Online Responsibility for Teens


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Preventing Cyberbullying & Safety from Online Predators

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Online Responsibility for Teens

  1. 1. Online Responsibility Preventing Cyberbullying & Safety from Online Predators
  2. 2. Bullying vs. Cyberbullying Bullying  At school or in public only  In person  Smaller audience  You know the bully  Small group of participants Cyberbullying  Continues at home  From a distance  Large audience  Can be anonymous  Many participants
  3. 3. What is Cyberbullying? The use of electronic communication to harass, threaten or intimidate. Difficult to track and difficult to stop. Can include threats, insults, racial slurs, LGBTQ shaming, unauthorized access (hacking), disruption or denial of service
  4. 4. Question Why do you think cyberbullying might be worse than bullying?
  5. 5. Electronic Communication Text Messages Email Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Snapchat Vine Kik Yik Yak WhatsApp Omegle Yo Wanelo Ooovoo Viber Pheed  Whisper  imgur
  6. 6. Question What are some examples of electronic communication that you use?
  7. 7. Types of Cyberbullying Flaming Harassment Denigration Impersonation Outing and Trickery Exclusion Cyberstalking
  8. 8. Flaming & Harassment Flaming online fights with angry and vulgar language HARASSMENT repeated offensive, rude or insulting messages
  9. 9. Denigration & Impersonation Denigrationspreading cruel gossip or rumors, turning real people into memes Impersonation “catfishing” or hacking to pretend to be someone else
  10. 10. Outing/Trickery & Exclusion Outing/Trickerysharing a secret or tricking someone into sharing a secret Exclusion intentionally excluding someone from an online group
  11. 11. Cyberstalking Any repeated online activity that makes someone feel unsafe. Such as crossing platforms, contacting from multiple accounts, circumventing blocks, ignoring requests to cease communication, etc.
  12. 12. Question Can you give some examples of the different types of cyberbullying?
  13. 13. Why do we cyberbully? Attention Retaliation Entertainment Vengeance Carelessness Sheeple
  14. 14. Question If you have participated in the past, what are the reasons you may have cyberbullied?
  15. 15. Impact of Cyberbullying Lower grades Poor sleep Lower quality of life Troubled relationships Self medicating Lashing out Psychological issues Suicide
  16. 16. Question How has cyberbullying impacted your life or the lives of your friends?
  17. 17. What can YOU do? Teachers and parents aren’t enough. You are the only one that can make a difference. We need one another, we are part of a community.
  18. 18. Target of Cyberbullying 1. Tell them to stop. 2. Ignore, block or delete. 3. Save evidence. 4. Seek support from friends and family. 5. Contact parents, school or police.
  19. 19. Witness to Cyberbullying 1. Be courageous 2. Be supportive 3. Be a leader
  20. 20. Courage “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
  21. 21. Remember Cyberbullying is a crime, you can go to jail for it. Suicide is permanent. School is temporary. What kind of community do you want to create? What kind of community do you deserve to live in?
  22. 22. Safety from Online Predators Protect your information Monitor your friends list Assume every stranger is not who they claim to be Confirm communication by voice
  23. 23. Protect Your Information First name only public profiles Region only public profiles Avoid unique identifiers public posts Understand privacy settings No public posts tied to private information
  24. 24. Question Give some examples of public, public and private, and private online communications.
  25. 25. Monitor Your Friends List Never assume you know someone. Mutual friends aren’t proof. If you aren’t sure, don’t add.
  26. 26. You Can Be Anyone You Want Online So can they.
  27. 27. Confirm Communication by Voice Hackers can gain access to your friends accounts. Don’t trust any purely online message for meetings, appointments, personal information or important data.
  28. 28. Questions Any questions?