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MVNO Concept for Mobile 2.0

MVNO Concept for Mobile 2.0

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  • 1. MVNO 2.0 MVNO Concept for Asia
  • 2. MVNO Basics
    • The three foundations of an MVNO
    • Brand (see Virgin, Disney, etc.)
    • Good Technology (including billing and portal)
    • Unique Concept (see Blyk, etc.)
  • 3. What to Avoid
    • Don’t just be a reseller, the operators can always give better discounts than you
    • Don’t copy the image of an operator in your country, you will need to stick out in order to gain subscribers
    • Un-transparent offerings – subscribers like it simple
    • Spread yourself too much – you need segmentation
  • 4. The Mobile Telecom Market Today
    • Declining ARPU
    • Declining revenue from mobile content
    • No new significant VAS in sight since Ringback Tone
    • 80-90% Prepaid and huge churn rate
    • No stable platform to roll out advanced content and VAS (with the exception of Japan)
  • 5. The MVNO 2.0 Concept
    • Choose a customer profile for your MVNO offering
    • Build a stable platform by supplying your customers with selected handsets with an ODP
    • Subsidize this handset with Mobile Advertising
    • Bundle the handset with a Credit Card to enable mobile payment.
    • Roll-out Mobile 2.0 services on the handset/ODP platform
  • 6. Revenue Streams
    • Reselling voice and messaging
    • Mobile advertising
    • Advanced content and VAS, mobile 2.0
    • M-payment and click2buy
  • 7. Miscellaneous
    • Include social networking applications to reduce churn
    • It is possible to cooperate with one mobile operator per country only
    • It is possible to focus on mobile advertising and advanced services, leaving the subscribers with their operators, thus becoming an operator independent MVNO
    • Capture the subscriber churn mass, floating between the operators
  • 8.
    • Stefan Emunds
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