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Socialdatadaydatasiftslides 131129094216-phpapp01

  1. 1. Welcome To The Social Economy Social Data Day London
  2. 2. Welcome To Social Data Day London #sdday
  3. 3. 1.7 Billion People Welcome to the Social Revolution 67% of Internet Users on Social Networks.
  4. 4. Empowering Customers like never before
  5. 5. 32M Facebook users in UK 1 in 6 people in UK on Twitter 78% of European Internet Users on Facebook 13mins of every UK Internet hour is Social
  6. 6. Data Shared (Zettabytes ) Social Revolution is a Data Revolution 9x Growth in Shared Content in 5 years 3.2Bn Facebook Likes 500M Tweets 100M Instagram Photos Source: IDC, Mary Meeker KPCB 250M Tumblr Posts 200M Bitly Clicks 70M+ Blogs, Forums
  7. 7. Fueling an Analytics Revolution Customers from Transactions to Interactions Purchases #Social Interests Profiles Engagement Opinions
  8. 8. New Technologies to Extract Value from Data Big Data
  9. 9. Big Questions What are the opportunities (and challenges) ? What kind of skillsets and tools are required ? Where would you start ? Why start now.
  10. 10. Agenda 14:00 - Introduction – Rob Easton, Head of Enterprise Cloud Platform UK Sales, Google 14:10 - Welcome to the Social Revolution - Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer, DataSift 14:30 – Big Conversation Challenges are Big Data Opportunities – Rishi Kumar, Director of Analytics, Unilever 14:55 - Panel Discussion: Social Data in Business 15:40 - Break 15:55 - Google and Big Data - Brad Kilshaw, Head of Enterprise Cloud Platform Partners, Google 16:15 - Using Social Analytics for Insight - Andy Cotgreave, Social Media Head, Tableau 16:35 - Wrap up discussion / Q&A
  11. 11. Welcome to the Social Economy Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer DataSift, @timbarker
  12. 12. Social went mainstream 1 in 4 people on planet 22% of all time online >75,000 items of public social data every second
  13. 13. Creating a Wealth of Data outside your Enterprise
  14. 14. Early Days: Try to Understand Whatby Happening is listening Companies starting Simple tools to search for brand #keywords Engage & Respond Report back
  15. 15. Today - Companies are mining social data to make better decisions World’s 3rd largest retailer Social Signals drive Advertising and store inventory Most successful pre-Christmas shopping week in the company’s history
  16. 16. Twitter has become the high-speed news network: 1 Tweet. $10Bn in value.
  17. 17. Analyzing Social is not like any other business data. Big & Fast Complex & Unstructured Noisy
  18. 18. Social Data is complex & unstructured A Single Tweet can contain 120+ data items
  19. 19. “It’s impossible to overstress “It’s not information overload. this: filter failure.” - Clay Shirky. It’s 80% of the work in any data project is in cleaning the data.” - DJ Patil, former LinkedIn Chief Scientist
  20. 20. We enable companies to operationalize their social analytics Real Time + Historic
  21. 21. We partner with social networks to consume their public data in real-time and historically. We provide enterprises with an advanced social data mining platform to extract data for analysis.
  22. 22. What does social data look like? We do this You do this #DigitalMarketingShow
  23. 23. What can Social Data tell you? a. Known Knowns b. Known Unknowns c. Unknown Unknowns
  24. 24. BBC uses Social Data to grow audience for ‘Africa’ #sdwk13
  25. 25. Dell uses Social to Improve Products Increased Customer Loyalty by 39% 38,000 Social posts every day on Dell Measure Net Promoter Score across 37 Product-Lines 150 Metrics influence Social Advocacy Score Product-Teams Proactively Respond to Issues #sdwk13
  26. 26. Brands use Social to Identify Opinion Makers Influencer Modeling in HD Identify conversations around a focused topic Track key topics and influencers that are leading and influencing 25 #sdwk13
  27. 27. Social Loyalty Social Innovators are starting to connect the dots between your Social + Customer Identity 26 26 #sdwk13
  28. 28. The Race to Understand the Customer Social has Massive Potential Social Data is not an island Platforms emerging to analyze + integrate