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Some of the Slide share presentations were ceated by others. The are all with looking at and studying. I am also Stephen Darori on Linkedin. If you think we may have some Synergy Now or maybe in the Future, then do send me an Invitation to Connect and then follow it up with an inmail. 3XC Global Partners Group of which I am Managing Partner is always looking for Outsourced Service Providers , all over the world.. As a Linkedin Open Networker, I will never , "IDK- I don't know" an Invitation

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Innovatinginnovationwebtools 090803123037-phpapp01

  1. 1. Innovating Innovation Web Tools Paul Schumann June 11, 2009
  2. 2. Tools • Software – Networking platform (Ning) – Wiki platform (WetPaint) – Audio/video conferencing (Skype) – Web conferencing – Social network updating (Ping) – Microblogging (Twitter/Twibe) – Internet radio (TalkShoe)? – Video channel (YouTube)? – Google docs? – Instant messaging? • Hardware – Broadband – Headset – Web cam
  3. 3. Functions Private Public Ning Others’ work, Our finished or draft work, Chat Questions, discussions, document creation WetPaint Discussions Invited audio conferences Public audio conferences Skype Web conferencing Work sessions Invited seminars Open seminars PR and Marketing Microblogging
  4. 4. Ning • • • • • • • • • • • Platform Graphic interface Template driven Customization Little or no programming required Hosted with ads (free) Option to host yourself or with no ads (cost) Privacy options Support Networking 1,000,000+ networks • Features – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Text RSS feeds Blog Videos Audio Pictures/Graphics Forum Chat room Events Groups Members’ pages Ability to embed Ability to upload attachments Widgets/gadgets • http://innovatinginnovation.ning. com
  5. 5. Guidelines • • • • Make your page rich (with photo) Stay with the Ning normal formatting Give attribution and link for every article Try not to publish an entire article from someone else (abstract and link) • Use SlideShare to embed presentations • Update social networks
  6. 6. WetPaint • • • • • • • • • Wiki Platform Template driven Customization Little or no programming required Hosted with ads (free) Option to host yourself or with no ads (cost) Privacy options Support http://innovatinginnovation • Features – – – – – – – – – Hierarchical hyperlinked text Simple text editing Simple formatting Pages can contain links (internal & external), pictures/graphics, v ideos, tables, widgets Page revision history Threads with discussion Watch page (option) Keyword tags Add attachments
  7. 7. Guidelines • Put whatever you want in your profile page • Use WetPaint normal formatting • Don’t erase something someone else has done unless we’re in the document preparation mode • Sign each entry with first name (and last name initial if required) • Use line spaces and *** between entries • Stay disciplined and on topic. Create a new topic or question, or open a new thread instead.
  8. 8. Let’s Get Started • Try it. You’ll like it. • If you don’t, we’ll change it. • Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. These are easy to correct or change. • Experiment. Play with the tools. • Go to their help sections, or contact me for help – 512.632.6586 – paul.schumann (Skype) – paul.schumann (Windows Live Messenger)