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  1. 1. Twitter
  2. 2. What is Twitter?• Social Media Site – Allows users to “Tweet” messages up to 140 characters – Allows users to “Follow” others and receive updates on their Tweets
  3. 3. Creating a Twitter Account
  4. 4. The Twitter Dictionary• RT: Retweet. To quote and forward someones message on twitter through your own account.• PRT: Partial Retweet / Please Retweet. In the first sense, PRT means the RT’ed tweet has been edited, usually to fit a username within the character limit.
  5. 5. The Twitter Dictionary• DM: Direct Message. DMs are Twitter’s email. “DM me” means take the discussion private.• @: Reply to [username]. @ can also be used expressing ‘at,’ as in location.• #hashtag: is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Example: adding the hashtag before the phrase “lifeproblems". The word is now a link to search results for all Tweets containing "#lifeproblems" in the message.
  6. 6. Twitter Dictionary• Fail Whale: The image of a whale being carried by a number of birds that appears when the Twitter website is overloaded or has failed.• Twittiquette: The basic rules and good manners when sending tweets.• Twitterer: one that twitters.
  7. 7. Twitter Dictionary• Followers: People who have chosen to follow your Twitter account and receive updates on your Tweets.
  8. 8. How a Business Uses Twitter• Mostly B2C – Interact with customers – Gain feedback on products/services – Provide customers & potential customers with information• Used by for-profit & not-for-profit organizations
  9. 9. Businesses & Twitter• Follow customers – Not too many at first or people may think it is a scam (I Know I do)• This helps spread word of mouth advertising for little to no cost to the companies (other then the cost of employees) – perhaps use interns – Many companies such as The Toronto Maple Leafs have an unpaid intern team.
  10. 10. Businesses & Twitter• Using Twitter helps builds brand awareness – (GOOD)• Companies can easily start following their followers• Check #hashtags for company feedback – For example Rogers might notice that under the hashtag #Rogers 99% of Tweets state frustration with customer service
  11. 11. Businesses & Twitter• Link all Companie Social Media Sites to the Twitter Account – This helps drive traffic to all sites including the companies Facebook, Blogs, and Company Website – Tweets can be published to more than one site, making it easier to get information out to the public• Tweets can be shared through Facebook, even Facebook allows status’s from Twitter now!• Twitter is being talked about everywhere, which means the company has a higher chance of being recognized!
  12. 12. Twitter Analytical Tools• SocialBro is a website that companies use to manage their followers, it helps create statistical information. It has many useful tools: shows what your followers are doing, who recently has unfollowed you, it helps find who recently started following you, it can also send a welcome message for you.
  13. 13. Twitter Analytical Tools• Tweetstats:-Exactly what it states: tells you about what ispopular during the day, how many tweets wereposted or replied to as well as recent trendsseen on Twitter.
  14. 14. Twitter Analytical Tools• TwentyFeet: A website that complies historical data that your company will find relevant and sends it to you daily. It then gives you the opportunity to share it with the public.• Postpost: This website lets you pull information from your followers that you deem important. For example: you want to see how many people Tweeted about Oranges today, or perhaps your own company name such as Apple or Siri
  15. 15. Twitter Tools• and Help create, share, and shorten URL links, help create custom domain names for you as well making it easier and faster for people to see and access URLS when posted on social media sites• Twitter Counter: It shows you statistics about other Twitter accounts as well as your own. It shows information about how many followers they have, how many tweets have been posted about them and more. This can be helpful when trying to track your competitor’s followers
  16. 16. Twitter Tools• BrandTweet: shows you the top brands that have been tweeted about each day• Twitter Web Analytics: This helps measure the effectiveness of your Twitter and the traffic it sees, it also shows how many clicks you have received
  17. 17. Resources to Help an Organization Market Using Twitter• Students: Using students to promote to other students is an excellent resource as they have much in common and trust each others opinions• Schools: Many programs now are offered at colleges and universities where experts in marketing through social media, such as this class, are offered. Employees can use this resource to help gain more knowledge about Twitter marketing
  18. 18. More Resources• Facebook: As in the photo shown earlier, companies are able to use other social media networks to find out more information about Twitter and what to do and what not to do• Blogs: Many bloggers post information to those that are unaware of how to make Twitter a valuable asset to their company like This also gives information about what is popular and even what other companies are doing
  19. 19.
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