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Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
Stephanie Worthington
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Stephanie Worthington


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Brief presentation on skills and experience with demand generation, operations and events.

Brief presentation on skills and experience with demand generation, operations and events.

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  • 1. Director of Marketing<br />Marketing Operations<br />Event Management<br />Stephanie Worthington<br />
  • 2. Table of Contents<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />2<br />Highlights<br />Marketing Philosophy<br />Skills<br /><ul><li>Demand Generation/Lead Nurturing
  • 3. Operations
  • 4. Events</li></ul>History<br />Recommendations<br />Vitals<br />
  • 5. Highlights<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />3<br />Average 30% open rate and 5% click through rate for email<br />Raised Google ranking from #36 to #2 and maintained #1 Adwords ranking for 18 months straight<br />Exceeded lead generation targets by 230%<br />Grew qualified opportunities by 25% YOY<br />Increased user conference attendance by 50% YOY<br />Managed demand gen, operations, EMEA and inside sales teams<br />
  • 6. Marketing Philosophy<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />4<br />List Quality<br /><ul><li>Without a high quality house list, your message and money are wasted</li></ul>Message<br /><ul><li>Deliver the right message at the right time
  • 7. Understand the prospect process and tailor your campaigns to match</li></ul>Analysis<br /><ul><li>Measure and adjust your campaigns to achieve the highest ROI</li></ul>Automation<br /><ul><li>Save on money and manpower by letting marketing pre-qualify prospects to deliver them to sales after interest is shown</li></li></ul><li>Skills: Demand Generation/Lead Nurturing<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />5<br />Designed and managed campaigns<br /><ul><li>Email
  • 8. Direct mail
  • 9. Webinars
  • 10. Seminars</li></ul>Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner<br />Local and International<br /><ul><li>Tradeshows</li></ul>Experienced with 1 month to 24 month sales cycles<br />Able to define and implement closed-loop marketing/sales cycle<br />Targeted all levels within the organization across several verticals<br />
  • 11. Skills: Operations<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />6<br />Department budget<br /><ul><li>Everything from pre-planning and management to reporting and audit</li></ul> administration<br /><ul><li>Layout and field management
  • 12. Report creation and management
  • 13. Campaign management
  • 14. Sales/Marketing training</li></ul>Eloqua administration<br /><ul><li>Integration project management
  • 15. Best practice
  • 16. Email and landing page creation
  • 17. Program Builder project management</li></li></ul><li>Skills: Events<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />7<br />Tradeshows<br /><ul><li>Experienced from table top to 20x20
  • 18. Local and International
  • 19. Managed all processes from sign-up through tear-down</li></ul>Seminars/Conferences<br /><ul><li>5 people to 500
  • 20. Budget from $500 to $500,000+
  • 21. Local and International
  • 22. Vendor management
  • 23. Branding/Advertising/Collateral
  • 24. Partner/Sponsor management
  • 25. Free or Paid registration
  • 26. Agenda/Speaker planning, confirmation and prep</li></li></ul><li>History<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />8<br />Director of Marketing, Demand Generation and Operations - Guidewire<br />Director of Corporate Marketing - Orbital Data (purchased by Citrix)<br />Sr. Marketing Programs Manager - Autonomy<br />Director of Marketing - Evault<br />Marketing Manager, Events and Lead Generation - Scale Eight<br />Marketing Operations Manager, Public Relations Assistant – Sendmail<br />Marketing Manager – Banter<br />Marketing/Statistical Analyst – Bank of America Securities (formerly Montgomery Securities)<br />
  • 27. Recommendations<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />9<br />“Stephanie is - simply - one of the most talented business professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She provides highly valuable operational organizational and efficiency value within a unique skill-set that combines strategic "big picture" needs with an ability to break strategic goals in to a series of ready to execute tactical action plans…”<br />“Stephanie is a marketing pro. She is capable of juggling several projects at the same time while keeping an eye on all the details. She is an asset to any marketing group and a real pleasure to work with.”<br />“In my 20+ years of managing people, Stephanie remains the most reliable, productive, and loyal employee I've ever managed.”<br />
  • 28. Vitals<br /> ~ 415.608.0538<br />10<br />US Citizen<br />Willing to travel up to 50%<br />Highly organized<br />Data-driven<br />Efficient<br />Knowledgeable<br />Strong execution skills<br />Team player<br />Spends corporate money wisely<br />Talent for managing employees and vendors<br />
  • 29.<br />415.608.0538<br />Stephanie Worthington<br />