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Lunch Break Now:
The solution to enjoy Your Lunch Break eating your preferred dishes instead to wait in queue in the restaurant

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LunchBreakNow OAP

  1. 1. LunchBreakNow (aka PranzoProntoSubito)No more Queues between You and Your Preferred Food Lunch Break In The Meantime With LunchBreakNow
  2. 2. Why Were Developing LunchBreakNow:We Hate QueuesWhen we have our lunch break we want toenjoy ASAP our preferred Dishes.But between Us and Our Lunch there is TheRestaurant Queue!Why we should spend whole lunch breakwaiting for instead of eating??
  3. 3. LunchBreakNow: The SolutionLunchBreakNow connects restaurants and final customersthrough our web service.Final customers can view all available restaurants,searchable by distance, kind of kitchen, special offers,preferred time for lunch.The customer can directly order her own lunch throughonline menu of selected restaurant and send it throughLunchBreakNow.The restaurant receives the order through our mobile appand he can manage it directly on his phone, communicatingto the customer in realtime.
  4. 4. Market analisysUS Restaurants market data:● Restaurants: 900.000● Annual revenues $475 billionsItalian Restaurants market data● Restaurants and bars 253.000● Annual revenues $83 billions
  5. 5. Focus on Italian marketItalians who eat out of home: 9 millions Total Meal out of home Lunch out of home Meals (billions / year) 4.4 1.8 Revenues ($ billions) 83 15.8 Average meal cost ($) 19 8.8
  6. 6. Focus on Italian marketInternet access Population (millions) Internet @ work 6 Internet @ home 20 Mobile (Smarphones only) 15
  7. 7. LunchBreakNow marketWe consider market size available to online order application as the 1/10th of the global lunch mealmarket, with the assumption that only 1 out of ten consumers is interested in any kind of onlinebooking service.We then consider the initial target for Pranzo Pronto Subito as 1/10th of the online booking market. $ millions Total market size 1800 Market for online booking apps 180 Pranzo Pronto Subito 18 Pranzo Pronto Subito fee 1/100 of shipped order Pranzo Pronto Subito revenues 0.18
  8. 8. How We Have Tested Our IdeaWe have launch an online survey to interview potential service user:● 86% of them is interested in to proposed service● 100% have web access and can use our service to order food for lunch break● 100% is in the target age range, 25-55 years oldWe discuss face to face with few restaurants to understand their needs andinterest to our service, they have showed a less clear interest, expressed as:● unclear cost model● fear of hidden costs (some restaurants believe that they will not increase revenues, as the customers are already fidelized and need not a booking service)=> CHANGE to our idea is MANDATORY to answer actual restaurant needs
  9. 9. How Collected Feedbacks HaveChanged Our IdeaRestaurants reticence suggests changes in the original service model arenecessary:one restaurants need is to get customers when they are empty:Restaurant will be able to offer instant deal for limited time and to limitednumber of clients: ● goal is to fill in days with lack of clients,Through our mobile app final customer can receive these deals, proposethrough facebook connection to his friends to go out for dinner and then toconfirm the offered deal:=> Restaurants get new customers=> Customers get discounts available only through our service