Wednesday, september 04, 2013


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Wednesday, september 04, 2013

  1. 1. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL For more information on this proposal Ramon Armando Figueredo 3140 SW 2ND ST Miami, FL 33135 Cell Phone: 305-510-8411 Phone: 305-541-9022 Philips Albert Amador 786-239-4099 Philips
  2. 2. SPIRITUALISMTALK.COM &.CO (Proposal) What is about? It is social network that will link all religious spiritualists. interested persons_ religious individuals, and secular persons around the world. Our goal is to create the largest one location forum for all beliefs and faiths. The current estimated individual that actively interact. socialize, discuss, and relate on this subject is estimated to be over 300 Million people. However according to . these are the current numbers of individual that practice such faiths around the world. These are the people we will be marketing to. • Christianity: 2.1 billion • Islam: 1.5 billion • Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion • Hinduism: 900 million • Chinese traditional religion: 394 million • Buddhism: 376 million • primal-indigenous: 300 million • African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million • Sikhism: 23 million • • Juche: 19 million • Spiritism: 15 million • Judaism: 14 million • Bahari: 7 million • Jainism: 4.2 million • Shinto: 4 million • Cao Dai: 4 million 2
  3. 3. • Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million • Tenrikvo: 2 million • Neo-Paganism: 1 million • Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand • Rastatarianism: 600 thousand • Scientology: 500 thousand Our idea is to develop the largest communication and interaction site for religious discussion. religious interaction, and religious clarification in the world ever created. Our idea is a something that is currently not available in any current website worldwide. This website will create a one stop education and awareness tool to develop understanding and development of benevolent spirituality for all members anywhere in the world. We will work closely with all sponsors on the site to market their specific Religious or Spiritual material through our site. Preliminary work. is a current site we own. will be the first to market our SPIRITULISMTALK.COM . on their page. currently receives 3000 visits. We currently have a FACEBOOK PAGE that has approximately 30.000 group members. This is the first pool of prospective members that will be transitioning to join our new site. due to the interest and preliminary inquiry we estimate that 100 percent of the individual on this FACEBOOK PAGE will join the site once it is active. The site once completed is estimated to reach 2,000.000 members within the first 12 months thought our marketing efforts. We believe this is an extremely conservative goal. We believe that number will in fact be surpassed. Since starting our FACEBOOK PAGE. we are on track to surpasse the current 30.000 member we currently have, which as stated before will transition into the SPIRITALISMTALK.COM website. Our strategic plan also contains further looking expansions to other languages. The basic social network will have the following accessible links that will join all spirituality educated and novice individuals to the following. • A social link for all beliefs to be set up as a discussion group. • The other links will be separated into all the other different religions. Therefor a Catholic can look for comfort and guidance from his own support groups and or 3
  4. 4. others with his own belief. As well as other members of different faiths. • This vvebsite will be used as place of gathering discussion. enlighten, education. nurturing of ideologies presented by our members- Finally a page where an one can interact with other individuals that are interested other faiths. where questions can be answered and friendships can be forged. There is currently no social network out there that offers these services. • This website will act a as gathering place for knowledge by providing and marketing books of all faiths and beliefs. • We will create and place for the understanding and building bridges of ideas for all beliefs. Imagine going to one website were a Catholic can explain his belief to a Muslin, or vice a versa, where a Buddist can share his ideas with a Mormon. As well as have a place for each Religion to separately connect and discuss their faith. The current top Spiritual websites listed below do not offer this. speaking of faith.public sounds the heyhouse buddhanetnet What do all of these sites have in common. They are not chatting sites where spiritualists can connect with each other. They are mostly a buy spiritual services and products site. However one site that has added 500,000 member in the last month alone and is gaining steam is called . It is an interactive social network where spiritual members can chat with each other just like facebook, but the model is flawed as there is only one page to post ideas. vvill create along with a main page, mutli- pages for specific belief and discussions like. a Catholic page. A Jewish Page, etc. etc. Each psag,e will contacting link to products. discussions, services, books. information. and anything related to that particular religion. The Individuals involved Ramon Armando Fiaueredo. has over 30 years of experience in spiritualism. He has joined and attended over 10 thousand conferences. He has studied over 1500 books on the subject, and is currently writing a book on the subject. He last worked for. I.C. Industries 4
  5. 5. where was he was able to initiate and demonstrate strong personal sales spirit to function independently and as a part of a team and create a passion to turn prospects into customers and persistent determination with telephone sales and personal meetings, his excellent skills in this area of sales and development of clients and connections will help the growth of this company , He vill act as CEO/C00 of the company and his primary role. will be to increase our future client base and market our services effectively while creating a more extensive marketing and sales plans that will be followed by future marketing and sales employees. Philips Albert Amador, has over 20 plus . 'ears of Investment Banking and Financial experience. He has worked as Financial Advisor and a Compliance Officer at Biltmore Securities, and a Vice-President for Liberty Financial, and lasting working directly with the several Senior Vice Presidents. Senior Wealth Advisors, and Vice Presidents as a Senior R.C.S.A the firm of Morgan Stanley for the last 10 years. His specific skill learned at Morgan Stanley in reference to risk management. investment perspective, and conservative guidance will help to protect and guide this company in a conservative financial manner. He will act as the Financial Fiduciary Responsibility Officer for the company and will handle the daily financial assessment and financial expansion of the company along with the COO and support of independent unbiased CPA firm to audit and review all company ledgers and financial books on a monthly bases. Investment vs. Revenue Our original intent was to ask for a full 7 figure initial investment, but after further revision we feel that will can effective create a profitable company within the first 12 months with an influx of cash in the 6 figure range. These are our current estimates • $ 80.000 .00 - Programmer on Retainer (Contracted Personel. plus website management) • $ 10,000.00 - For office supplies and website monitoring equipment and internet 5
  6. 6. marketing • $ 15.000.00 - To be used for Travel and for the development of joint ventures to add revenue • $ 50,000.00 - To be used as a cash reserve, and used a collateral to secure private loans. • $ 50.000.00 - Salaries 5205.000.00 Total Revenue Estimates with 500,000 member • If each member simply purchase 1 items which is marketed through our web site and we negotiate a 1 dollar per item/ share our revenue is $ 500.000.00 • If we structure a fee for promoting sites or links or products on our sites For example at $ 500.00 a month for say 100 advertisers we have a monthly income of S 600,000 a year. • If we were to integrate the product introduction that FACEBOOK currently uses. Revenues would easily exceed a year. • The addition of Skype software calling to our system or something similar. (Members would watch 20 second commercial before being connected to the other party) • The addition of meeting place within our system infrastructure. (connecting to a Bible/Buddist/Islam Study Group over the intemet through our site) (Fully sponsored by advertisers) Here is our promise we will develop the infrastructure, the system, the clients, the sales. and the value of this company in order to create a product that will be sold at a future date for a minimum of 8 figures ( $99.999.999 or more) 6