Audience research questionnaire analysis
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Audience research questionnaire analysis






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Audience research questionnaire analysis Audience research questionnaire analysis Presentation Transcript

  • Audience research questionnaire analysis
    Stephanie Smith
  • What gender are you?
    For my first question I asked the question ‘what gender are you?’ I asked this to see how many I would get of each as I feel for my music video, I would need more female opinions as my music video will appeal more to them. I asked 8 females and 7 males, meaning that I have more females opinions throughout my questionnaire.
  • What age range do you fit into?
    For the next question I asked what age my respondents are, this question would help me understand what my target audience likes in a music video, the older respondents however will be no use to me.
  • Do you watch music videos?
    For this question I asked if my respondents watched music videos, because if they didn’t it would be no use to me. However all of my respondents answered yes.
  • How do you watch music videos?
    There are many ways in which you can watch music videos, to show the different ways I asked my respondents what ways they watch music videos. This being watching them or having them on in the background while doing another task. For this question I got a range of different answers.
    For this question I asked what types of music my respondents like watching, this will show what my target audience prefers in a music video.
  • What do you enjoy watching in a music video?
    For this question I asked an open question where they could put their opinion on what they like to see within a music video. This question will be use to me when choosing things to put within my music video for my target audience.
    The range of different answers I got were things such as
    ‘Dance Routines’
    ‘A Story’
  • Do you prefer a music video to have a clear narrative? Why?
    For this question I asked whether my respondents preferred a clear narrative within a music video. I was surprised that more people didn't like a narrative in a video. Reasons why were things such as
    ‘Prefer dance routines’
    ‘Gives you something to watch’
    ‘It makes a video more entertaining’
    ‘Gives a song more meaning’
  • Do you prefer watching a music video showing just the artist as an individual? Why?
    For this question I asked whether my respondents prefer just seeing the artist in the video, this will help me understand what to put in my own music video.
    I got a range of different answers such as:
    ‘Because it is their music’
    ‘Boring, like to see something happen’
    ‘I don’t care’
    ‘its boring and egotistical’
  • What would you say is your favourite music video?
    For this question I asked what my respondents favourite music video is, I got a different mixture of answers for this question. This will help me understand what type of music video to do for my target audience.
    The answers I got were:
    Taylor Swift- Love Story
    Jessie J- Nobodys Perfect
    Chicane ft Tom Jones- Stoned in love
    Bruno Mars- Lazy Song
    Black Eyed Peas- Where is the love
    Snoop Dogg- Sweat
    Eminem- Beautiful
    U2- Beautiful day
    Taylor Swift- You belong with me
    LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem
    Lady Gaga- Just Dance
    Kings of Leon- Sex on fire
    Take that- Rule the world
    Eminem- We made you
    Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal