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Branding yourself is very important and in 2011 we learned how to brand ourselves for our future. Cincinanti State Class Project.

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Brand Me - Stephanie Klein

  2. 2. Introduction – Stephanie Klein  I have always had an interest in the field of Marketing and Advertising  I am of the generation of Social Media, fully understand it, and am ready to continue learning the newest innovations  My experience in Social Media and Web Marketing has given me an insight to the future of marketing as a whole
  3. 3. My Personal Mission Statement  “To serve my company, clients and staff with the utmost respect, knowledge and communication to perform the tasks at hand at any given time; making sure that all accounts are managed with knowledge and personal care from beginning to end while maintaining lasting business relationships.” Stephanie Klein
  4. 4. What I do… WebMediaExpert This is a “fun” contest that runs twice a week every month for my company. Points are awarded to the fan who can answer the random trivia question first, and correctly. Then they are given a spotlight on our Website on the fan of the month Scoreboard! A great way to create engagement and have some fun too!! Click here to view the Fan of the Month web page!
  5. 5. What I do… WebMediaUniversity I was responsible for creating ten tests for the Web Media University website certification program. By doing so I had to study all modules, videos, a nd documents to find the questions and answers for each. (Coming up with the wrong answers was the fun part!)Click here to view WebMediaUniversity!
  6. 6. What I do… Community Management This is my Social Media Dashboard, from here I am able to manage all of my client’s accounts through all of their social networking channels. I can schedule out the Editorial Marketing Calendars that are made in advance for three months at a time for each client/business. Click here to view Send Social Media!
  7. 7. What I do.. Project Management  Part of my job is to be the main point of contact for our clients and the development team. Being a project manager means staying organized of my work, and of others work maintain completion.  This is the iTeen365, just launched, where I was the Project Manager from start to finish. (click logo to view)
  8. 8. My Top 5 Strongest Skills  Conceptualizing new or creative ideas, methods, structures  Using intuition  Focusing on customer, client needs  Managing multiple projects  Collaborating with team members
  9. 9. My Personal SWOT Analysis  I am good at using my intuition to make decisions in the workplace  Others find that I am good at collaborating with others, focusing on the needs of my clients and customers  I use my creativity to conceptualize new and innovative ideas for our business  I am good at time management and able to manage multiple accounts and projects at a time  I could improve on my training skills, so that I may become a manager with a team that I personally train  I see myself as having fewer resources when interviewing for information from potential clients, or co-workers  I could use training in the area of full research and implementing that research into a plan STR EN GTH S W EA N K ESSES
  10. 10. My Personal SWOT Analysis  I am able to learn from my boss and those that we work with in every situation  Every project, client, and meeting is a new opportunity for me to absorb new information  I am taking advantage of the trends in social media and how marketing through these channels can easily help to drive traffic to a business  I will be able to take the strengths and opportunities that I am learning and gaining and put them toward my career in the future  I am attending networking conferences, and social media  Due to my personal struggle to achieve, I find that I am over- worked; balancing full time internship and a double major  Since we are still viewed as being in the “start up” phase of our company, we are struggling to move past small businesses and move into agencies and franchises (which is where I would like to be and learn)  Our company is expanding and growing at a rapid pace; we are running into problems with our competitors (as well as Facebook) and I want to make sure that these don’t interfere with the long term goals of myself, and where I see myself OPPOR TU N ITIES TH R EATS
  11. 11. What Need Can I Fill?  I create Editorial Marketing calendars for Social Networking channels, that are full of engaging questions, quotes, tips, and trivia that enable a brand or product to engage on a closer level with their fans, followers, subscribers and connections.  I also have creative writing skills that enable me to respond to questions, comments, etc. from any channel from any one of my clients networks based upon the previous research I have completed on their product.
  12. 12. My Value Proposition “Hello, my name is Stephanie Klein. I am a Marketing and Technology Major at Cincinnati State with excellent writing and communication skills and I can’t wait to combine these skills with my degrees. While fulfilling my majors I was an intern at Web Media Expert as the Community Manager where I was in charge of client relations, online networking for client accounts, as well as the companies as was also the Project Manager. I would love the opportunity to explore the West Coast for an opportunity at an entry level in the field of Community Managing for Social Media Marketing.”
  13. 13. Thank you for your time! Stephanie Klein 513.257.8955 Connect: