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Sticky tacs one pager

  1. 1. Contact Noam Vaza, CEO 972-54-9983557 App editing platform Field: New Media Self Funded Stage: Initial Sales StickyTacs provides creative and technical solutions for social marketing, a playground for creating high quality social campaigns. Technology StickyTacs is specially designed to inspire creative design and develop branded applications on multiple platforms. It enables marketing agencies to develop custom made applications without technical knowledge or the need of programmers, thus increasing their ability to produce high quality campaigns for their clients quickly and easily, as well as generate more profit from each project. A client recommends “Working with StickyTacs helped us grow our Facebook page and made a significant change… , allowing us to expand our business and our social presence”. Market Founders Noam Vaza, CEO: BGU: B.Sc. Physics & Computer Science. Ten years experience as a cyber-networking professional and web apps developer. Zohar Levin, CMO & COO: TLV Uni: B.A. Communications & Journalism. Ten years of experience in the field of international marketing, sales and digital advertising. Members Moshe Tavor, Biz Dev Israel: Social media genius, vast experience in customers relations and social application design. Inbar Amir, Innovation & Branding: Sapir Academic College: B.A Digital Communication. IAC: 2D & 3D animation. Broad experience in UI & UX design. Success As of 2012, it is estimated that over 80% of businesses in the U.S. have active fan pages on Facebook (i.e. over 3M businesses with an active Facebook fan page). Over $600M a month spent on branded applications in the U.S. alone. The market solutions to this problem don’t succeed in answering to the many changing demands of brands in the way StickyTacs can. March 2012 launched. Opportunity 70+ Customers, advertising agencies: Harel Mordi, TBWA, Shalom TA, Grey, GNS StickyTacs saves agencies time and money while eliminating the need of programmers. Digital departments in marketing agencies have no efficient tool for creating branded social applications. Therefore, much of the social budget is spent on development resulting in a small profit margin for the agency. 2012Q3 Breakeven point and maturity in the local Israeli market Current Sales in Israel and England. WebSummit - Dublin on Oct' 30-31 2013. We have been selected out of 5,000 startups to present StickyTacs at the event. 1,500+ Payed Campaigns: Shimon Peres, Pepsi, Renault, Sony, KLM, Smart, GAP Proved success in an official Facebook case study. Collaboration with a client partner at Facebook, introducing StickyTacs to Facebook’s clients Investment StickyTacs is looking for investment or cooperation to keep on the R&D and to approach new markets.