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Steve Cooper AutoBio Sept 2012
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Steve Cooper AutoBio Sept 2012



Current Portfolio C.V.

Current Portfolio C.V.



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    Steve Cooper AutoBio Sept 2012 Steve Cooper AutoBio Sept 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • Presently  developing  the  Alba  Consultancy  Group  with  the  aim  of  establishing  an  indispensable  resource  for  the  foreign   language  education  sector  in  Vietnam.  Ultimately  aimed  at  franchising  throughout  the  region.         Provide  expert  Human  Resource  consultancy  to  all  stakeholders  within  the  industry  from  teaching  applicants  to  investors  and   center  managers.  Establish  strategic  partnerships  to  support  government  objectives  and  legal  compliance.         A  ‘One  Stop  Shop’  for  all  stakeholders  with  service  provision  being  developed  in  the  following  areas  of  business:       Business  models  and  company  formation  packages  for  private  language  centers   All  non-­‐Kinancial  legal  compliance  training  workshops   Teacher  recruitment  and  placement  service   Labour  Law  and  Trade  Union  Law  consultancy  for  all  foreign  teachers   Immigration  and  Welfare  advice  for  prospective  teachers   UK  student  immigration  agency   Overseas  student  advisors  for  UKAS   Cross-­‐cultural  organization  training  workshops     Anti-­‐Money  Laundering  Awareness  Training   AML  Promotional  Campaigns   Capital  Asset  security  risk  assessment   Bespoke  compliance  systems  development  and  training   Specialist  English  language  training   General  English  communication  
    • MAIN EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND Trainee Planning Engineer working mostly on construction sites from officeCAPE INDUSTRIES (CAPE CONTRACTS) buildings to oil refinery’s - 2 years Police Officer involved a wide range of reactive and proactive policing activity, 1 year career break to train as diving instructor and on conclusion returned toTHE METROPOLITAN POLICE LONDON London to simply sign the resignation papers -11 years. Master Scuba Diving Trainer & Underwater Video Production. Private business sole investor. I thought I had retired from the physical risk business, only to be presented IN-DEEP IMAGES with critical risk on a daily basis – 3 years English Language Teaching, Head Teacher/Director of Studies.SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL Taught English and developed the academic curriculum 1.5 years.TEACHING CONSULTANCY (SITC) English Language Teaching, Center Management, Foreign Employee Human Resource Recruitment and Management. A dirty job but someone has to do it. One week you are lord of the jungle because you have done your duty when nobody else would have wished for the opportunity and the next week you are the Anti-Christ because your duty has affected the bottom line. Having the pay increases back-dated for the teaching staff 6 months, under serious protest, having made the management position of refusal untenable. Intense pressure, achieved a huge amount for the company’s overall benefit,LANGUAGE LINK VIETNAM (LLV) made many friends and enemies, income acceptable, loved the job. - 6 years
    • DEVELOPING BUSINESS MANAGEMENT THE ALBA CONSULTANCY GROUP •  ESL Education center start-up. •  Corporate Governance •  Labour and Trade Union Law compliance •  Represent parties in serious disciplinary hearings in consultation with grassroots trade union. Immigration and Work Permit matters Foreign Teacher recruitment outsourcing Anti-Money Laundering Consultancy " " " " " WORKSHOPS ON : Candidate Interview Techniques " " " " " " " Managing Recruitment Timelines $ $ $ $ $ $ Cross Cultural Workplace $ $ $ $ $ $ HR and company Revenue Organizational Management Benefits of Compliance Introduction to AML
    • The slide was developed as a result of reflection on personal working habits and is featured in the Alba Consultancy promotional slideshow. “GET THE BALANCE RIGHT” It became very clear there was a major imbalance between work and personal life that negatively impacted performance in both. There is more to life than work and in order to achieve the best outcomes we have to “GET THE RIGHT BALANCE”
    • LLV was the acronym for the name of the company where the imbalance led to dismissal. Although theimbalance was completely in their favour, no mitigation was considered when the dismissal was delivered.When developing the “Teachers Guide to Hanoi” it became apparent that “LLV” could also, veryappropriately, represent both the “Labour Law of Vietnam” (LLV) and/or “Labour Law Villains”(LLV).There are several, different versions that display more or less information, in different sizes. If included as alogo, page background, or watermark in a document, it is intended to raise people’s awareness and highlightsome majorly negative issues concerning companies compliance of the Vietnamese Labour Law and also withengagement of the judicial system, should employees take the only avenue currently available for recourse.
    • This slide was produced in regards to the obligation on schools to protect the welfare of children from teachers, whose minimal level background checks would not reveal whether or not they may be considered a risk to the welfare of children. Receiving ‘Enhanced Disclosure’ from the relevant authority takes longer and costs more and therefore not welcomed by commercial interests.All centers licensed to provide educational services, regardless of the laws that the ‘businesses’ were established under, have anumber of responsibilities towards ensuring the protection and well-being of the children under their charge.Other than the British Council, who of course develop the policy on such systems, there are no other language center employers,the highest risk group, that provides any specific policy or staff instructions on the matter of child protection.
    • Overview of a wonderful adventure – Koh Samui Thailand
    • TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE SEMI-SKILLED LABOUR ASSISTANT PLANNING ENGINEER POLICE OFFICERWork Independently & Part of a Team Work Independently Work Independently & Part of a TeamDesire to Learn and Improve Safety Conscious Patient, PersuasiveCount Observe and Compile Construct and Repair Confront or CounselDetail Oriented Operate Construction Machinery Diplomatic, Speak Confidently in PublicTake Inventory Utilize and maintain equipment InsightfulThe importance of quality control Responsible for others property Open-Minded,Patience and Determination Inspection Methods Flexible in Approach to SolutionsUse My Hands Quality control Requirements Self-Disciplined Customer Service Proven Integrity, Dutiful Time Management and Meeting Deadlines Respect and Direct Others Decisive Problem Solver Understands the ‘Big Picture’ Excellent Research and Planning skills Responsible and Accountable. Achieves results under extreme pressure
    • SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE SCUBA DIVING ENGLISH AS FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHER RECRUITMENT OFFICER MANAGER BUSINESS OWNER & DIRECTOR OF STUDIESCustomer Service Priority Work Independently Work Independently & Part of a TeamEffective and Efficient Sales Delivery Excellent Communication Skills DelegateTime Management Willing to Learn and Listen Explain things to othersProblem Solving Teach Mediate and Solve ProblemsCash Management Remember Information Team BuildingBudgeting and Profit Margins Create and Develop New Ideas Self-MotivatedOrganize Groups suited to Consideration of OthersWork independently Individual Learners needs Organize and Conduct MeetingsUse complex technical equipment Design, Edit, Write Clearly Anticipate NeedsTrain others in their Use and Maintenance Empowering Others Develop Varying SystemsPrecision Orientated Expressive to Meet Needs and TargetsAnticipate Needs and Potential Problems Excellent verbal and written communication skillsProvide Innovative Solutions Delegate and Direct OthersTake Risks Research and Develop suitable Training andMake decisions and take responsibility Workshops Internal and External Organization Compliance Competent in the use of both Microsoft and Mac mainstream software packages and a number of publishing Ensure Departmental and packages including QUARK Express, Concept Draw and File-maker Pro. Quick to learn and utilize ‘Cloud’ Inter-Departmental Cohesionbased platforms and programmes such as those produced by ZOHO, ISSUU, BEHANCE. Fully able to utilize the potential of both social and professional networks such as Facebook and Linkedin.
    • DOCUMENTED ACHIEVEMENTS IN VIETNAM Singapore International Teaching Consultancy (SITC) Teacher and Head Teacher/Director of Studies Nov’03 - June’05 Introduced an effective Recruitment System to meet the needs of five branches in northern Vietnam. The system included appropriate local staff members in a monthly teacher selection process that included a panel interview and demonstration classes. A database of local candidates was maintained allowing candidates a second opportunity once they had gained some experience, also reducing advertising costs. Produced a comprehensive Teachers Handbook Introduced IELTS curriculum to sales team Introduced INSIDE OUT as core GE material, pacing guides and Placement Test & Examinations Assisted in development of new teacher scheduling system Language Link Vietnam (LLV) Teacher and Teacher Recruitment Officer Teacher Recruitment and Welfare Manager June’05 – June 20111. Responsibility for four schools, one recruitment officer and two support staff.2. Total establishment of teachers presently 130 and increasing 10-15% year on year if sales growth targets met.3.  Maintain agreed selection criteria, place advertising, interview by phone, Skype, Online Video and in person.4.  Ongoing oversight of foreign personnel contracts, compliance, review and renewals. Reward and Retention strategies Health and Welfare of all foreign staff.5. Implementation of HR management systems for foreign personnel, compliant with local legislation.6. Supervise and maintain administrative systems to ensure effective management of the companies service providers and ensure compliance with ISO 2008, Vietnamese Labour Code, Personal Income Tax liabilities and Immigration Policy.7. Daily attention to personnel requirements and monitor and evaluate value of recruitment strategy.
    • OTHER POSITIONS AND EXPERIENCE IN VIETNAMSINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL TEACHING CONSULTANCY (SITC) NOV’ 03 – MAY’05Teacher and Head Teacher/Director of StudiesCOMMUNIST PARTY OF VIETNAM (CPV)Online News English Language News Editor – Summer cover July’12 – Aug’12VIETNAM NEWS AGENCY (VNA)English Language News Editor July’12 – Sept’12NHAN DAN NEWS WEBSITEEnglish Language News Editor " " " " " " " " " " Aug’12 – CurrentACCOR - PULLMAN HOTEL GROUPContracted to produce marketing content for new hotel website and brochure Sept’12 - PendingPLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, OPENING AND MANAGEMENT OF NEW ESL SCHOOLContracted by investor to manage the whole project. Start-Up planned for March 2013 OngoingDEVELOPED THE ALBA CONSULTANCY GROUPA first stop for legal advice on labour law and employment issues within the ESL industry OngoingTHE LABOUR LAW OF VIETNAM FOR INDEPENDENT FOREIGN WORKERSA study of the process in action of the Labour Court and dispute resolution process for individuals not aligned with aninternational company or necessarily protected by international laws Ongoing
    • All of these presentation projects were initiated and successfully implemented after identifying a clear need for solutions tosome gaps in particular areas of knowledge of workflow process. All were effectively utilized for their intended purpose and provided the organization with a lasting knowledge base on which to develop and expand when needed.