Honeymoon in Heaven - The Beauty and Bounty of Bali


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Get out of the cold steel tower and into the warm island life by getting your hands on a Bali villa rental. Renting a private villa in Bali allows you to get up close and personal with the romance of the island.

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Honeymoon in Heaven - The Beauty and Bounty of Bali

  1. 1. Honeymoon in Heaven: The Beauty and Bounty of BaliY ou’ve met the woman of your dreamsover a Venti mocha cappuccino whole milk extrawhipped cream, and now you want to marry hereven before the foam dissolves on your coffee.You’re in love, enraptured, and you want to offeryour woman the most amazing honeymoonpossible without blowing the budget and havinga giant red X on your bank statement.
  2. 2. So where can you take your beloved that offersincredible views, mind blowing entertainment,and the most affordable accommodations? The small island of Bali is home to over 3million people, all who enjoy the glorious sun,sea, and sweet scents of exotic flora and fauna—and you and your bride can experience thesewonderful things on your honeymoon, but firstthings first, you need to find Bali villas for rent. Why villa rental Bali instead of reserving aroom at a hotel? Well, to be honest, hotels haveall the bells and whistles, but they also have the
  3. 3. intimacy and sensuality of a scrap yard guarddog—the size is there but you don’t get the samefeel you would from a serene and secluded villa.If you want a honeymoon you will both remem-ber for positive reasons you should considerrenting a villa on Bali. While this option mayseem to be expensive to the point of being out ofreach; renting a villa is actually a very affordableluxury. Before you make the assumption thatyou must stick with a hotel, do a little researchand you just might be happily surprised.
  4. 4. The Bali villas for rent through sites likeIndovillas.com are small, are in your choice oflocations, offer hotel like amenities, and areaffordable at as little as $120 a night for 1 to 4bedroom private villas. Swimming pools, beachaccess, endangered wildlife, talented Balinesedancers, and food with flavors that will leaveyour tongue wanting to honeymoon with yourteeth—all available only through villa rentalBali in locations like Seminyak, Jimbaran Bay,and others.
  5. 5. The mountains and forests of Bali are teemingwith life and adventure—enough for you andyour new spouse to experience. Once thewedding is over and the honeymoon in Balibegins, you’ll never want to leave the island,especially since you can find Bali villas for rentfor extended vacations, or even purchase one as asecond home. Villa rental Bali style means thatyou’ll plan and pay for your Bali villa online.That’s much easier than you’d think, and you’llnever regret your decision to honeymoon in theintimate surroundings offered by secluded villas
  6. 6. on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.After the planning and stress of the wedding, youand your love can relax in the sun and breeze ofIndonesia—Bali is heaven on earth, and oasis ofgreat sights, sounds, and customer service. Youand your bride can have it all, and you canespecially have the honeymoon of your dreamswhen you sit down at your computer, click onyour browser bar, and look up Bali villas forrent.
  7. 7. A Vacation to Bali: Romance Novel Research or Living a Romance NovelT he one thing that most people enjoyis an escape into fantasy—worlds where theplaces are exotic, the people are sexy, and theconflicts they experience aren’t their own!Romance novels are the ultimate literary escapefor both men and women (yes, some men do readromance novels). If you’re a novelist thatspecializes in the romance genre, you will need
  8. 8. to spend some time doing field research in orderto make your novel more realistic and repletewith accurate descriptions. As a master of the written word, you owe it toyour readers, and yourself, to take a research tripto an exotic location like Bali—but you don’twant to do your research while holed up in alarge chain hotel! Get out of the cold steel towerand into the warm island life by getting yourhands on a Bali villa rental. Renting a privatevilla in Bali allows you to get up close and
  9. 9. personal with the romance of the island. Not onlythat, you will be able to research your: location,atmosphere, events, and attractive lead from onecentral and comfortable location.
  10. 10. Location, Location Everyone knows that a romance novel wouldbe pretty boring if the entire book were all dialogand no scene setting and conflict. The location iskey when it comes to laying the ground work fora great romance. What better place to spark your flights ofnovel fancy than you Bali villa rental—a pri-vate, intimate place where you can let yourimagination run wild without the fear of getting
  11. 11. caught doing something naughty. Bali is lushforests, pristine waters, beautiful beaches, warmocean waters, cool breezes, ancient mountains,mysterious ruins, and unforgettable wildlife…these are all things that you should beresearching in person.
  12. 12. Love is in the Atmosphere… Once you set foot on the tropical island ofBali, you’ll be enveloped in an aura of spice,sensuality, mystery, adventure, and excitement.Your characters will have plenty of emotionaland physical excitement to keep them busy forthe entire 350 pages. Villa Bali rental will domore for your storyline than you’d think and itwouldn’t take more than 2, no 3, weeks ofthorough research to get it right.
  13. 13. Entertainment Bali Style Who wouldn’t want to read a romance novelin which the main characters meet whilewatching the hypnotic and beautiful movementsof Balinese dancers? Not only can yourcharacters enjoy the local culturalentertainments, they can also stroll through tem-ple ruins, visit small local markets, or even justspend time alone in his or her private rentalvilla—just like yours!
  14. 14. Take the Lead… Dreaming up an exciting and intoxicating leadcharacter while on vacation in Bali is super easywhen you have the blessing of being housed byyour Bali villa rental and all the amenities,views, and customer care. Your main man can betaking a vacation, overcoming tragedy in the sunand sea air, or looking to stir up trouble—Balioffers the perfect backdrop for many conflicts,romantic interludes, and resolutions.
  15. 15. You can use your need for in depth researchas an excuse for a vacation in Bali, or you canjust use the affordability and awesomeness ofvilla Bali rentals to have a great time—and thenwrite about it!
  16. 16. For more information about Bali real estate for sale and villa rental Bali, please check out www.indovillas.com