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  • So the first thing we look at is likes (# of fans) – I’m not a big believer in this as metrics to track, but it’s a starting point.That is a poor proxy for Active users, luckily that’s right thereIt’s also good to look at actual page views
  • Much more valuable than fan counts; an active community is something you can more often leverage
  • Transcript

    • 1. Facebook Analytics How to track and analyze your data; What matters & why it matters Adam Covati Founder, CTO ArgyleSocial @covati @covati
    • 2. Adam @Covati ArgyleSocial Enterprise, Email & Social Media Marketing @covati
    • 3. You have a page, now what? Let’s Get Measuring @covati
    • 4. Measure what? • What the heck are we doing? • Are we measuring or analyzing? @covati
    • 5. Data points are pointless • Data isn’t as important as information • Your data needs to tell a story • What story do you want to tell? @covati
    • 6. Is Facebook ‘working’ for me? • Define ‘working’ – Lots of fans – Active community – Driving traffic – Buying / Converting • We measure to prove a point @covati
    • 7. What data can we use? • Facebook Insights – Interaction data – Demographic data • Web Analytics • Third party sources – Click tracking – Collateral Metrics @covati
    • 8. Let’s work through some examples @covati
    • 9. Growing your likes/fans @covati
    • 10. Hides … who knew? • Not available in Facebook Insights • You can see it if you post via your own app @covati
    • 11. Building an Active Community @covati
    • 12. Driving More Traffic • Web Analytics – Referrers are your friends • Third Party Sources – Youtube – Click tracking tools @covati
    • 13. Referral Traffic • Blue = Facebook • Orange = ???? – Typey, typey – Mobile Apps – Tweetdeck, etc • Use URL Parameters URL parameters allow you to truly know what Facebook is doing for you: e.g. @covati
    • 14. Insights on your website • Track social plugins: FB Website Insights @covati
    • 15. Third Party Sources • Collateral Inferred Traffic – Youtube views – Landing pages just for FB links • Click/Traffic Tracking tools –,, @covati
    • 16. Click/Traffic Tracking @covati
    • 17. Increasing Conversions - ROI • Build on top of referral data – Google Goals – Track URL parameters in lead/conversion forms • Special landing pages for FB promotions – All conversions assumed from Facebook • Third party ROI tracking tools @covati
    • 18. Goal Tracking Over Time @covati
    • 19. Goal Tracking Over Time @covati
    • 20. Traffic vs. ROI @covati
    • 21. But how can I do better? Deeper understanding from data comparisons @covati
    • 22. Bringing in more people • Look at your user demographics • This can tell you: – How to advertise – What to post about – What else? • How does this differ from the demographics you see elsewhere? @covati
    • 23. # Posts vs. % Feedback • If you increase post do you see: – More feedback (comments, post likes) – Less feedback – Increase in Likes (new fans) – More unsubscribes (fatigue setting in) • Where are optimal posting levels? @covati
    • 24. For example… • More posts, doesn’t always mean more clicks @covati
    • 25. Per post performance • Look at how posts perform by type – Audio – Video – Topical types • Per post analysis is problematic @covati
    • 26. Monitor by Campaign Click Traffic – Campaign #1 Click Traffic – Campaign #2 @covati
    • 27. Traffic vs. Sales (over time) • Look at increases in traffic, but don’t forget to watch if that correlates to conversions • A bump in traffic without a bump in sales may mean you are bringing in the wrong people @covati
    • 28. Test, Test, Test • With a base of data, you can try new things • Change one thing, measure, repeat • Think about why you are testing @covati
    • 29. Thanks! Adam Covati Founder, CTO ArgyleSocial @covati @covati