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  • Social Media is getting a lot of attention these days because there are often used as a way to increase exposure.
  • Why do some businesses hire Communication Information Executives CIOs to manage social content?
  • Why does social media compel people to interact more so than a website?
  • What are the first 7 steps to take to be on the social media scene
  • How much time should I allocate to Social Media
  • Who benefits from social media chats
  • What is the Hook
  • How does this turn into a press release
  • What qualities should my social media profile include. Our presentations are downloaded on the website in a PDF file. Good luck in your leadership development skills. If you have questions about this material, contact Sonja Onthank of OMG at 503-975-3684.
  • Socialmediawhyhowstrategy 110131111611-phpapp01

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA WHY HOW STRATEGY Business Exchange Empowered By Sonja Onthank 3/8/11
    2. 2. COMMUNICATION INFO EXECUTIVE (CIO)  Listen To The Buzz  Fix Customers Who Had a Bad Experience  Focus on Strategies that Educate  Find Ways to Engage Employees  Keep Followers Engaged  Be Aware of the Expanding or Decreasing Participation in Your Social Media Sites  See What Competitors Do To Engage Followers
    3. 3. WHY DO PEOPLE USE SOCIAL MEDIA  Small Communication Bits  Trendy  Mobile Friendly  Interactive and Real Time  Reacting to an Emotional Topic  There was a “Hook”  It is a Sales Tool (LinkedIn)
    4. 4. 7 STEPS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA  Create a Profile in Facebook  Create a Profile in LinkedIn  Add Groups and Events in Those Profiles  Join Groups that Relate to You  Create a Profile in Twitter  Start a Blog that Appeals to your Audience  Solicit Friends and Connections From Business Cards You Have Retained
    5. 5. HOW MUCH TIME FOR SOCIAL MEDIA  2 Hours a Week for a Small Business  6 Hours/Weed for Mid-Sized Business  16 Hours/Week for a Large Business  Double Online Time with Preparation:  Writing Articles  Creating Emotional-Compelling Content  Validating Facts  Review Follower Interactions Daily
    6. 6. WHO BENEFITS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA The people who publish info. The people who receive & interact with info.
    7. 7. WHAT IS THE HOOK?  Find Urgent, Relevant News for Pull Marketing  Have a Mini-Website for the Call-To-Action  Use Google Analytics to Know What Social Media Thread Created the Call-To-Action  A Call-To-Action Captures Information for your Push Marketing, but Followers Expect a Reward
    8. 8. TURN SOCIAL MEDIA TO PRESS RELEASES  Followers are Your Testimonials  Analytics Are Gathered  Mastermind Your Ideas  Keep Up with Virtual Responsibilities  Be Prepared for the Unexpected
    9. 9. PRESENTATION SUMMARY  Social Media Points to Various Links  You Have Several Sites to Maintain: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn  You Monitor What People Are Interested In  You Respond to Complaints and Compliments  You Maintain a Reputation  Don’t Trick People… Keep It Honest