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Stem Cell Banking

Stem Cell Banking



Stem Cell Banking is a process of preserving your stem cells for future use. Dental stem cell banking in India is pioneered by Stemade Biotech. Dental Stem Cells / Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are ...

Stem Cell Banking is a process of preserving your stem cells for future use. Dental stem cell banking in India is pioneered by Stemade Biotech. Dental Stem Cells / Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are harvested from the milk teeth of children in the age group of 6 -12 years and wisdom teeth of young adults. Stem cell therapy is the new realm of regenerative medicine for Diabetes Type 1, Wound Healing, Parkinson's, Spinal Cord Injury, MI, MS, and Osteoarthritis and for many more ailments.



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    Stem Cell Banking Stem Cell Banking Presentation Transcript

    • How do you see your children living their life ahead of them?
    • The answer lies somewhere in the anxiety you felt…when she took those fragile first steps.
    • 3
      Answer lies in the panic his first fall from the cycle created…
    • 4
      Answer lies in the wrinkles on your forehead and smile on your face when she came home with a bruise and a trophy.
    • 5
      The fact is…despite the fear of accidents and injuries you want your child to be walking tall, running faster and jumping higher than before.
    • 6
      Injuries happen… if there is a cure for them, your child will live their life the way you want them to live…
    • 7
      …SECURE and FEARLESS.. And get best Quality of Life.
    • Did You Know?
      Average life expectancy in India is
      increasing by 5 years every decade…
      A child who is 10 years old today
      is expected to live up to age of
    • With increasing incidences of
      lifestyle diseases will this long life
      be of QUALITY…
      We Wonder…
    • 10
      Leon Eldred once said -
      “If I'd known I was going to live so long, I'd have taken better care of myself.”
    • What we do to ensure better quality of life?
      Health Insurance
      Improved Diet & Nutrition
      Sport & Exercise
      … and for some fortunate children ‘Banking Stem Cells’
    • Stem Cells are those master cells of
      the body that can be transformed into
      any other cell of the body.
      What are Stem Cells?
    • Types of Stem Cells?
      Stem Cell Sources
      in Body
      Umbilical Cord Blood
      Bone Marrow
      Dental Pulp
    • Salient Features of Stem Cells
      • Have immense regenerative capacities.
      • Can be used to become tissue or organ specific cells.
      • Are responsible for repair of body
      • Can be stored for long term and can remain
      undifferentiated for a long time.
    • 15
      What is Stem Cells Banking?
      Stem cell banking is the process of preserving your stem cells at temperatures several degrees below freezing point (Cryopreservation).
    • 16
      Stem cell banking today is a worldwide phenomenon. In many countries it is now mandatory for doctors to inform parents about stem cell banking when they give birth to babies so that the stem cells can be extracted from the umbilical cord.
    • 17
      Conventionally stem cells are extracted at the time of birth of a child from the umbilical cord.
      This timing is critical and so is the awareness of parents.
    • 18
      Why Stem Cell Banking?
      You don’t want to use them, like you don’t want to visit the doctor. But if need be, these stem cells can possibly provide a cure for many conditions and offer opportunities for improved quality of life.
    • “ I was upset when I
      couldn’t bank
      umbilical cord stem
      cells for my elder 6
      year old. It was a
      miserable feeling.”
    • Have you too missed
      the opportunity?
      Has your child missed
      the bus too?
    • 21
      Good news is you can still avail the benefits of stem cells therapy, by banking your and your child’s Dental Stem Cells!
    • Dental stem cells can
      be preserved from milk
      teeth of children of age
      group 6 – 12 years and
      healthy wisdom teeth
      of young adults of age
      30 years or more.   
    • Dental pulp is a “cell-rich” zone, home to mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) - STEM CELLS THAT MAKE THE SOLID TISSUE OF THE BODY…
    • Dental Stem Cells For Improved Quality of Life
      In condition where cell damage
      is involved - e.g.Osteoarthritis,
      Diabetes, Heart Attack, Eye
      Care, Parkinson's, Spinal
      Cord Injury, Hair Loss, wounds,
      etc. dental stem cells can be
      used to repair and/or
      generate brand new healthy
      cells; without invasive
    • As we talk here today, many more applications of
      stem cells driven re-generative therapy are being
      researched. Soon stem cell will be available for
      cosmetic applications such as hair growth, skin,
    • India is slated to be one of the leaders in stem cell research.. Government of India alone has invested significantly for such studies and trials… India is emerging as Research Hub for stem cells.
      Corneal / Limbal
    • Here Dental stem cell are extracted from the pulp
      of a tooth, and stored at a temperature of -156oC. 
      It is an amazingly simple non invasive pain free
      method of tooth collection. You come to the clinic
      around the time your tooth was about to fall. And
      in a couple of minutes we send you back with the
      simple prescription of an ice cream.
      What is Dental Stem Banking?
    • 28
      Why Now?
      Like it or not, aging is a part of human condition. There is more to aging than having gray hair and wrinkles on the skin.
      As we age…
      • The heart muscle pumps less efficiently
      • Bones shrink in size and density
      • Muscles and joints lose their strength
      and flexibility
      • Skin becomes thin and less elastic,
      • Kidney and liver functions begin to
      You age… your organs age… because the cells inside them age.
    • 29
      Why Now?
      Stem Cells too experience changes
      with aging.
      They become larger and are less able
      to divide and reproduce. Mostcells
      lose there ability to function or they
      begin to function abnormally.
      If you want to utilize the full potential of stem
      cells … you have to bank them NOW…
    • 30
      Once collected and preserved
      your stem cells last for an entire lifetime!
    • Stemade is pioneering
      dental stem cell banking in
      India. With its trademark
      Smile Clinics established in
      all the major cities of
      India. Stemade is also the
      first private dental stem
      cell bank and undoubtedly
      the most advanced when it
      comes to technology.
    • To ensure best services to it’s clients..Stemade has identified and collaborated with partners..
      Stemade has collaborated with:
      Laboratory & Banking
      Largest Indian Umbilical cord blood bank. Stemadeis using its state-of-the-art facility for cryopreservation
      French Biotechnology Company.
      Stemadehas licensed the patented technology for Dental Stem Cell banking
      • AABB Accreditation
      • ISO Certification
      • US FDA Approved
      The technology was established in 2008. Stemadegot this to India within two years of discovery
    • Stemade’s “processes” has been designed intricately to ensure successful banking of stem cells…
      Stemade Smile Clinics have been equipped with the necessary pre-requisites
      Stemade would contact the prospective clients , present the concept to them and obtain a signed contract and fees
      • Quality control tests to ensure:
      • presence of mesenchymal stem cells
      • viability of the cells
      • Serology test
      • Sterility test
      Cryopreservation of viable stem cells at -150 O C in liquid nitrogen
      Preservation Certificate
      The extraction of the tooth would done by the dentist, ensuring the dental pulp is intact
      Specifically formulated and imported preservative medium is used to ensure sterility of the dental pulp
      The extracted tooth is transported to the lab in a specially designed dental sampling kit to ensure controlled temperature
      Trained paramedics would collect the blood sample for serology testing
    • “When we walked out of the Stemade Clinic,
      as a mother I felt an instinct, which told me
      that I just did the right thing. A feeling I would
      describe as… FEARLESS maybe...”
    • Parents experiences about taking their first step in securing a healthy future for their loved ones.
      The concept is very innovative. I went for dental stem cell banking to secure future of my son. My experience of dealing with Stemade Team was very good. I am hoping more stem cell researches are successful.
      Mrs. Urvi Kothari
      We feel stem cell banking would be beneficial in future. And now-a-days we do not know what we have in our hands so might be it will be of some help to Vardan in future. The process was very helpful & the people involved were very friendly.
      Mrs. AparnaVelu
    • When our daughter was born umbilical cord banking was not available hence this is useful for us. It may benefit for Nitya if she requires it at any time in future. Also my husband is suffering from kidney disorder and with the breakthroughs in medicine maybe in future it would be of some help to him also.It was very easy and the service with timelines was prompt as also the callbacks.
      Mrs. Aarti K.
      My dentist recommended it to me. My experience of dental stem cell banking with Stemade was pretty good. You should be creating more awareness campaigns especially at pediatric dentists.
      Mr. Rajesh M.
    • It is the right thing; using science & technology diseases can be cured. I went for dental stem cell banking because it was the most appropriate thing to do & the best investment for securing my child's future. I have spoken with many people regarding the concept. 
      Mr. Shailesh Dhuri
      Dental Stem Cell banking is unique as a technology and I am glad that I could encash on the opportunity this time around. Unfortunately, my child Pranav had lost all his milk tooth by then. However, the experts at stemade suggested that Pranav's MOLARS could also be banked. As a parent I am content that I took this decision to bank the MOLAR of my child.I have taken it as an insurance of my child and it does not cost much looking at the benefits it can offer.
      Mrs. Roli Gupta
    • I strongly think or rather I must say that Stemade came forward as a REAL tooth fairy for my daughter's future security health assurance. I think instead of putting our child's tooth under pillow for tooth fairy, consider how dental stem cells could one day help protect health of our family. 
      Mrs. Kanwal & Capt.A.S.Sethy
      When our children were born umbilical cord banking was not known to us. The concept of dental stem cell banking is new and hopefully would be able to cure diseases in future. We decided to bank dental stem cell for our twins as insurance. The milk teeth are anyway going to fall, why not preserve them. I have already spoken to some of friends about the concept.
      Mr. A. Srinivas & Mrs. A. Padma
    • Grow an Entire Healthy Life Time From a Single Tooth!