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  • 1. Welcome To The Social Economy Social Data Day London
  • 2. Welcome To Social Data Day London #sdday
  • 3. 1.7 Billion People Welcome to the Social Revolution 67% of Internet Users on Social Networks.
  • 4. Empowering Customers like never before
  • 5. 32M Facebook users in UK 1 in 6 people in UK on Twitter 78% of European Internet Users on Facebook 13mins of every UK Internet hour is Social
  • 6. Data Shared (Zettabytes ) Social Revolution is a Data Revolution 9x Growth in Shared Content in 5 years 3.2Bn Facebook Likes 500M Tweets 100M Instagram Photos Source: IDC, Mary Meeker KPCB 250M Tumblr Posts 200M Bitly Clicks 70M+ Blogs, Forums
  • 7. Fueling an Analytics Revolution Customers from Transactions to Interactions Purchases #Social Interests Profiles Engagement Opinions
  • 8. New Technologies to Extract Value from Data Big Data
  • 9. Big Questions What are the opportunities (and challenges) ? What kind of skillsets and tools are required ? Where would you start ? Why start now.
  • 10. Agenda 14:00 - Introduction – Rob Easton, Head of Enterprise Cloud Platform UK Sales, Google 14:10 - Welcome to the Social Revolution - Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer, DataSift 14:30 – Big Conversation Challenges are Big Data Opportunities – Rishi Kumar, Director of Analytics, Unilever 14:55 - Panel Discussion: Social Data in Business 15:40 - Break 15:55 - Google and Big Data - Brad Kilshaw, Head of Enterprise Cloud Platform Partners, Google 16:15 - Using Social Analytics for Insight - Andy Cotgreave, Social Media Head, Tableau 16:35 - Wrap up discussion / Q&A
  • 11. Welcome to the Social Economy Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer DataSift, @timbarker
  • 12. Social went mainstream 1 in 4 people on planet 22% of all time online >75,000 items of public social data every second
  • 13. Creating a Wealth of Data outside your Enterprise
  • 14. Early Days: Try to Understand Whatby Happening is listening Companies starting Simple tools to search for brand #keywords Engage & Respond Report back
  • 15. Today - Companies are mining social data to make better decisions World’s 3rd largest retailer Social Signals drive Advertising and store inventory Most successful pre-Christmas shopping week in the company’s history
  • 16. Twitter has become the high-speed news network: 1 Tweet. $10Bn in value.
  • 17. Analyzing Social is not like any other business data. Big & Fast Complex & Unstructured Noisy
  • 18. Social Data is complex & unstructured A Single Tweet can contain 120+ data items
  • 19. “It’s impossible to overstress “It’s not information overload. this: filter failure.” - Clay Shirky. It’s 80% of the work in any data project is in cleaning the data.” - DJ Patil, former LinkedIn Chief Scientist
  • 20. We enable companies to operationalize their social analytics Real Time + Historic
  • 21. We partner with social networks to consume their public data in real-time and historically. We provide enterprises with an advanced social data mining platform to extract data for analysis.
  • 22. What does social data look like? We do this You do this #DigitalMarketingShow
  • 23. What can Social Data tell you? a. Known Knowns b. Known Unknowns c. Unknown Unknowns
  • 24. BBC uses Social Data to grow audience for ‘Africa’ #sdwk13
  • 25. Dell uses Social to Improve Products Increased Customer Loyalty by 39% 38,000 Social posts every day on Dell Measure Net Promoter Score across 37 Product-Lines 150 Metrics influence Social Advocacy Score Product-Teams Proactively Respond to Issues #sdwk13
  • 26. Brands use Social to Identify Opinion Makers Influencer Modeling in HD Identify conversations around a focused topic Track key topics and influencers that are leading and influencing 25 #sdwk13
  • 27. Social Loyalty Social Innovators are starting to connect the dots between your Social + Customer Identity 26 26 #sdwk13
  • 28. The Race to Understand the Customer Social has Massive Potential Social Data is not an island Platforms emerging to analyze + integrate