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  • 1. Solar System
    By. Mya Seaton, Saniya Williams, Kennedy Williams, and Andrei Istrate
  • 2. Mercury
    Mercury is the first planet from
    the Sun. Mercury is about the size
    of the Earth’s moon. It is covered with
    craters just like the Moon. Even
    though it’s the planet closest to
    Sun, it’s still about 58 million
    kilometers(36 million mi) from the
  • 3. Venus
    Venus is about the same size as
    Earth. Clouds made of sulfuric acid
    make the planet difficult to study
    from Earth. Venus surface is made
    of volcanoes, mountain ranges,
    highland regions, craters, and lava
  • 4. Earth
    Earth is the largest of the inner planets.
    It’s the only planet known to have life
    and the only one whose surface is made
    mostly of water. Earth’s distance from
    The Sun helps the planet maintain a
    Temperature that supports life.
  • 5. Mars
    Mars is nicknamed the red planet
    Because it looks fiery red from earth.
    Mars is very small. Its diameter is only
    Half of earth’s. Venus has dust storms
    That can last for months. Mars may
    Have had liquid water found on its
  • 6. Jupiter
    Jupiter is the Largest planet in the
    Solar system. It has a Diameter that is
    More than 11 times the earth. Jupiter has
    63 moons.
  • 7. Saturn
    Saturn has 31 moons. It’s atmosphere
    Is mostly hydrogen and helium.
    Saturn has no known solid surface.
    Saturn has rings that are visible
    From earth through a telescope.
  • 8. Uranus
    Uranus is a gas giant. Uranus
    Rotates on its side as it orbits the
    Sun. Uranus has 27 moons.
  • 9. Neptune
    Its atmosphere is mainly hydrogen and helium.
  • 10. Pluto
    Pluto is a dwarf planet.
    It has a rocky core.