Diablo III Lag Repair Tool
How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag
How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag
How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag
How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag
How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag
How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag
How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag
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How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag


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We have found Diablo 3 users complaining frequent lags issue. Interestingly, no other game on their computer used to lag like this. We have come across certain solutions which are often recommended by tech-experts. These solutions work for Windows 8/ 7/ Vista and XP computers.

1. Uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework

2. Defrag the Registry

3. Change Game Video Settings

4. Uninstall Pando Media Booster

5. Use LAN Cable instead of Playing Wireless

Uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework is an essential program required to run several software. However, in case of Diablo, it causes Diablo 3 lag due to higher memory allocation. To prevent this problem you should uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework.

1. Click the Start button.

2. Click Control Panel | Programs | Turn Windows Features On or Off.

3. Windows Features dialog opens.

4. Uncheck “Microsoft .NET Framework” box and click OK.

5. The uninstall process starts. Reboot your machine after it is completed.

Note: By uninstalling Microsoft .NET Framework, you may encounter problems loading certain programs. To overcome the barrier, do install it once again from the Microsoft Download Center.

Defrag the Registry

Registry is a vital component consisting of thousands of entries. The system and game settings are stored in the form of keys, strings and values. Fragmentation in the Registry cause delay in loading game data. Fix Diablo 3 lag by defragmenting the Registry.

1. Download PCFresher System Utilities. Install and open the program.

2. Click Defrag under Registry Defragmenter feature. Diablo 3 will run fine.

Change Game Video Settings

Settings related to the screen, FX, shadow & texture quality needs to be changed. Set the best optimal settings which would enhance game speed and fix Diablo 3 lag.

1. Go to Options.

2. Disable following features:

Anti-Aliasing, Vertical Sync, Low FX, Clutter Density and Shadow Quality

3. Set lower Texture Quality and higher Physics (in case you have an older CPU).

4. Click Save/ OK.

Uninstall Pando Media Booster

Pando Media Booster comes with a few games available on the Internet. It is a kind of program that decreases traffic on CDNs. Uninstall it as below:

1. Click the Start button.

2. Click Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program.

3. Select Pando Media Booster, click Uninstall.

4. Follow the wizard and restart.

Use LAN Cable Instead of Playing Wireless

You’re given option to play the game through wireless or LAN Cable. Sometime it is found that it freezes when the wireless option is selected. Use the LAN Cable so that your Diablo 3 will run smoother.

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How To Fix Diablo 3 Lag

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