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Union Estates Network - software, real estate, finance,  develop
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Union Estates Network - software, real estate, finance, develop



Union Estates Network

Union Estates Network
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Union Estates Network - software, real estate, finance,  develop Union Estates Network - software, real estate, finance, develop Presentation Transcript

  • IT solutions for Real Estates OUR MOTTO “ Concept and Action”
  • Menu 1) 2) 3) 4) About us We work with… Our IT Solutions Contac data
  • Our company was born from an intuition of professionals, whose aim was to join the italian UNION CORPORATE SPA group, a network of financial brokers , with the know-how of KOWOgroup a german software house. We distribute IT solution of CONact - Kowogroup dedicated to real estate and financial sector. About us
  • The first step is part of the way, but the most important one 02.12.09 OUR JOB OUR STRENGTHS The whole real estate life cycle Our portfolio of services covers all processes from Purchase to Exploitation including specific ones like Compulsory Auction and Risk Management. … but the right solution for you With our self developed core IT application we can rapidly provide you with the right solution for your business . Innovation – also for you We adjust all business processes of our partners with our new innovative ideas. Commitment We want our IT solutions to be optimum, because we ourselves use them for our Real Estate businesses. Global Solutions We are actively working in Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and Germany. We provide IT solutions and consulting services for all processes of the real estate OUR METHODS We take risk and responsibility for results In our contracts we clearly state tasks, duties and objectives, but our fees are results-dependant.
  • Menu 1) 2) 3) 4) About us We work with… Our IT Solutions Contac data
  • Consulting and IT solutions Develop Management Software We work with...
  • Best partners (I) 02.12.09 http://www.jebensmensching.de January, 1st 2007 10 lawyers, among them Dr. Oliver Mensching and Dr. Philipp Jebens, got into business themselves and founded the lawyer's office JebensMensching LLP. Already in the first year, they were able to record a big success and supervised transactions about 5,5 billion Euros. Another indicator for the success of this ambitious economy lawyer's office is the stuff increase of 5 new members up to January 2008. The team of JebensMensching is especially known for:    - their knowledge in the real-estate economy and its actors    - their personal service    - their efficient transaction management    - their combination of law and taxes    - their development of new, innovatice transaction structures JebensMensching is setting themselves the target to be one of the best in Germany. Their internal structures make it possible to work faster and more efficient, so that the fun does not get afflicted by conflicts of interest or extreme administration.
  • 02.12.09 www.datev.de www.datevkoinos.it DATEV eG, Nuremberg, is the software house and IT service provider for accountants, auditors, lawyers and their clients. The range covers mainly the areas of accounting, personnel management, business consulting, taxation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as organization and planning. Founded in 1966, DATEV is one of the largest information service providers and software houses in Europe. The company demonstrated for example in the famous Lünendonk fourth-place ranking in the category of listed software companies (by sales in Germany). Best partners (II)
    • Uniteam SPA is a business solution provider company (software house) situated in Milan, Italy, with a strong business skill in the banking and financial area, specifically in the credit area.
    • Uniteam SPA offers the credit complete lifecycle software (performing and not performing credits) including the credit datawarehouse.
    02.12.09 Best partners (III) www.uniteam.it
  • FOREIGN INVESTORS - Our Vision INVESTMENT LOCAL PROPERTY MANAGER MANAGEMENT LOCAL ADVISOR EXPERT BUILDING PRO CRAFT MEN CARETAKER DATA BASE CONTROLLING ACCOUNTANCY APPROACH External data bases, which are taken care of by asset manager as well as advisor, are available to investors and give the tax advisors the more of transparency. FOREIGN INVESTOR
  • Menu 1) 2) 3) 4) About us We work with… Our IT Solutions Contac data
  • 02.12.09 Business Management Suite Our IT Solutions (I) CONactor Software: many solutions grouped in 4 ideas A global suite for the management of basic processes (including DMS, CRM, agenda and the new Resource Management) of any company. CONACTOR-SYNC A web-based Solution for a secure and error-free transfer of information with excellent reporting capabilities Real Estate Suite A set of modules for the accurate management of every step of the different real estate processes. Global-Estates-Network International estate agent web portal offering housing from all over the world together with software capabilities
  • 02.12.09 The CONactor-Sync (I) The old way: the traditional Real Estate‘s value chain Purchase Draft Check Improve ment PM AM Tax Advisor FM
    • Each party has his own software and his own database, and his data is only transferred one-to-one to the next party
    • All information available at any step depends exclusively on the previous one
    • If one party produces an error, it will reach the end of the chain and the error point will not be able to be found
    • Reporting depends also exclusively from the previous part
    Due Dilligence Sales Legal Advisor
  • Our IT Solutions (II) Services for all Real Estate with one same IT core
    • Our solutions, both
    • those for information
    • management and those
    • for real estate
    • processes are all
    • based on the same
    • IT core, which
    • means:
    • Modules 100% compatibles
    • Data can be easily used in
      • different applications
    • Avoid redundancy
    Servicing Improvem- ent Asset Management Property Management Estates Manager (Sales) Due Dilligence CRM RM (Resource Management) Personal Desktop Agenda Finance Center DMS CONactor Kernel
  • 02.12.09 The CONactor-Sync (III) Our existing version developed for our main partner in Germany Property Manager Tax Advisor Asset Manager Investor´s Relations
    • Developed with our partner in Germany Mensching+
    • Permits the transference of accounting information between Property Managers and Tax Advisors
    • In asset management there are currently a volumen of transactions credited to the amount of 4 milliard euros!
    • Simple APIs (Application Interfaces) for every user
  • 02.12.09 CONactor DB
    • Technical PM
    • Receipt capture
    • Billing
    • Dunning
    • Construction controlling
    AM – Sync Solutions Connection via VPN, the advisor has the possibility to allocate all receipts of the PM The PM files all receipts but can not assign them to accounts, so the object accountancy does not change at all After the successful allocation the advisor transfers the data to the AM – Sync Solutions or monitors it himself The PM has therefore the advantage to focus on his strong points and avoids the accountancy Property – Management Advisor´s Summary
    • Account assignment
    • Accountancy
    The CONactor Real Estate Suite Possible property management process
  • 02.12.09
    • Distribution in classes and
      • categories / Definition of attributs / Planning time periods / Assignations of payments according to resources
    • Reporting according to resource /
      • period of time / project / classe / etc.
    Budget planning / Tax scenarios Resource Management The CONactor Business Management Suite (II) The Resource Management module– Planning and Budgeting Objectives Resources Time Projects/ Period Companies/ Accounts Human Inventar Resources (Tools) Time Money Utilization
    • Accurately plan and manage all the available resources (Assets / HR / Objects)
  • 02.12.09 Our IT Solutions (III) Standard format for a perfect compatibility with other platforms Our applications handle the data with XML format, which means that our software is perfectly compatible with any other standard platform DTAUS (Online Banking) Outlook + other email-systems CONactor-Sync General XML-Interfaces SEPA Movile Devices (PDA, Smartphones) Real Estate Portals General Ledge Software Other general software platforms
  • Menu 1) 2) 3) 4) About us We work with… Our IT Solutions Contac data
  • Contact data
    • Union Estates Network Srl
    • Via Flamina, 19 – 00196 Roma
    • P.IVA 1049791001
    • [email_address]
    • Tel. +39 (06) 32651479
    • Fax  +39 (06) 62276780
    Links: www.unionestatesnetwork.it www.kowogroup.com www.umci.it