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  • 1. overview new versus old marketing situation trend general specific: new push and pull new marketing is ... principle core reason: genY 4 P’s tell a friend - content genY - technology genY consequences - journalist - agency practical - blog - micro blog conclusion extra info
  • 2. new versus old marketing situation: dislike classical advertising relationship advertiser - consumer today (see you tube clip) •tired of classical advertising •avoidance •overload trend: shift old marketing = intrusion advertisers: no trust → new marketing = permission other consumers: trust
  • 3. new versus old marketing 1 old marketing (Walravens, 2007, online)
  • 4. new versus old marketing 1 new marketing (Walravens, 2007, online)
  • 5. new versus old marketing OR
  • 6. new versus old marketing 2 old marketing (Paulisakson, 2008, online)
  • 7. new versus old marketing 2 new marketing (Paulisakson, 2008, online) Marketeers realized they not only had an outbox, but also an inbox.
  • 8. new versus old marketing OR
  • 9. new versus old marketing more specific: new push and pull push → dialogue (new push) •search •online media •gamevertising •newsletter •email •mobile / SMS •narrowcasting (Theafter, 2006, online) pull → infiltration (new pull) •widgets •rss •communities •pod / vodcasting •viral •brand experience •bookmarking
  • 10. new marketing is ... synonyms = conversation marketing = social marketing = affliliate marketing = marketing 2.0 = influencer marketing (affect opinion leaders of the target group) ... definition reaching consumers through (especially online) social networks, ad units are bound to databases and social data
  • 11. new marketing principle principle •don’t focus on the masses don’t play ‘safe’, it’s too risky the masses will ignore your message •go for the long tail aim at those who want to hear you go for niches ‘a lot of one and two’s make a huge turnover’ ↑ long tail, see further
  • 12. new marketing principle (Novelr, 2008, online)
  • 13. new marketing core core - connected web 1.0 = connecting people to information web 2.0 = connecting people to eachother * web 3.0 = everything is connected * (Ischafer, 2008, online) (Walravens, 2007, online)
  • 14. new marketing reason reason - evolution - generation Y born between 1976 and 1982, till even 2001 grown up in the 1990s and 2000s understanding the new generation = understanding new marketing •more ambitious •more brand aware •more experience with non-traditional family > more peer oriented •more experienced with new technology > tech savvy, creative with content ‘give them your brand and they make it their own’ •aware of their assets > not so employer loyal •higher tendancy to job switching (Wikipedia, 2008a, online)
  • 15. new marketing P’s 4 new P’s •personalisation listen to consumers, give consumers choice, make it all relevant •participation create an environment, build communities, reward participation •peer-to-peer marketing messages are social, trusted, easier to share •predictive modelling marketing that learns, accept consumer preference, opt-in (Tylerreed, 2008, online)
  • 16. new marketing tell a friend tell a friend-button ‘be good and let others tell it’ •content •means •deliver how target wants •visuals (Frank watching, 2008, online)
  • 17. new marketing - content - genY - content ‘the need to find ways to get consumers to invite brands into their lives’ •get content •adapt content •spread content (Hitflip, 2006, online) (Theafter, 2006, online)
  • 18. new marketing - technology - genY - technology possibilities: * created with Wordle
  • 19. new marketing consequences consequences •consumer: till now about consumer •journalist: also part of genY •marcom agency
  • 20. new marketing consequences journalist consequences journalist how they handle content is similar churnalism book: Flat Earth News author: Nick Davies (journalist Guardian) •less time > news 24/7 •more info •more stress → no time to double check copy paste (Desmet, 2008, online) (Clever together PR explained, 2008, online)
  • 21. new marketing consequences journalist recent case (Belgium) the bassie-effect Bassie is a famous 70-year old clown in Belgium and the Netherlands someone leaked the fact he impregnated a 30-year old woman •national press took over the news (without verifying) •many reactions on interactive platforms BUT it was all a stunt for a commercial partner (Desmet, 2008, online) (Clever together PR explained, 2008, online)
  • 22. new marketing consequences agency consequences agency diffusion of innovation (Ischafer, 2008, online)
  • 23. new marketing practical - blog case (international) dell hell •2005 - dell no blog BUT one of customers did complaint technical support blog very popular negative press coverage NYTimes •today - dell blog complaining bloggers are helped by technicians positive blog feedback positive buzz (Illuminea, 2008, online)
  • 24. new marketing practical - blog conditions by Seth Godin •candor / boldness •urgency •timeliness •pithiness •controversy (Godin in Shotgunconcepts, 2008, online)
  • 25. new marketing practical - microblog twitter / micro blog combines weblogging with instant messaging basic question: What are you doing now? creates virtual presence those who are interested can receive text messages (tweets) via the twitter site, IM, SMS, e-mail, RSS or other founded in 2006 by Obvious Corp. (Wikipedia, 2008b, online)
  • 26. new marketing conclusion ‘hop on the train, before he leaves the station’ future needs by trendwatcher Andrew Zolli •demographer (know your target audience) •understanding social networks •understanding the mix of technology and design (think apple, starbucks ...) (Zolli in, 2008, online)
  • 27. new marketing extra information •more information •some interesting numerical data about the subject •honourable mention in world’s best presentation contest 2008 what the f**k social media? (Mckagan, 2008, online)
  • 28. the end hopefully I was able to help ... By Stephen Darori
  • 29. bibliography honesty is the best policy •CLEVER TOGETHER PR EXPLAINED (2008), Blog - Churnalism is the new journalism (online),, seen September 2008 •DESMET, Yves (2008), Mediakritiek - Churnalism (online),, seen September 2008 •EVENSYS (2007), You Tube – Advertiser vs Consumer (online),, seen in September 2008 •FRANK WATCHING (2008), Blog - Hoe zet ik PR 2.0 in voor de marketingcommunicatiestrategie? (online),, seen September 2008 •GODIN, Seth in SHOTGUNCONCEPTS (2006), SlideShare - Social media and blogs in corporate marketing (online), blogs-in-corporate-marketing, seen September 2008 •HITFLIP (2006), SlideShare - Affiliate Marketing 2.0 (online),, seen September 2008 •ILLUMINEA (2008), SlideShare - Why blogs and social media are effective tools (online),, seen September 2008 •ISCHAFER (2008), SlideShare - The future of marketing, advertising and branded entertainment (online), htttp://, seen September 2008 •MZKAGAN (2008), SlideShare - What the F**k is social media (online),, seen September 2008 •NOVELR(2008), Image - Writing and presenting internet fiction: applying the long tail to online fiction (online), 08/the-long-tail-and-online-fiction-how-to-getread&h=325&w=448&sz=17&hl&start=2&usg=__IlleiBDAFJvL5GOqdF2WeqAnFkx4=&tbnid=hhn5sjvm4oCnzM:&tbnh=92&tbnw=127&prev=/images% 3Fq%3Dchris%2Banderson%2Blong%2Btail%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Dnl%26sa%3DG, seen September 2008 •PAULISAKSON (2008), SlideShare - Whats’ next in marketing & advertising (online),, seen in September 2008 •THEAFTER (2006), SlideShare - New Marketing (on line),, seen in September 2008 •TYLERREED (2008), SlideShare - 4 New P’s of marketing (online),, seen September 2008 •WALRAVENS, Wim (2007), SlideShare - New marketing: same but different (online),, seen in September 2008 •WIKIPEDIA (2008a) GenerationY (online),, seen September 2008 •WIKIPEDIA (2008b), Twitter (online),, seen September 2008 •ZOLLI, Andrew in BIZZ.BE (2008), Trends blog - Hoe Starbucks toegevoegde creëert (online),, seen September 2008
  • 30. bye catherine dot asselman at gmail dot com