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  • How many marketeers are there in the room? <br /> How many of you are familiar with the term “inbound marketing”? <br />
  • Started developing “online communities” in 2000 <br /> Mixture of marketing, product and social media skills <br />
  • S4S – founded by Doug Richard, Dragon’s Den, took a US technology company (MixroGrafix) into the top 10 US technology companies <br /> Board of Alertme and Trutap <br /> Now an Advisory Board member of NACUE <br />
  • S4S provides courses for entrepreneurs on: how to start a business, the economics of new businesses (i.e. how to make money), product management, entrepreneurial marketing and how to create and manage successful teams. <br />
  • Outbound marketing = interruption marketing <br /> Characteristics: demographics, data, scattergun, irritation, low returns (&lt;1%). <br /> Restrictions include: cost!, spam filtering, popup blocking, call blocking, ad blocking (TV on demand) <br /> Success = dependent on BUDGET therefore it is largely NOT VIABLE for startups to engage in this type of marketing. <br />
  • It’s all about PUBLISHING, then OPTIMISING and SHARING <br />
  • Bottom line: P <br /> Note: Press releases are no longer for the PRESS – but for bloggers (people). <br /> Video:, <br /> Poscasts: <br /> Presentations: <br /> Articles: <br /> Press: <br />
  • Own your URL: don’t get - you can’t build value on it <br />
  • Upshot = you don’t need a link strategy if you have high quality content. <br /> CONTENT + SHARING = LINKS <br />
  • Question: <br /> What characterizes each stage? <br /> What type of money do you need at each stage? <br /> What are you trying to achieve at each stage? <br />
  • When people TRUST you and VALUE your views – they will CONNECT to you and INTRODUCE you to friends <br />
  • When people TRUST you and VALUE your views – they will CONNECT to you and INTRODUCE you to friends <br />
  • Social media is PERSONAL and builds on human relationships <br /> Thankfully, companies are made of PEOPLE <br />
  • Social media is PERSONAL and builds on human relationships <br /> Thankfully, companies are made of PEOPLE <br />
  • By contacting people at the POINT OF FAILURE – customer services becomes sales & marketing <br /> NB – Twitterific (Mac) and Twitterlicsious (Windows) = popular <br />
  • Monitoring conversations is critical online <br /> Other tools include: Google Alerts, Twitter search, Technorati search etc. <br />

Marketingpresentation2 090507043158-phpapp01 Marketingpresentation2 090507043158-phpapp01 Presentation Transcript

  • Inbound Marketing Luke Brynley-Jones Copyright Douglas Richard, Ltd. 2008
  • About me  Founder of etribes – social media consultancy in 2000  and mashup* events  Head of Product at Trutap  Social networking consultant with Brando Social Managing Director at School for Startups
  • School for Startups
  • School for Startups  The Six Rules for Startups (London, 15th June)  How to Make Money: Funding. Investment. Revenue. Profit (London, 22nd June)  Student event with NACUE in the autumn Register @
  • Inbound Marketing Copyright Douglas Richard, Ltd. 2008
  • Outbound Marketing  Advertising  Mailings (including emailings)  Cold calling  Trade shows  TV  Radio Success depends on: £££££££££££
  • Inbound Marketing Helping customers to find you  Publishing (e.g. blogging)  Optimising (i.e. SEO)  Sharing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg) Success depends on: knowledge/activity/creativity/popularity
  • What and where to publish? Whatever you have, wherever you can        Blog Video Podcast Photos Presentations White papers News releases        Blogger / Typepad YouTube / Vimeo Flickr / Facebook
  • Blogging  On average blogs for small businesses get 200-300% more traffic than their websites  Start early / Engage / Gather feedback  Ensure you own your URL  Titles: amusing / enticing / SEO-friendly  Topics: knowledge / experience / other blogs / reviews / lists!  Frequency: once a week or more
  • Blogging success?  Subscribers  Visitors  Comments  Blog rank  Inbound links Comments/links on a per-article basis
  • Search Engine Optimisation Helping search engines to read your site  25% of SEO is “On-page”  Page title, description, URLs, headers, copy, meta data  75% of SEO is “Off-page”  Links = quality of linker + link description People link to high quality content
  • Successful SEO High quality optimised content More inbound links & traffic Higher search engine ranking
  • Social Media Marketing "The purpose of conversation is to create and improve understanding, not for one party to “deliver messages” to the other. That would be rude”. ‘The Cluetrain Manifesto’ Markets are Conversations
  • How to use social media Doing what you would do at a business networking event – only online.  Find interesting people and listen  Give and receive advice  Meet people and make introductions Value / trust / introductions
  • Sharing everything…  Blog comments (on your blog and others)  Forum posts (relevant communities)  Micro-blog posts (Twitter/Facebook)  Get rated (Digg/Reddit/Stumbledupon)  Ask questions (LinkedIn)  Share links ( Help people find/recommend you
  • Personality matters…
  • And making money…
  • Customer services IS marketing
  • Brand monitoring Share of Conversation = No. of posts discussing "X" and "your company" No. of posts discussing “X"
  • Takeaway  Inbound marketing levels the playing field  Blogging, SEO & social media are critical  In social media, success depends on how much VALUE you provide  Customer services IS marketing  Monitoring conversations is key Success now depends on activity, creativity, sociability and knowledge
  • Thank you Luke Brynley-Jones Copyright Douglas Richard, Ltd. 2008