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Here are some slides from a seminar I did recently on the power of networks. It was aimed at people's individual personal development but exactly the same approach applies to company business development and you are selling yourself for a large part of the process before you get on to talking about whatever you're going to do for someone.

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  • Cameron, Boris, George Osborne, Half the male Rothschilds, Charles Spencer, Major General Sir Sebastian Roberts
  • I’ve used networks to hire, sell, put projects together and help someone move to Singapore
  • This is the Parish Council.
  • relied upon community to raise money, WI to make film
  • relied on westminster council for odeon (rupert),
  • Ask the group for examples
  • In my case
  • Ask the group for examples
  • Ask the group for examples
  • Cameron, Boris, George Osborne, Half the male Rothschilds, Charles Spencer, Major General Sir Sebastian Roberts
  • In the course of my career, probably millions of pounds worth of business
  • Ask the group for examples
  • Ask the group for examples
  • Ask the group for examples
  • Ask the group for examples
  • Ask the group for examples
  • Ask the group for examples
  • Power of Networks by Steffan Aquarone

    1. 1. The Power of Networks 4 September 2013 Steffan Aquarone
    2. 2. Who is this man? Steffan Aquarone is a UK entrepreneur in the film and technology sectors. His projects involve collaboration between large groups of people with a common interest. ...a leading online marketing expert, technology entrepreneur and international speaker. for
    3. 3. Making Things Happen Careful, strategic use of networks will increase your likelihood of meeting other dangerously ambitious people, and in turn increase the likelihood of your finding your wildest aspirations can become reality. Networks are also pretty good for selling, hiring and finding out what’s going on. for
    4. 4. The Power of Networks for
    5. 5. Story Time for
    6. 6. The Quite Incredible Story of the  Little Village that made a Big Film
    7. 7. Tortoise in Love Tortoise in Love is a full length Romantic Comedy feature It’s a cross between Calendar Girls and The Full Monty It’s a feelgood, family-friendly film The film was made by (almost) the entire village of Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire It’s already been sold to Australia and New Zealand Released in cinemas in the UK in July Out on DVD on Monday
    8. 8. Kingston Bagpuize Parish Council in action during filming
    9. 9. The Village that Made the Film 500 villagers came together to make the film They paid for it, produced it and a few even acted in it Script by bestselling humorous writer Guy Browning Director of Photography award winning Balazs Bolygo Film has been edited by BAFTA winning editor Beverley Mills Ed Vaizey, culture minister, plays himself (quite well) Preview screenings have been overwhelmingly positive The media absolutely love the story ...
    10. 10. Extraordinary Media Interest Click here for full Click here for full coverage coverage www.tortoiseinlove.com www.tortoiseinlove.com
    11. 11. Tractors in Leicester Square Leicester Square reopened in May 2012 Tortoise in Love was the first film to premiere in the new Leicester Square This was the fairy tale ending to the production story The whole village traveled to London Local farmers in DJs drove tractors up to the red carpet The media coverage was intense
    12. 12. “We want to follow this story all the way. It’s an amazing fairy tale and they’re few and far between.” Sky News Sky News
    13. 13. The Moral of the Story Networks can have huge multiplier effects: village community, W.I., Westminster Council Use your energy and enthusiasm to tap into and mobilise other people’s networks Do a good thing in a good way and people will want to help you
    14. 14. Discussion: where are your networks for
    15. 15. Personal network audit Online social media Professional - within work Professional - outside of work Personal - family Personal - leisure Personal - education Geographic for
    16. 16. Example Business specialism - Producers Forum Business generalism - LinkedIN Geographic - Birmingham Meetups, Residents Group Education - Norwich School, Warwick University Personal - Quakers Political - Local Party, Regional Conference, National for
    17. 17. The Single Most Valuable Tool of the Trade for
    18. 18. for
    19. 19. What this tool gives you: A live, up to date public CV with references Dominance in search engines for your name The ability to maintain a network actively Search powers across your networks’ networks Direct, targeted messages to people you don’t even know for
    20. 20. for
    21. 21. Story Time 2 for
    22. 22. Buto.tv for
    23. 23. Outbound marketing requirement Enterprise Software as a Service Targeting decision-makers in big businesses Identified retail and legal and professional as profitable target sectors for
    24. 24. Searched ‘IT Director Tesco’ for
    25. 25. Results Invited to pitch Got in the door along with every other market competitor Won the gig Retained business worth £100Ks for
    26. 26. What’s Your Strategy? for
    27. 27. Your plan for achieving a goal for
    28. 28. What are you trying to achieve? for
    29. 29. Create small, regular tasks for
    30. 30. What do you have to say? for
    31. 31. Manage your lists for
    32. 32. Top Tips Secure your user name across the board Choose which profiles you’re going to use and maintain - even if it’s just 1 Get to 90%+ complete on Linkedin Connect with your colleagues, clients and regular contacts Keep your profile up to date Add new people when you meet them Make new connections by setting the criteria, being organised, and being selectiveMaintain your personal brand for
    33. 33. Venio Steffan Aquarone • steffanaquarone@gmail.com • 07879 451608 • @steffanaquarone for