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  • Tsw2013socialmediasupport20131021noanimation 131022103159-phpapp02

    1. 1. Social Media The New Customer Service Channel Carl Knerr | Avaya John Ragsdale | TSIA 10.22.2013
    2. 2. About Today’s Session • Facilitated group discussion and interaction • Your participation is key! • Ask questions and share your experiences, opinions, and issues • When speaking, please state your name, role, and company • Tweet your thoughts on the session real-time using #TSW13 2 #TSW13
    3. 3. Social Media Primer Network Users (M) Facebook 1,260 Twitter Foursquare Daily Volume Characteristics Donuts 4.5B „likes‟ • Mix of media I like donuts 500 500M tweets • • • Fully public by default Max of 140 characters Mostly text-based I‟m eating a #Donut 40 5M check-ins • • Location-based Frequent visitors become “Mayor” This is where I eat donuts ? posts • • Professional Networking Stream of businessrelated articles My skills include donut eating 4M users • Pin a picture/site from anywhere on the web Organize by “boards” Here‟s a donut recipe LinkedIn 238 Pintrest 70 • Instagram 150 YouTube 1,000 Google+ 343 40M photos • Photos-only. Heavy use of “filters” Here‟s a vintage photo of my donut 1B video views • #1 video sharing site Here‟s a video of me eating a donut ? posts • • Very FB like; Great UI Little adoption I‟m a Google employee who eats donuts (joke) 3 #TSW13
    4. 4. Why we care about Customer Service In B2C … 28% more leave after 3rd Service Mess Up 17% Leave after 1st Service Mess Up 45% more leave after 2nd Service Mess Up Given that it costs 3x more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one, getting it right the first time is crucial 4 #TSW13
    5. 5. Why Social Matters 5 #TSW13
    6. 6. 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer contacts the supplier. - SFDC Failure of a company to respond to a social media user can lead to a 15% increase in the brand‟s churn rate – Gartner Of the actionable social media interactions a company receives, 80 percent are related to service, with only 20 percent related to marketing - Knapp Organizations that ignore their customers on social media will have the same negative perceptions companies experience today when they ignore customer‟s minimum expectations of email and phone support. - Gartner 6 #TSW13
    7. 7. 1.2 M Twitter Followers 7 #TSW13
    8. 8. Kevin Smith 1.6M Twitter Followers Won‟t Supports Fly with Southwest Southwest Poor Customer Service “Too Fat to Fly” 8 #TSW13
    9. 9. Jayne Gorman: Travel Blogger 5,000 Followers On Twitter 9 #TSW13
    10. 10. 10 #TSW13
    11. 11. 11 #TSW13
    12. 12. Hot Topics & Trends • Are you using SM channels for service? • SM users demand the fastest response times – Expectation is 5 minutes – Zappos is best at 54 mins; LL Bean is 4 hours • • • • Separate support and marketing channels? Who owns/coordinates social media presence? Prioritize responses based on Klout? Integration with Contact Center Technology & Processes 12 #TSW13
    13. 13. Ten Recommendations 1. Go With #Speed 2. #Engage a Social Media Manager 3. #Collaborative Strategy 4. Selectively #respond 5. #Prioritize responses 6. #Integrate with #CRM, & #ContactCenter 7. Don‟t be mistaken for a #robot 8. #Segregate your presence 9. #Market your #CustomerService 10.Don‟t #overcommit 13 #TSW13
    14. 14. Annual TSIA Social Media Survey • Addresses use of social media channels for supporting customers • Launching in December • What would you like to see? – – – – Channels in use SLAs Staffing ??? • Send input to john.ragsdale@tsia.com 14 #TSW13
    15. 15. How was the session? Look for your email invitation to fill out the Session Evaluations. #TSW13
    16. 16. Contact Information Name: Carl Knerr Title: Services Director Email: cknerr@avaya.com Twitter: @CarlKnerr Read more at www.carlknerr.com Name: John Ragsdale Title: Vice President, Technology Research Email: John.Ragsdale@tsia.com Twitter: @John_Ragsdale Blog: jragsdale.wordpress.com 16 #TSW13
    17. 17. Backup Slides 17 #TSW13
    18. 18. Funnel to Contact Center 18 #TSW13