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  • 1. What is Affiliate Marketing  Quick survey – what level are we at?  101 – Affiliate Marketing is just advertising fees based on actual customer purchases.  201 – Affiliate Marketing is product searches, product links, reviews, and exploring deep links.  301 – Affiliate Marketing is datafeeds, RSS feeds, PHP, MySQL, and more… Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 2. Why am I here?  Our retail customers are looking for you.  New customers to them are more important than some of the more tired out concepts in Affiliate Marketing.  We work with thousands of bloggers annually to help them branch in to Affiliate Marketing.  You are in an enormously advantageous bargaining position. Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 3. How to Get Started?  Bottom line, relevancy is the number one key. This isn’t adwords, display rotations, or CPC – this is relevant content chosen for you, to be directed at your audience.  Think of the audience concept – your readers are your audience – what will they respond to?  The number one benefit to Affiliate Marketing is the ability to be relevant, and it is also the number one roadblock to activity. Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 4. Get Away from the Sidebar  Easy to add – usually of no worth. If this is what you’ve tried in the past it is likely the reason for failure.  Contextual links directly to products work best.  Product reviews can be good but requires careful attention to the review/paid/disclosure issue.  ots/blake-lively-loves-her-gray-boots/ Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 5. Get Away from the Sidebar  Think about how you see things as an audience member. What makes you interested.  Affiliate Marketing works because you get to choose these subtle moments when your audience will react the best.  Think movies / product placement vs. billboard ads. Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 6. Get Outside the Box  Don’t market what everyone else is marketing. Your audience isn’t generic – neither are products.  Promote products that you use, care about, are passionate about, or those that you can relay pertinent information to your audience. Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 7. Use the TV!  Pop culture is one of the easiest ways to figure out where to start.  For almost every blog topic there is a current event going on right now that affects your audience. Find it, get on top of it, and use it.  Use Twitter, Google alerts, etc… Think about it even from the #typeacon feed on Twitter right now. Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 8. Beyond the Banner  Don’t rely on Google.  Create sticky sites. Readership/Audience/RSS/Email/Capture  If you aren’t capturing customers at reading time – you are missing out on customers.  Content can be syndicated Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 9. Datafeeds  What are they?  Essentially a giant spreadsheet of data that an individual retailer has in inventory.  They turn affiliate marketing into the powerful marketing channel that it is.  vs.  How do I turn this into a database that I can use?  MySQL helps you. Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 10. Supplement by using Deals  I don’t recommend just specifically deals marketing to anyone at this point due to the crowded nature of the space.  Supplementing reviews, blogs, with available deals is a great plan – but if you do it, contact the merchant and get a custom code. Find out how they are commissioning coupon sites. Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 11. After all that – how do I pick and start?  Affiliate Networks offer the most variety  ShareASale, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Google Affiliate Network make up the vast majority of the space.  Amazon Associates program among top independent. Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale
  • 12. How to search by Product Brian Littleton @brianlittleton ShareASale @shareasale