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Some of these SlideShare Presentations were not developed b me. However all are certainly worth having a look at.I am Stephen Darori on Linkedin. My Profile is one of the few Profiles that has been tagged both as a Power Profile and all Star Profile and one of the few outside the Mountain View Linkedin Campus. If you think after looking at my Linkedin Profile that we have now or could have in the future some synergy , please send me an invitation to connect and then after we are connected follow it up with an inmail. I am an Open Networker and with never IDK ( I don't know and invitation to connect on Linkedin or any other Social Media site.

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Facebookprivacysettings 100617154339-phpapp02

  1. 1. Privacy Settings
  2. 2. Privacy Settings Sort Friends into Lists  Establish Privacy Settings Based on lists or individual people  Make Individual Wall Postings (or your entire wall) “Private”  Preview and Test Privacy Settings 
  3. 3. Lists Facebook allows you to organize your friends into lists. Although lists aren’t just for privacy, sorting Facebook friends into lists makes it MUCH easier to manage privacy settings!   You can create as many lists as you like. Friends can belong to many different lists. While this information will provide you with examples and steps for creating lists, you are the best judge of which lists you should create and use for sorting your Facebook friends.
  4. 4. Lists Examples Might include:  Friends (ACTUAL Friends)  Family  Coworkers  Acquaintances  Church Friends  Censored Work  Censored Family/Friends  Wierdos  Boys/Girls I have a crush on…
  5. 5. Friends? All friends are NOT created equal! Facebook Friend = Connection on Facebook. You know them, or at least (hopefully) you know who they are, but probably you don’t want them to know your every secret or private business. Actual Friend = People you actually know, trust and talk to on a very, extremely regular basis. They would still be your friends, even if Facebook never existed. It’s probably OK for your Actual Friends to see your personal information.
  6. 6. Lists Start by sorting your facebook “friends” into lists. There are two different types of lists: “Show” Lists “Hide-From” Lists
  7. 7. Censored Lists Show Lists are pretty obvious. Most of your lists will be “Show” lists. Hide-From Lists are groups of people that you may want to HIDE some information from. (I call these my “Censored” lists)
  8. 8. Lists: Here’s How it’s Done Under “Account” Click Edit Friends
  9. 9. Lists Click All Friends
  10. 10. Lists Hover the Cursor to get this, or click Create a List. I blurred my friends’ info to protect their privacy!
  11. 11. Privacy Settings Now that your friends are organized into lists, privacy settings are a piece of cake!
  12. 12. Privacy Settings Click on Privacy Settings under Account
  13. 13. Privacy Settings Set Privacy for Basic Directory Information – Click View Settings These settings will determine how people who are not your friends can see and find you on Facebook.
  14. 14. Basic Directory Privacy Settings These settings determine what ANYONE can see, even if they’re not your Facebook friend. Click Each Option to Set Privacy for Basic Directory Information
  15. 15. Basic Directory Privacy Settings Who can Search for you on Facebook? Want to connect with everyone you’ve ever known? Go with “Everyone.” If you’re EXTREMELY private and don’t want anyone to be able to find you on Facebook, go with “Friends Only.” (Only the people you’re ALREADY connected to on Facebook will be able to find you in a search.)
  16. 16. Basic Directory Privacy Settings
  17. 17. Basic Directory Privacy Settings
  18. 18. Basic Directory Privacy Settings When you’re finished, click Back to Privacy.
  19. 19. Privacy Settings Click on Custom Settings
  20. 20. Privacy Settings See Specific Privacy Settings Summary here. Click on each box to customize settings.
  21. 21. Privacy Settings Customize Each Setting. Click Custom in the drop-down box to choose the lists or individual people you want to allow to see this information.
  22. 22. Privacy Settings Make visible to these people/lists Hide from these people/lists Choose Specific People from the drop-down box and type in the names of specific lists or people in the box below.
  23. 23. Privacy Settings Be sure to click here and set up privacy for all of your photo albums (ie: for both privacy AND safety, maybe only friends and family can see pics of the kids or the
  24. 24. Privacy Settings: Photos For each photo album, decide who you want (or don’t want) to see your pictures. Click customize to choose friends/lists.
  25. 25. Privacy Settings: Wall Posts You can also make Wall Posts private. Click the little padlock to select specific lists or people who can see (or not see) what you post on your wall!
  26. 26. Privacy Settings: Wall Posts Make visible to these people/lists Hide from these people/lists Type in the names of specific lists or
  27. 27. Privacy Settings: Preview Use Preview My Profile to Test your Privacy Settings
  28. 28. Chat Check out what the lists do to your chat box! Click the on/off switches to be online with certain lists, and be offline with other lists. Did you notice? Lists aren’t just for privacy! Use them to determine who is able to see you as “available” in chat.
  29. 29. Fun with Lists Lists also make it easier to: • Send Messages • Send Event Invitations
  30. 30. Questions?