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Final project CTS 125-800
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Final project CTS 125-800


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School project presentation

School project presentation

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How Technology has Changed The Way We Communicate Stephanie Hernandez Hello! Hello!
  • 2. Why we Communicate  Its important in our everyday life.  To inform and to get informed  To express ourselves. Stephanie Hernandez 2
  • 3. What we use to communicate  Email  Cell Phones  Calling  Texting  Social Media  Facebook  Tumbler  Skype Stephanie Hernandez 3
  • 4. Email Replaced sending letters by regular mail Faster than snail mail Keeps all your contacts organized Stephanie Hernandez 4
  • 5. Cell Phones Before  Phones were basic  Only for calling and receiving calls  In 1995 phones were able to be used for texting Stephanie Hernandez 5
  • 6. Cell Phones Now Stephanie Hernandez 6  Smaller  Bigger screens  Have touch technology  Have GB’s of memory  Multimedia  Games  Internet  Apps  Photos/Built in Camera  Music  Video (video streaming)
  • 7. Connected with Social Media Website How its used Skype You can video/audio/text chat with individuals or with a group. Facebook You can add videos, photos, post comments, and message people on their profile. Tumblr Everyone can share photos and comment. YouTube It’s a site that where you can upload videos, and comment on several things. Stephanie Hernandez 7
  • 8. Communication can be all in one!  With the internet access you can communicate in different ways  Skype chat on your phone or laptop  Make a phone call from your phone or laptop  Send an email from your phone or laptop Stephanie Hernandez 8
  • 9. Is Technology effecting the way we communicate? Stephanie Hernandez 9 Image courtesy of Ambro / Image courtesy of stockimages /
  • 10. Is Technology effecting the way we communicate? Cont. Always texting or chatting online The way we spell? The way we talk? Stephanie Hernandez 10
  • 11. Have We become dependent on technology?  How many time do you check your time on your phone?  Do you constantly check social websites on your phone or laptop?  When you get a text do you have to look to see who texted you? Stephanie Hernandez 11
  • 12. How is technology effecting our health?  Sleep  Stress  Addition  Anxiety. Stephanie Hernandez 12
  • 13. Communication Technology keeps growing  Technology will get  Faster  More portable  And have more storage Stephanie Hernandez 13
  • 14. Benefits of modern Communication Stephanie Hernandez 14  Ease of use and access  Keep in touch with people  It’s fast (just a phone call away)  There is different things to pick from
  • 15. Stephanie Hernandez 15   "When Did Texting Start." WhenCentercom. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Apr. 2014. <>.  9 Ways Technology Affects Mental Health  Owen, Katherine. "9 Ways Technology Affects Mental Health." Do Something., n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2014. < affects-mental-health>.  Photos from (clipart) and from Slide 9:  Business_People_On_The_Phone_p46879.html  phone-photo-p228384