (Mobile) RHS* facebook (Marketplace) *RHS = Right Hand Side
  • 6. User searches for a product or brand FBX (facebook Exchange) Uses a search engine Visits a website Visits facebook User does not finish the acquisition process User finishes the acquisition process User is re-targeted on facebook, and sent to an external page or a fan page User can be included or excluded from the ads User clicks clients website
  • 7. Key Features  Full integration to Artemis  Location: Country, city, state (Zip code in US)  Language  Age  Gender  Interested in (sexual preference)  Relationship status  User events (target user on his birthday)  Education status  Likes & interests (KWs)  Broad category  Workplace  Connections & negative connections (when we are admin on a page/app – we can target to users who have liked/not the page/app)  Mobile device  Mobile operating system  Placement (mobile/desktop/news feed only/all FB)  Day-part: Days and hours of the day  Pacing tool (deliver budget equally)  Auto-multiplying tool (creation of mixed ads)
  • 8. Pacing Tool:  Guarantees stable daily delivery, prevents under-delivery Key Features Budget Deactivation:  Stops a campaign to prevent over-delivery Day Part Targeting:  Runs campaigns only on specific hour and day of the week oCPM:  Optimizes campaigns for likes, reach, clicks and social impressions
  • 9. Campaign Management and Creative Service  Campaign upload and management  Highly trained & dedicated Campaign Management team  Creative Factory support  Deep optimization & tracking  Facebook strategy guidance & support  Tailor-made SLA  6 days a week of global service Let Us Guide You Training and Guidance  Facebook strategy  Sales pitch  Updates and new features  Measurements  Join roadshows  Success stories
  • 10. Display
  • 11. Trusted RTB Media Partner Worldwide Worldwide media buy operations Focus on performing media Transparent media over RTB Transparent, Quality and Safe media offering Carefully segmented and categorized Recruiting media that performs for our brand and direct response account managers Local media operations in APAC, LATAM and Europe Hand-picked publishers managed by our global experts
  • 12. Performance Driven Campaign Management E-Commerce, telecommunications Expertise around lead generation and new traffic Mostly young audience, 15- 35 years old Unique capabilities around keyword and contextual targeting Vast experience with e- Commerce and telecommunications campaigns Focus on performing media Transparent media over RTB
  • 13. Video
  • 14. Boost Video Performance
  • 15. Mobile
  • 16. Media and Campaign Management Service  Quality Smartphone and tablet traffic (feature phone also)  Own publishers  Brand Safety  Site-list on-demand  Multiple media channels  Landing page, production, optimization and hosting  Unique performance technology  Post-click performance technology  Dedicated campaign managers  Clear and easy to use reporting system Its Time to Go Mobile
  • 17. Get Smarter Targeting  Device type  Operating system  Connection type (3G, WIFI)  Demographics  Creative ID  Day part targeting  Conversion timestamp  Geo Data  Content
  • 18. Partnership Model
  • 19. Ybrant Responsibilities  Create social strategy, based on clients goals & needs  Efficiently manage all campaigns  Provide creative support  Guide and train partner sales team  Join sales roadshows  Establish facebook “university” sessions for clients  Establish a tailor made SLA  100% media cost transparency Clear Responsibilities Partner Responsibilities  Own clients relationships  Understand and inform clients goals (ROI metrics)  Understand and inform clients product  Understand and inform clients conversion funnel  Pitch facebook ads to clients  Organize joint roadshows  Lead sales process
  • 20. Available Commercial Models Campaign-on-campaign basis Management fee Flexibility
  • 21. Locations
  • 22.  India  Israel  Ukraine  Germany  Uruguay  Argentina  Mexico Global presence, local expertise Choose your location  Australia  Serbia  Chile  UK  Thailand  Colombia
  • 23. Thank You