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Collaborating on the move: 10 apps to make it easy
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Collaborating on the move: 10 apps to make it easy


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Which apps do you use for business collaboration on the move? We give you the low-down on ten of the best.

Which apps do you use for business collaboration on the move? We give you the low-down on ten of the best.

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  • 1. Collaborating on the move: 10 Apps to make it easyWe meet people using some of the coolest kit on the face of the planet and theythink they need to be at their desk.What software, email, CRM and project tools does your company use –and what should you be using?
  • 2. Adobe Connect Mobile Use Adobe Connect Mobile to launch and administer meetings with control over attendee access rights, recordings, audio conferencing and layouts. Share presentations, documents and multimedia content saved on your device or from your library in the cloud, and easily annotate with your finger.Participate in multi-pointvideoconferencing, with two-way video, usingyour device’s camera. Watch all the activitieshappening in the meeting at once, see who isin the meeting, collaborate with others usinglive text chat, and respond to polls.
  • 3. Collaborate MarketplaceCollaborate Marketplace is aninnovative conference andtradeshow for corporatemeetings, planners andsuppliers.This app allows attendees toaccess the conferenceagenda, sessiondescriptions, event updates andmore. You can also connect withsocial media and create customschedules.
  • 4. HojokiYour collaboration base foreverything your team is working onin Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote,and more than thirty other tools.Start discussions and comment onevery object from your connectedapps. This is your team’s privatesocial network on top of all yourproductivity apps.Turn every object from your appsinto an actionable item: assign tasks,check statistics and keep track ofyour team’s activity with a 24-hoursummary.
  • 5. Kibits Collaboration Create private, secure collaboration rooms and share almost any type of media — files, photos, videos, links, locatio ns, notes, and more — in real time. Each Kibits Collaboration room includes integrated chat and task management, so you and your team can keep everything youThe app works seamlessly with many of your need in one automaticallyfavorite cloud services — including organized place.Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, andyour email inbox. In just a few taps, you canshare the file you need, regardless of how itwas created or stored.
  • 6. RabbleBrowserMake sharing links, files and anythingyou can store in Dropbox easier onyour iPad.With RabbleBrowser, any number ofiPads in a conference or meeting roomcan instantly chat or share a browsingsession.The app streamlines conversations byallowing everyone to see the samethings together without having to typeout confusing web addresses or emailattachments.
  • 7. SMART Bridgit®Conferencing AppThis is a free app which allows remoteworkers to join meetings remotely andsee what’s being shown in the meetingroom on the SMART Board – all at theirfingertips.Collaborate effortlessly, highlight orannotate over content and join in onyour iPad with either a WiFi or 3Gnetwork connection.
  • 8. Vablet OfficeVablet is a secure contentmanagement system built forenterprise. Push documents to iOSdevices, and ensure that everyoneon your team is working with thelatest versions.Documents can be expired orrevoked any time, allowing completecontrol over sensitive information.Group functions allow managers tosend different data to a singledevice, a particular group, or allusers in your network.
  • 9. YammerYammer is like a private version of Twitter— a private social network for yourbusiness so that you can keep your entireteam up to date.Paid accounts offer additionalfeatures, but basic messaging services arefree, and only team members withverified corporate email addresses canjoin your Yammer network.
  • 10. YouSendItAccess and upload content, send files, sharefolders anywhere with the YouSendIt mobile appfor Android.You can even sign documents easily with noprinting or scanning — at work, at home, oranywhere on the road. Use third-party apps toedit documents and upload them to the cloud.Using Workstream enterprises can set securitypolicies like passcode lock, or remote wipe oflocal content after failed logins, and feel securewith 128-bit encryption for local files.
  • 11. ZapierZapier enables you to automatetasks between other onlineservices (services likeSalesforce, Basecamp, Gmail, andnearly two hundred more).Imagine capturing Wufoo formleads automatically into Salesforceor displaying new Paypal sales inyour Campfire team chat room.Zapier lets you automate all thesesimple tasks and get back to realwork – all on the go.
  • 12. Which are your go-to collaboration apps?Continue the conversation: @SteljesBusiness