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Teaching Candidate E Pack I S S U U



Teacher candidate pre-interview information on the terms and conditions, requirements and procedures to follow pre and post arrival.

Teacher candidate pre-interview information on the terms and conditions, requirements and procedures to follow pre and post arrival.



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Teaching  Candidate  E  Pack  I S S U U Teaching Candidate E Pack I S S U U Presentation Transcript

  •                          TABLE  OF  CONTENTS  PAGE  3   INDEPENDENCE          FREEDOM            HAPPINESS                  PICTORIAL  INTRODUCTION  PAGE  5   A  PICTURE  BOARD  OF  LANGUAGE  LINK  VIETNAM  PAGE  6   THE  COURSES  WE  OFFER  PAGE  7   ESSENTIAL  AND  DESIRABLE  REQUIREMENTS  PAGE  8   TEACHER  SELECTION  PROCESS  PAGE  9   OVIA    VIDEO  INTERVIEW  OVERVIEW   Language   Link   Vietnam   (LLV)   is   the   premium   English   Language   school   in   Hanoi   and   the   north   of  PAGE  10   APPLICATION  LINKS     Vietnam   and   our   excellent   reputa;on   extends   to   all  sectors  of  Vietnamese  society  and  the  business  PAGE  11   QUALITIES  WE  SEEK  &  SAFER  RECRUITMENT   community.    PAGE  12   FULL-­‐TIME  CONTRACT  BENEFITS   LLV   offers   a   highly   professional   approach   to   our  PAGE  13   VISA  APPLICATIONS  AND  ARRIVAL   training   programs   so   maintaining   the   highest   standards  of  service  to  our  students.  PAGE  14   HR  AND  ACADEMIC  INDUCTIONS  PAGE  15   Two  Month  ProbaLonary  Period   With   a   relaxing,   comfortable   and   academically   sound  teaching  and  learning  environment  we  aim  PAGE  16   THE  STRUCTURED  PROBATION  SCHEDULE   to   aDract   the   best   English   language   teaching   professionals.   A   highly   compe;;ve   remunera;on  PAGE  17   WHERE  WILL  I  LIVE  –  HOUSING  ADVISE   package   and   excellent   professional   development  PAGE  18   WEBSITES  FOR  INSIGHTS   opportuni;es  make  LLV  the  employer  of  choice.  PAGE  19     POSSIBLE  CHANGES  IN  THE  YEAR  AHEAD   Good  luck  with  your  applica;on!  Page  20   POLICE  CLEARANCE  CERTIFICATES   LLV  Human  ResourcesPage  21   WHERE  WE  ARE  IN  HANOI   Copyright:  Any  pictures  used  in  this  document  that  are  not  the  property  of  LLV  have  been  taken  from  internet  sources  and  are  presently  una^ributed.  Should  there  be  any  quesLon  over  the  right  to  re-­‐ publish  them  in  document  we  welcome  the  informaLon  and  will  immediately  comply  with  the  request  of  the  a^ributed  owner.  
  • The  E-­‐Pack  2011   is  a  reference  document  providing  valuable  informaLon  needed  for  the  prospecLve  Language   Link   Vietnam   (LLV)   teacher   to   navigate   the   selecLon   process   and     if   successful,   arrive   in   Hanoi  knowing   that   you   will   be   welcomed   at   your   airport   of   arrival,   taken   to   an   excellent   mid-­‐range   hotel   and  thereaeer  looked  aeer  and  guided  by  the  years  of  experience  available  to  them  at  LLV.    HCMC   in   the   south   carries   the   countries   commercial   traffic   providing   a   range   of   different   challenges   and  opportuniLes,   so   if   the   Lming   is   right   we   may   be   able   to   offer   opportuniLes   for   the   corporate   English  specialist.  The   daily   hustle   and   bustle   is   not   for   the   faint   hearted,   with   the   decibel   level   increasing   from   sunrise.   With  some   ‘Siesta’   respite   from   noon     unLl   2pm,   then   up   again   unLl   the   shu^ers   come   down   on   another  challenging  yet  charming  fusion  of  everything  that  life  has  to  offer.  Share  with  us  the  amazing  culture  and  adventure  that  is  Viet  Nam.    What  do  we  look  for  in  our  potenLal  teachers  and  what  do  you  need  to  do  to  join  the  team  at  Language  Link?.  Next  we  explain  the  applicaLon  process,  the  requirements  and  what  we  offer  in  return.  Let’s  see  what  we  deliver  and  who  we  want  to  do  it.                                                                                                                              Welcome  to  Vietnam                                                                                
  • ‘Our  aim  is  to  remain  the  No1  English  language  service  provider  in  Vietnam  by  crea;ng  career   and  life  opportuni;es  for  everyone  with  a  desire  to  learn  and  improve  themselves.’     THE  ANNUAL     TALENT  SHOW   CORPORATE   BUSINESS  EXAMS   IFY  -­‐ACADEMICS   CLASS  HIGH  ENERGY    ADULT  ENGLISH  FLUENCY   THE  ENGLISH  OLYMPICS   SCHOOLS-­‐LINK  AND  YOUNG  LEARNERS   CULTURE  -­‐  LINK  
  • RECRUITMENT  PROCESS   ESSENTIAL  REQUIREMENTS  &                                                                                          DESIRABLE  QUALIFICATIONS   DESIRABLE  QUALIFICATIONS     Masters  in  TEFL  /  TESOL  /  LinguisLcs  /  EducaLonal  management  /  EducaLonal  Technologies     Cambridge  DELTA     3-­‐4  Years  of  post  qualificaLon  teaching  (Overseas  only  and  not  including  Language  Link  Graduates  from  other  countries)     CELTYL  or  other  recognized  Young  Learner  qualificaLon     PGCE/PGDE  in  primary  or  secondary  educaLon     Current  knowledge  of  IT  based  training  soluLons,  Blended  Learning  course  development  and  management     Recruitment  and  Human  Resource  Management  in  EducaLon     Experience  in  corporate  soe  skills  training  
  • STAGE  1   STAGE  2   STAGE  3  
  • www.llv.edu.vnJusLn.setonbrowne@languagelink.vn     recruit@languagelink.vn     recruitment@languagelink.edu.vn    
  • 1.             Candidates  elecLng  the  video  interview  will  receive  priority  consideraLon   2.              The  whole  process  is  explained  very  clearly  once  the  link  has  been  acLvated     3.              All  medium  of  applicaLon  will  be  assessed  equally  Should  any  technical  problems  occur  that  you  feel  have  disadvantaged  your  interview  and  these  are  confirmed  by  the  provider  any  future  applicaLon  will  be  given   priority  consideraLon.
  • T HE   Q UALITIES   WE   WOULD   L IKE   YOU   TO   HAVE                                                                                                                                      &  T HE   S AFER   R ECRUITMENT   P OLICY  We  do  not  have  an  official  partnership  with  the  CWDC  but  have  adopted  their  policy  and  processes  to  ensure  we  are  taking  the  necessary  steps  to  protect  the  children  under  our  charge.  Should  there  be  any  grounds  to  suspect  that  a  teacher  presents  a  risk  to  any  of  our  students  there  are  formal  policies  and  reporLng  processes  in  place  both  locally  and  internaLonally.       These  procedures  will  be  implemented  without  hesitaLon  should  the  circumstances  dictate.   SHOULD  YOU  WISH  TO  KNOW  MORE  DETAILS  ABOUT  THE  SAFER  RECRUITMENT  POLICY  THEN  PLEASE  DO  NOT  HESITATE  TO  REVIEW  THEIR  WEBSITE  OR  ASK  AT  INTERVIEW  
  • THE  1  YEAR  FULL-­‐TIME  PACKAGE  BENEFITS   Overseas  candidates  are  required  to  agree  a  minimum  tenure  of  1  year.  6  Months  Full-­‐Pme  and  Part-­‐Time  contracts  are  available  to  local  candidates  only.  
  • ARRIVING  IN  VIETNAM    The  majority  of  new  arrivals  to  Vietnam  touch  down  in  either  Noi-­‐Bai  -­‐  Hanoi  or  Tan  Son  Nhat  in  HCMC,  It  is  also  possible  to  arrive  by  flight  internaLonal  in  Danang.  These  are  at  the  Lme  of  wriLng  the  only  three  ports  of  entry  where  you  can  collect  a  ‘Visa  on  Arrival’.  HOW  DO  I  GET  A  VISA?  If  recruited  from  outside  of  Vietnam  then  LLV  will  act  as  sponsor  for  your  entry  visa  you  will  be  given  a  choice  whether  to  collect  the  visa  at  a  Vietnamese  Embassy  which  is  most  convenient  for  you  or  ‘on  arrival’  at  one  of  the  above  menLoned  airports.  The  ‘on  arrival’  visa  cannot  be  collected  at  a  land  crossing  point  of  entry.  To  facilitate  this  process  the  applicant  must  have  provided  scanned  copies  of  their  passport  informaLon  page  and  all  relevant  qualificaLons  to  the  post.  Occasionally  there  is  a  limited  number  of  ‘on  arrival’  visas  available  and  permission  for  it  to  be  issued  at  the  airport  is  not  granted.  This  situaLon  fluctuates  but  we  will  be  able  to  provide  the  best  advice  at  the  Lme  of  need.  EMBASSY:-­‐   The   easiest   way   to   find   out   exactly   what   is   required   is   to   find   the   website   for   the   embassy   you   are   elecLng   to   use   and   follow   the   instrucLons   therein.     Each   embassy  charges  different  rates  for  all  their  visa  transacLons  so  please  remember  to  ASK  for  a  receipt  with  an  official  embassy  stamp.  You  will  have  a  le^er  of  sponsorship  from  LLV  so  please  remember  to  take  this  and  your  applicaLon  should  be  expediLous.  You  will  receive  a  3  month    B2  class  mulLple  entry  visa.ON  ARRIVAL:-­‐  This  service  is  usually  very  efficient  and  may  add  no  more  than  15  to  30  minutes  onto  your  arrival  Lme.  You  should  remember  to  have  the  le^er  provided  by  LLV  and  four  (4)  passport  sized  photos  with  you.  Also  very  important,  you  will  have  no  Vietnamese  currency  at  this  point  or  access  to  any,  so  please  remember  to  have  about  $100USD  in  your  pocket  on  arrival.  The  visa  should  only  cost  $60,  the  rest  is  just  in  case  you  arrive  and  cannot  use  your  cards  or  cash  travelers  cheques  for  whatever  reason.   THESE  LINKS  WILL  HELP  NAVIGATE  THE  PROCESS                                              www.embassiesabroad.com                                                                                                                                              www.vietnam-­‐embassy.org                www.embassyworld.com    AIRPORT  COLLECTION  ON  ARRIVAL  AND  HOTEL  LLV   will   organize   a   hotel   for   about   the   first   10   nights   of   your   stay   in   Hanoi   or   HCMC   or   to   the   value   of   $200.   We   have   arrangements   with   hotels   and   guesthouses   that   we   have   been  using  for  some  years  and  the  account  is  se^led  directly  by  us.  The  taxi  collecLon  at  the  airport  is  part  of  the  hotel  service  and  you  don’t  have  to  pay  for  that  either.  You  can  Lp  if  you  feel  the  service  merits.  IMPORTANT   NOTE   If   you   arrive   in   Vietnam   by   other   means   overland   then   we   cannot   provide   collecLon   service,   nor   do   we   provide   an   allowance   of   any   kind.   If   for   example   you  arrived  in  Hanoi  and  chose  to  stay  at  a  hotel  that  we  do  not  have  a  partnership  agreement  with  you  will  have  to  obtain  a  ‘red  tax  receipt’  bearing  our  official  company  name  and  tax  number.  You  will  then  receive  the  amount  spent,  up  to  $200  taxed  in  your  final  salary  cheque.  This  can  be  done  but  is  Lme  consuming.  Technically  you  could  have  a  couple  of  nights  in  the  Hilton  if  that’s  what  suited  you  but  not  recommended  unless  you  have  somewhere  organized  to  live  aeerwards.  Depending  on  when  and  from  where  you  arrived,  allowing  for  some   personal   Lme   to   recover,   your   recruiter   or   the   recruitment   manager   will   come   and   meet   you   within   48hrs   at   your   hotel   to   make   sure   everything   is   ok   and   to   explain   the   next  step,  INDUCTION  
  • INDUCTION  There  are  two  stages  to  a  new  teachers  inducLon.  HR  and  Academic.    Aeer  the  iniLal  introducLons  at  the  hotel  your  recruiter  will  tell  you  when  you  are  expected  at  the  school  for  your  academic  inducLon  and  make  arrangements  to  meet  you  at  head  office  for  contract  signing,  administraLon  and  HR  inducLon.  If  Lming  and  schedule  requirements  permit  the  inducLon  process  for  both  HR  and      Academic  can  be  completed  in  the  same  day  but  this  is  highly  unlikely.    The  iniLal  inducLon  in  total,  including  2  class  observaLons,    should  take  about  6  hours.                        HR  documentaLon  and  introducLons  about  2hrs    or  longer  for  local  recruits  who  have  not  had  the  opportunity  to  review  all  the  details                    Academic/Teachers  Room  about  3hrs                      2  x  Class  ObservaLons                                        3hrs  =  6hrs.              The  inducLon  process  is  currently  under  review  and  is  likely  to  be  extended  to  one  weeks  duraLon  which  will  include  a  social  and  cultural  orientaLon  as  well  as  more  class  observaLons  and  input  specifically  aimed  at  both  Young  Learners  and  Academic  English  if  Lme  permits.  Most  of  this  orientaLon  is  unpaid  but  if  during  this  period  the  new  teacher  is  actually  required  to  teach  then  they  will  be  paid  on  the  agreed  basis  as  normal.  Other  expenses  are  being  considered  to  assist  the  teacher  during  this  orientaLon  period.  Human  Resources    -­‐      TEACHER  NEEDS  TO  PROVIDE   1.  Original  copy  of  graduate  qualificaLon  and  notarized  copy  from  Embassy   2.  Original  copy  of  teaching  cerLficate  and  notarized  copy  from  Embassy   3.  If  required    (less  than  6  months  in  country)  an  original  copy  of  Enhanced  police  clearance  cerLficate  and  notarized  copy  from  Embassy   4.  Passport  to  copy  both  informaLon  page  and  visa     5.  Driving  license  or  other  official  document  showing  address  in  home  country  for  opening  bank  account  with  HSBC   6.  A  housing  contract    (when  established)     7.                    Local  police  registraLon  cerLficate   8.                    A  work  permit  medical  at  approved  hospital.  SOS,  French,  Korean  Friendship,  Bac  Mai.      Human  Resources    -­‐        WILL  PROVIDE  OR  ASSIST  WITH   1.  LLV  Service  Agreement                    x2      Both  retained  unLl  signed  by  General  Manager  and  company  stamped,  1  returned.     2.  Labour  Law  Contract                            x2      Both  retained  unLl  signed  by  General  Manager  and  company  stamped,  1  returned.     3.  Liberty  Insurance  contract        x1      Even  if  you  have  your  own  travel  or  medical  insurance  we  require  that  you  sign.     4.  HSBC  Banking  ApplicaLon          x1      Driving  license  or  other  officially  issued  photo  ID  with  overseas  address  required.     5.  Tax  Number  ApplicaLon                x1      Passport  sized  photo     6.  Emergency  Contact  Details      x1      Just  in  case  we  have  to  contact  friends  or  family  back  home  for  any  reason.     7.  Embassy  registraLon                            x1      This  is  not  a  compulsory  measure  but  very  reassuring  to  know  it  has  been  done.     8.  Teachers  Handbook  -­‐  THB                          The  Bible  for  contract  interpretaLon,  Discipline  and  Grievance  Procedures  –  DROPBOX  Link  provided  
  • THE  2  MONTH  PROBATIONARY  PERIOD  Every  ini;al  contract,  full-­‐;me  or  part-­‐;me,  has  a  two  month  proba;onary  period   (this  can  be  extended  by  one  or  two  months  if  it  is  felt  that  their  is  a  very  good  chance  the  teacher  will  resolve  any  problems  they  may  have  been  having).  This  is  a  period  of  direct  assessment  by  the  school  on  the  teacher  and  by  the  teacher  on  the  school.    During  this  ;me  your  line  manager’s  the  Director  of  Studies  (DOS)  or  Academic  Coordinator  (AC)    will  observe  your  teaching  to  make  sure  that  the  standard  meets  both  our  expecta;ons  and  the  students.  The  criteria  will  be  made  very  clear  during  your  ini;al  induc;on  and  can  be  referenced  in  the  Teachers  Handbook  (THB)  The  selec;on  procedure  helps  to  ensure  that  almost  all  teachers  will  naturally  exceed  the  minimum  level  of  acceptable  service  delivery  but  there  are  always  a  few,  who  for  many  different  reasons,  find  it  difficult  to  deliver  to  the  standards  required.    LLV   is   very   clear   in   it’s   policy   on   academic   support   and   professional   development.   If   we   can   improve,   we   will.   So   for   those   teachers   who   have   some   skills   that   need   some   polishing,   a  structured   development   plan   will   be   offered   and   as   we   also   like   to   say   at   LLV,     ‘Prac;ce   Makes   Perfect’.   Within   your   proba;on   there   is   a   clear   ;meline   and   if   aZer   several   input  sessions,  further  observa;ons  by  more  senior  members  of  staff,  the  Senior  DOS  or  the  Teacher  Trainer,  the  teacher  has  not  been  able  to  achieve  what  is  required  then  we  have  to  rescind  the  contract.  This  is  rare.  LLV  schools  employ  a  mentoring  system  for  all  new  teachers,  experienced  or  not..  When  you  arrive  for  your  academic  induc;on  you  are    assigned  a  teacher  who  has  shown  themselves  suitable   to   act   as   a   mentor   i.e.   they   have   been   with   LLV   some   years,   their   standard   of   teaching   exceeds   our   expecta;ons   and   we   are   very   happy   for   them   to   be   sharing   their   experience  and  knowledge  with  younger  less  experienced  teachers  or  sal;ng  some  from  more  experienced  teachers.  There  truly  are  a  101  reasons  for  not  delivering  to  standard  and  they  are  not  all  academic.  We  understand  how  difficult  it  can  be  to  relocate  and  seDle  into  a  new  city  and  job  at  the  same  ;me.  We  have  all  been  there  so  please  do  not  hesitate  to  ask  anyone  who  works  for  us,  for  the  help  you  need  or  to  find  out  where  it  can  be  provided.  Someone  will  be  able  to  help,  of  that  there  is  no  doubt,  given  the  breadth  and  depth  of  experience  in  the  teachers  rooms.  Proba;on  is  a  two  way  process,  in  fact  you  could  say  we  are  constantly  on  proba;on,  so  it  is  also  a  ;me  for  you  to  assess  us  and  decide  if  we  live  up  to  your  expecta;ons.  If  you  think  there  are  areas  of  weakness  that  we  need  to  polish,  we  welcome  your  input  and  of  course  with  open  arms  if  you  can  provide  an  appropriate  solu;on.  At  the  end  of  the  proba;onary  period  you  will  have  the  opportunity  to  complete  a  (Proba;on  Comple;on  Survey)   which  is  designed  to  help  our  organiza;onal  development,  in-­‐turn  helping  to  provide  an  all-­‐round  improved  experience  for  both  the  teacher  and  the  students.  You  then  qualify  for  your  minimum  guaranteed  70  hrs  per  month  whether  you  work  them  or  not  and  a  well  deserved  holiday.     AZer   six   months   you   should   have   a   mini-­‐appraisal   with   your   DOS   to   confirm   that   everything   is   on   track   and   you   qualify   for   your   hourly   rate   increase.   Then   in   another   six   moths  you  will  have  a  chat  with  both  your  line  manager  and  the  HR  recruitment  team  and  asked  to  complete  the    ‘Contract  Comple;on  Survey’  .  No  ’Name  Box’  here  so  complete  honesty  is  encouraged  and  again  the  results  are  intended  for  professional  development  purposes  only  (soon  to  be  delivered  by  e-­‐mail  to  your  LLV  G-­‐Mail  account  for  compleKon  and  direct  return  online).  Further  administra;on    and  procedures  will  be  explained  throughout  your  proba;on  and  full-­‐support  for  obtaining  your  work  permit  provided.  Please  never  hesitate  to  contact  the  LLV  HR    staff  at  any;me  if  required.  
  • STRUCTURED  AND  SUPPORTIVE  PROBATIONARY  PERIOD  The  tasks  displayed  are  simply  examples  and  are  not  fixed  due  to  the  need  for  flexibility  and  exisLng  skills  and  experience  of  the  teacher  
  • Where  will  I  live                                                                and  how  will  I  find  that  place  when  I  get  there?  If  hired  from  overseas  or  outside  Hanoi  or  HCMC  your  ini;al  hotel  stay,  for  about  10  nights  is  covered  by  LLV.  The   When   surfing   agents   websites   you   need   to   know   which  most  important  thing  to  remember  is  that  absolutely  EVERY  other  teacher  you  meet  at  work  or  socially  has  been   districts  are  best  for  the  school  you  will  be  working  at  through  the  same  situa;on.  Unless  they  rent  directly  from  the  owner,  THEY  KNOW  AN  AGENT.  You  are  not  alone!  Help  and  advice  is  all  around,  just  ask!     Lang  Ha  School            -­‐  Dong  Da,    Ba  Dinh  &  My  Dinh    On  the  downside,  rent  will  be  your  single  biggest  outlay  and  to  add  to  that  when  you  first  arrive,  it  is  absolutely  the  norm  to  have  to  pay  3  months  in  advance  and  another  as  deposit.    There  are  more  places  now  that  offer  clean,   Yen  Phu  School            -­‐  Tay  Ho,  Ba  Dinh,  Hoan  Kiem    func;onal,  possibly  serviced  rooms,  monthly  in  arrears  but  as  you  would  imagine  availability  is  scarce.  We  all  have  our  own  living  standards,  needs  and  expecta;ons  and  there  is  no  doubt  that  all  of  these  can  be  met  with  the  huge   Dai  Co  Viet  School  -­‐  Dong  Da,  Hai  Ba  Trung    &  Hoan  Kiem    variety   of   accommoda;on   available.   Mostly   dependent   on   budget   but   some;mes   luck,   you   can   have   everything  you  need.  Ul;mately   in   a   loca;on   so   densely   populated   we   are   paying   a   premium   for   space.   Regardless   of   age   and   www.jadehanoi.com  experience  most  of  us  need  to  know  that  we  are  going  home  to  a  place  that  lends  us  some  privacy  and  rela;ve  comfort.  Your  general  well-­‐being  is  vitally  important  both  for  your  own  good  health  and  prosperity  and  for  us  at   www.newhanoian.com  LLV  to  have  happy  well  adjusted  employees  who  are  much  more  likely  to  perform  to  their  poten;al.  We  will  help  as  much   as   we   can   before   your   arrival   and     con;nue   un;l   you   are   happily   seDled.     The   final   decision   however   will   be   www.vnhouselink.com  yours.     www.hungphathousing.com  Keep  this  simple:    Plan  on  bringing  a  minimum  of  $2000  to  make  sure  that  you  have  enough  disposable  income   www.vietlonghousing.com  un;l  your  first  salary  deposit  and  more  if  you  wish  to  find  solo  accommoda;on  quickly  aZer  arrival.   www.goldenanthousing.com  My   income?     (min   70hrs   x   $19   )   =   $1330   +   covering,   placement   tes;ng   and   development   work   –   tax   deducted  should  leave    about  $1300   www.craigslist.com/vn    What  do  I  need?    Budget  for  Rent?     Ms  Thu  -­‐  Independent                    0975636481  How  will  I  travel  to  work?    For  how  long  each  day  am  I  prepared  to  travel  to  work?     Ms  Nga    -­‐  BZ  Housing                        0914532632  Working  between  different  school  locaLons?   Long  -­‐  Company  Owner                0913212033  Apartment  or  House?    Solo  or  Share?     Dat  -­‐  Independent  Agent            0904258232                                                                                              Tell  agents,  colleagues,  friends  your  budget  and  requirements.  Find  the  ;me  to  view  about  10  possibili;es.  Happy                                                                                                      0945553963  with  one?  Ensure  you  have  a  contract  and  are  registered  with  local  police  providing  all  the  details  to  HR.   Ms  Ha  -­‐  Independent                        0943924405  Across  is  a  list  of  agents  and  telephone  numbers  that  have  been  used  by  teachers  and  others  in  the  recent  past  and  have  been  found  to  be  reliable.     Ms  Huong  -­‐  Independent          0986537009   Ms  Loan  -­‐  Independent                0912482879  
  • W W W. W E B S I T E S   F O R   I N S I G H T S   Simply  Good  InformaLon    -­‐  Online  News  –  What’s  On  -­‐  AccommodaLon   www.thanhniennews.com www.41vietnamnet.vn www.linkhanoi.com www.yellowpages.vn www.newhanoian.xemzi.com www.travelindependent.info/index Some  frequented  establishments     The ETE Bar The PUKU Cafe The TET Barwww.rockandrolltavern-hanoi.com www.lepub.posterous.com www.donviet.vn Local  and  InternaLonal  Partners   www.jadehanoi.com www.rentabikehanoi.com www.internationalsos.com www.libertyinsurance.com.vn www.cambridgeesol.org www.cwdcouncil.org.uk/safeguarding/safer- recruitment www.ovia.me www.hsbc.com.vn Highly  respected  local  chariLes   www.bdfc.org www.koto.com.au
  • POSSIBLE  CHANGES  IN  THE  YEAR  AHEAD  1.  The   interview   system   described   may   take   a   different   look   as   we   currently   evaluate   the   benefits   of   an   iniLal   ’video   interview   plavorm’.   The   applicant   would   be   invited   to   record   answers  provided  through  a  pre-­‐recorded  broadcast  and  complete  wri^en  submissions  to  proceed  to  the  2nd  interview  stage.   THE  CANDIDATE  WOULD  REQUIRE  A  COMPUTER  WITH  WEB-­‐CAM  AND  MICROPHONE.     CANDIDATE  SIMPLY  RECORDS  THE  ANSWERS  TO  THE  PRESET  QUESTIONS,    SAVES  RECORDING  AND  IMMEDIATELY  THE  NOMINATED  ASSESSORS  ARE  SENT  AN  E-­‐MAIL  WITH  A  LINK  TO  THE  VIDEO.                This  system  is  being  evaluated  to  in  an  effort  to  provide  equity  for  the  candidates  who  will  all  be  presented  with  the  same  quesLons  (depending  on  the  posiLon  applied  for)  and  as  a   Lme  saving  tool.  IniLal  applicaLons  can  be  responded  to  at  a  suitable  Lme  for  the  candidate  and  in  the  same  manner  by  those  members  of  staff  assessing  the  responses.  No  need  to   worry   about   Lme   differences   and   work   commitments.   The   system   also   allows   for   local   staff   members   inclusion   in   the   selecLon   process   so   helping   their   understanding   of   our   overall   selecLon  criteria.    2.  The  overall  growth  in  demand  for  LLV  products  means  of  course  there  will  be  increased  demand  for  teaching  staff.  As  the  Schools-­‐Link  Program  develops  there  will  be  a  much  greater   demand  for  teachers  who  have  skills  in  other  faculLes  other  than  ESL.  We  will  be  looking  for  teachers  who  have  proven  track  records  in  mathemaLcs,  science  and  geography  for   example.  3.  THERE  WILL  ALSO  BE  A  HIGHER  DEMAND  FOR  HIGHLY  EXPERIENCED  ESL  SUPERVISORS  WITH  DELTA  LEVEL  QUALIFICATIONS  TO  ASSIST  IN  THE  MANAGEMENT  OF  THE  ANTICIPATED  GROWTH.  4.  We  will  be  opening  two  more  new  schools  in  as  many  years  so  the  demand  for  suitable  candidates  will  be  reasonably  conLnual  notwithstanding  the  1st  quarter  seasonal  slowdown.  5.  We  are  acLvely  trying  to  direct  all  potenLal  applicants  to  our  website  to  facilitate  their  iniLal  applicaLons.  This  will  ensure  that  the  applicants  have  been  to  the  website  to  further   their  knowledge  of  the  school  before  applicaLon  and  follow  the  correct  administraLve  process  to  ensure  common  evaluaLon.   It  is  reasonably  certain  throughout  this  development  process  there  will  be  administraLve  errors/losses  or  delays  and  all  we  can  ask  is  that  understand  our  posiLon,  be  paLent  and  we  will   do  everything  we  can  to  provide  a  state  of  the  art,  seamless  applicaLon  process  that  permits  every  applicant  equal  opportunity  to  progress  to  the  2ND  stage  interview.   The  final  two  pages  in  the  E-­‐Pack  should  provide  very  useful  links  in  providing  an  insight  into  how  to  go  about  gewng  somewhere  to  live  when  you  get  here  and  what  everybody  else  is   gewng  up  to!   DON’T  FORGET  TO  LOOK  AT  OUR  WEBSITE  FOR  MUCH  MORE  INFORMATION  ON  THE  SCHOOL  AND  COURSES  WE  OFFER.  PLEASE    SUBMIT  YOUR  APPLICATION  ON  THE  FORMS  PROVIDED.   APPLY  NOW  WWW.LLV.EDU.VN                      
  • CURRENT  LINKS  FOR  YOUR  POLICE  CLEARANCE    For  ciLzens  of  Australia                              h^p://www.afp.gov.au/what-­‐we-­‐do/police-­‐checks/naLonal-­‐police-­‐checks.aspx    For  ciLzens  of  Canada                                  h^p://www.rcmp-­‐grc.gc.ca/cont/faq-­‐clear-­‐cert-­‐eng.htm#a1    For  ciLzens  of  Ireland                                    h^p://www.ciLzensinformaLon.ie/en/jusLce/law_enforcement/police_cerLficate.html    For  ciLzens  of  New  Zealand                h^p://www.jusLce.govt.nz/services/get-­‐a-­‐copy-­‐of-­‐your-­‐criminal-­‐record/applicaLon-­‐forms/    For  ciLzens  of  South  Africa                  h^p://www.dfa.gov.za/consular/policeclear.htm    For  ciLzens  of  the  UK                                    h^p://www.crb.homeoffice.gov.uk/    
  • WEST  LAKE   Head  Office   62  Yen  Phu  Street,  Ba  Dinh     Hanoi   HOAN  KIEM  LAKE   Corporate-­‐Link     Schools-­‐Link     Human  Resources   Finance  &  Admin   IFY  Lang  Ha  Branch  (LH)    Dai  Co  Viet  Branch  (DCV)  80a  Lang  Ha  Street,   24  Dai  Co  Viet  Street,  Dong  Da  Dong  Da  District,  Hanoi,   District,  Hanoi,  Vietnam  Vietnam   Blended  Learning  Tel:    +84  (4)  3776  3388   Academic/Professional  Pathways  Fax:  +84  (4)  3776  5008   CELTA  /  Delta  Training  Culture-­‐Link   Tel:    +84  (4)  3974  4999  Chat-­‐Time   Fax:  +84  (4)  3974  3280   WHERE  WE  ARE  AND  CONTACT  INFORMATION