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Synopsis47.mark8.27 30.english


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Published in: Spiritual
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  • 1. ¶ 47. The Crowds, as Well as the Disciples, are Blind to Who Jesus Is Matthew 16:13-28 Mark 8:27-9:1 Luke 9:18-27 (cf. Matthew 18:18) (cf. Luke 17:33)But after And And it happened whenJesus came Jesus went out, he was praying alone and his disciples, the disciples were with him,into the regions of into the villages ofCaesarea Philippi Caesarea Philippi and on the way andhe asked he questioned he questionedhis disciples his disciples themsaying, saying to them, saying,"Whom do people say "Whom do people say "Whom do the crowds saythe Son of Man to be?" me to be?" me to be?"And they said, And they said to him, And answering, they said,Some [say] saying,"John the Baptist, "John the Baptist, "John the Baptist,but others [say] Elijah, and others [say] Elijah, but others [say] Elijah,but different ones [say] but others, that [you are] but others, that [you are]Jeremiahor one of the prophets one of the prophets a certain prophet of the ancient ones is raised.he says to them And he questioned them, But he said to them,"But whom do you say me "But whom do you say me "But whom do you say meto be?" to be?" to be?"But answering, Answering, ButSimon Peter said, Peter says to him, Peter, answering, said,"You are the Christ, "You are the Christ." "The Christthe son of God, of God."the living one."But answering,Jesus said to him,"Blessed are you , Simon,Son of Jonah, becauseflesh and blooddid not reveal [this],but my father,the one in the heavens.But even I say to you thatYou are Peter (Πετρος),and
  • 2. upon this rock (πετρα)I will build my church.And the gates of Hadeswill not hold strongagainst her.I will give to youthe keys of the kingdomof the heavens, Matthew 18:18 Truly I say to you,And whatever thing Whatever things asyou (s.) should bind you (pl.) should bindupon the earth, upon the earthwill be bound (s.) will be bound (pl.)in the heavens, in heaven,And whatever And whatever thingsyou (s.) should loose you (pl.) should looseupon the earth, upon the earthwill be loosed (s.) will be loosed (pl.)in the heavens. in heaven.But he, cautioned And he charged But he, chargingthe disciples that, them that them,they should speak they should speak warned [them] to speakto nobody, to nobody this"He is the Christ." about him. to nobody.