The very best LinkedIn groups for business


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This presentation talks you through the groups and people on LinkedIn we have a professional crush on - and groups that will help you do everything from network with peers, get expert advice, build a brand online... or even just get to grips with LinkedIn.

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The very best LinkedIn groups for business

  1. 1. The very best of LinkedIn for Business Who we follow, which groups we love, and why we think you’ll love them too:
  2. 2. CIO FORUM We love the CIO Forum. Facilitated by magazine, this is where members of the CIO community can connect and collaborate to move their business technology initiatives and careers forward, and it’s home to smart conversation and some of our favourite technology experts. With over 50,000 members, check this group out for discussions on BYOD, maintaining IT Talent and more - this isn't just for CIOs.
  3. 3. DANIEL GOLEMAN Dr. Daniel Goleman is an internationally known psychologist and author of the New York Times bestseller Emotional Intelligence – this book will change the way you think about the workplace and how you utilise the talents of your workforce, and it’s something we at Steljes refer to a lot! Why do we follow Dr. Goleman? Because he provides advice for reducing stress, avoiding creative dead ends and handling conflict, with posts that are easy to relate to and learn from regardless of your career or position.
  4. 4. LEADERSHIP THINK TANK Leadership ThinkTank is a Community committed to collaboration – our favourite word. They have over 100,000 members and topics from leadership training to better meetings, and an innovative approach to LinkedIn. One of our favourite things about the group is their checklist for membership… do you meet their criteria?
  5. 5. ON STARTUPS - THE COMMUNITY FOR ENTREPRENEURS This fantastic group is aimed at entrepreneurs running start-ups, and boasts over 300,000 members. At Steljes we know that small businesses are the backbone of UK business, so sharing tips with this community is really important to us. Discuss marketing, sales, financing, operations, hiring and any other startup or small biz-related topic. With everything from LinkedIn dos and don'ts to marketing strategies for small businesses, this is a great group to share ideas with other innovative individuals.
  6. 6. LINKED STRATEGIES We’re relatively new to LinkedIn (don’t judge us!) – if this also applies to you, then this group is a must. It focuses on creating professional success on LinkedIn, with 40,000 members that discuss everything from building a brand online to tips and tricks for social presence. Mastering social media is one big learning experience – so give us some tips and we’ll share ours! Becoming a Thought Leader can really boost your business – check this group out!
  7. 7. CFO NETWORK With nearly 150,000 members, this is the number one group not only for CFOs but a range of senior executives. Some of the smartest tech experts hang out here, with discussions covering the role of CFOs but also issues for all kinds of business – and all levels within them. This is where we get our tech news! The current top discussion is "People don't leave companies. They leave leaders!” – have a look at this conversation!
  8. 8. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT GROUP The Facilities Management Group has more than thirty thousand members. Its reason to be is to promote the common interests of its members, exchange thoughts and ideas, continue education, and to improve understanding of the role of facilities management professionals. This is business, hands-on. You should also check out @FMCoach’s Women in FM Group – Liz Kentish is our favourite FMer and her blog is excellent.
  9. 9. DAVE KERPEN Dave Kerpen is the chairman and former CEO of Likeable Media and a NY Times Best-Selling Author for his two books, Likeable Social Media and Likable Business – he’s also smart, engaging and incredibly useful for businesses like us. Kerpen helps leaders and businesses deliver, with posts covering marketing advice and leadership skills, to what’s he learned about life from his young daughters. Kerpen is on a constant a quest to improve not only his business but himself – and we should all be emulating this attitude!
  10. 10. LINKEDIN:HR Linked:HR is the largest professional Human Resources group on LinkedIn with a huge 800,000 members – and counting. There’s a reason we all go to this group for our info… it’s got experts, newcomers, HR professionals and other executives all discussing issues that are key to every project and company. Covering the issues that every business faces, this is our go-to for every issue relating to HR!
  11. 11. EXECUTIVE SUITE With more than 250,000 members, the Executive Suite connects you with insight and people – business leaders, coaches, recruiters and corporate hiring decision makers – who can help you succeed in different aspects of your executive life. The Executive Suite is operated by ExecuNet, the leading private network for senior-level executives. This is a great networking opportunity, and who knows? It could lead to your next big business opportunity…
  12. 12. @SteljesBusiness Do you use LinkedIn for business? Let us know which groups you use! Continue the conversation: