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Online Social Networking Presentation
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Online Social Networking Presentation


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Online Social Networking - an introduction to the various no-cost options for museums and non-profits to use for online social interactions.

Online Social Networking - an introduction to the various no-cost options for museums and non-profits to use for online social interactions.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Social Networking
    Expanding your network by using the “internetwork”
  • 2. Social Networking
    What is social networking?
    Meeting with people you may or may not know - who are like-minded individuals - with a desire to reach a common goal.
    What is online social networking?
    In short? See above.
    Main difference: where you are meeting these individuals you network with
  • 3. Social Networking
    Online Social Networking
    A continually emerging idea
    Not all of us are social butterflies by nature
    Online networking can even the odds in many ways
    All you need is an internet connection and a desire to be a part of a community
    Stories from inside: Why online networking?
    WTOP Article & Personal reader response
  • 4. Social Networking
  • 5. Social Networking
    A History
    The first online social networking sites
    For the technologically forward: “The WELL” (Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link) started in 1985 with internet forums
    For Me: 1992, University of Southern Colorado with Auggie BBS (Bulletin Board System)
    For Many: 2002-2004
    Myspace, Friendster and Bebo
    For everyone else: NOW
  • 6. Social Networking
    A History
    How far have we come?
    Pretty far, all things considered
    From a black screen with green type to a completely interactive, graphics-intensive other world in which to “live,” communicate, experience and connect with other people
    Significant recent news stories with online social networks
    Twitter: Twittering Brain Surgery
    MySpace: Court backing information in MySpace lawsuit
    Facebook:Facebook faces fervor over content rights
  • 7. Social Networking
    A History
    Where are we going?
    Investors Business Daily article
    Large and small companies alike validating online social networking faster than people can document it
    Increase in tapping into the power of social networking to reach a broad and passionate audience to find a channel for giving and volunteering
    Social networks are being adopted by medical professionals to manage institutional knowledge and provide information from physician to physician.
    Networks created for people suffering from life-altering illness
    Identity, Privacy – serious implications
    Education online
  • 8. Social Networking
    A History
    Allows us to connect on different levels with different people, according to shared interests
    Two-way dialogs for businesses and organizations – instant notification of urgent information
    Used by job seekers to link to companies or people they want to work with
    Used by non-profits or organizations looking to gather support
  • 9. Social Networking
    A History
    Not all networking applications used are beneficial professionally
    Employees are more likely to have inappropriate conversations – many of them in a public forum
    The message can get lost in the delivery
    Large group messages might not improve a situation
    Important to consider the nature of the message and the audience before deciding the medium to send it
    Identity and privacy issues
  • 10. Social Networking
    What are we going to be talking about today:
    Linked In
    Internet Messenger and Skype
    Second Life
  • 11. Social Networking
    Getting started with Online Social Networking
    Best places to establish an online presence
    Facebookis the online networking site of choice for both professionals and average users just looking to connect with other users
    Twitter gaining ground as an alternate and also as a simultaneous place to share your life
    Recent celebrity twitters
    Shaq – Tweeting from the court
    Ashton Kutcher – Tweeting home construction
  • 12. Social Networking
  • 13. Social Networking
  • 14. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: MySpace
    Started in 2003, by 2004 was a true online networking site
    More views than Google at its peak
    Began the idea that online social networking should be FREE of charge in order to be successful. All other successful online social networking have followed suit.
    Generally considered less “professional” and more “for personal use”
    MySpace Records has discovered new music talent
    Helped catapult YouTube to worldwide fame in 2005
  • 15. Social Networking
    Entry to MySpace page
  • 16. Social Networking
    Personal “Dashboard”
  • 17. Social Networking
    Personal Profile
  • 18. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Facebook
    One of two of the most successful start-ups in recent memory according to Fast Company
    Article on creator Chris Hughes from April 2009 issue of Fast Company
    Surpassed MySpace in visitors since April 2008
    150 MILLION users worldwide
    70% of the users are from outside the US
    More than 52,000 applications to personalize your profile and “show your spirit”
    Helped take “porn” from #1 searchable item to #2
  • 19. Social Networking
    Entry to Facebook page
  • 20. Social Networking
    Personal “Dashboard”
  • 21. Social Networking
    Personal Profile
  • 22. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Twitter
    Began when creator Jack Dorsey wanted a way to know what his friends were doing.
    Launched in August 2006 and officially founded in May 2007
    Twitter asks ONE question: what are you doing? You must respond in 140 characters or less – either on twitter, by mobile or IM – these little messages are called “Tweets”
    Plan to keep things simple and intuitive in future growth
  • 23. Social Networking
    Entry to Twitter page
  • 24. Social Networking
    Personal “Dashboard”
  • 25. Social Networking
    Personal Profile
  • 26. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Linked In
    Business oriented networking site launched in 2003
    More than 35 million registered users worldwide
    Contact network is built up consisting of connections – and then expanded by including “second degree” connections
    Can be used to find jobs or even people to help you get an “in” with a certain company
    Groups allow you to connect with relevant groups, alumni or professional organizations in your community or across the world
    Focuses on professional networking
    Has been jokingly referred to as “Facebook in a Suit”
  • 27. Social Networking
    Entry to Linked In
  • 28. Social Networking
    Personal “Dashboard”
  • 29. Social Networking
    Personal Profile – Edit View
  • 30. Social Networking
    Personal Profile – Public View
  • 31. Social Networking
    Personal Network at a Glance
  • 32. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Craigslist
    Began in 1995 as a series of emails between friends about upcoming events in the San Francisco area
    Incorporated in 1999 and slowly began expanding – now in 570 cities and 50 countries
    Funded by paid advertising, employs 28 people
    20 billion page views per month, 28th place in the WORLD – 9th place in the USA
    “Policed” by users – that’s you and me
    Offering everything from rentals to relationships
    Open discussion forums: Apples to Writers
  • 33. Social Networking
    Craigslist – From advertising to meeting
  • 34. Social Networking
    Additional Communication tools: Skype and Instant Messenger
    Talk to your network for free
    Free calls, computer-to-computer
    Free video conferencing (Skype only)
    Real-time Chat
    File sharing
    Communities: dating, make a difference, news
  • 35. Social Networking
    IM – Internet Messenger
  • 36. Social Networking
  • 37. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Second Life
    Virtual world developed in 2003 and accessible online free (software download needed)
    Residents can meet, socialize, create property or services to sell (for SL currency which can be traded for real currency)
    Users retain copyright for any content they create
    Over 15 million accounts registered
    Residents may own or rent land or property
    Countries have built and established embassies in SL (Maldives, Sweden, Serbia, Estonia)
    The Smithsonian has opened The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum (underwritten by The Walt Disney Company)
  • 38. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Second Life
    Available office space in-world and auditoriums to hold conferences
  • 39. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Second Life
    Online learning at Saint Leo University
  • 40. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Second Life
    Career advancement in-world
  • 41. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Second Life
    Live concerts, exploring, skiing surfing or hiking in themed regions
  • 42. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Second Life
    Museums and real-world reproductions of art and culture from around the globe
  • 43. Social Networking
    Reviewing the sites: Second Life
    Logging in
    Creating an Avatar / use existing Avatar
    Explore a region
    Make a purchase
    Build an item to sell
    Search for volunteer opportunities
    Attend an event or visit to historic re-creation
    Share personal volunteer & educational experiences
    National Day of Service – 1/19/09
  • 44. Social Networking
    Practical Application:
    Now where do I take this? What exactly does it mean for me?
    Creating a Facebook page
    The Basics
    Setting up an account, adding friends and groups
    Privacy settings
    Remembering to keep what you want private, private
    Don’t go “crazy” with the Applications, at least not at first